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  1. So, I wanted to create a thread to consolidate all the subclasses we know about, and a brief description of them. I plan on keeping this updated, but I'll rely on you all to give me links to sources I may have missed. EDIT: $2.8m stretch goal is adding a 3rd sublcass to each core class. So, I am adding spaces accordingly. Even though Priests and Paladins are using Deity and Order as their subclasses I'm still adding a 3rd slot to them for the time being. Barbarian 1) Corpse Eater is one subclass for the Barbarian. 2) 3) Chanter 1) Beckoner is the subclass focused on summoning. (Mentioned in Twitch stream on last day of campaign) 2) 3) Cipher 1)Soulblade is a melee-oriented cipher subclass. They gain additional Soul Whip damage with melee weapons and defeating an enemy with a melee attack boosts their Max Focus and grants Concentration. The tradeoff is that their Max Focus is lower by default, meaning their starting Focus is also lower. 2) 3) Druid 1) (No name) A Druid focused more on Spiritshifting. 2) 3) Fighter 1) Black Jacket - a fighter with lower accuracy, but more weapon specializations. He gains damage and penetration when using a weapon that his enemies are susceptible to, and has quick swap. 2) 3) Monk 1) Nalpazca - gains greater duration from consumables. While their wound threshold increases which makes them slower to build their resource while under the effects of consumables. 2) 3) Paladin - (they will be the choice of an Order, but we don't have details) 1) 2) 3) Priest - (they will be the choice of a deity, but we don't have details) 1) 2) 3) Ranger 1) Ghost Heart - Animal companion is a spirit trapped in the Between, and requires summoning. It won't suffer from Spells such as Charm Beast, but it will now suffer from Abjuration and skills that harm Spirits. 2) 3) Rogue - more durable than PoE1. 1) Assassin - squishier rogue with great damage potential. Requires positional awareness. 2) 3) Wizard 1) 2) 3) This article covers the Ghost Heart, the Black Jacket, and the Assassin: http://www.mmorpg.com/interviews/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-new-info-including-release-window-1000011527 PS - I feel like there was one I missed, but I can't find the article mentioning it. So, any help would be grateful.
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