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  1. I wrote that to developers :D not for members. And after years I could say that Im satisfied and I can feel that they read this text.
  2. Hello Fellas, I have a problem about PoE character creation. This problem could be my particular problem but still may help you when my problem is solved. I opened the game with great enthusiasm it was a good feeling I like the graphics and etc. The nice sweet memories of Baldur's Gate appeared in my mind. I always play with wizard so I watched videos how they created their characters, what they choose etc. Then I created a character it was Coastal Aumaua Wizard. I thought 2 Might would be good for damage. Then I proceed to Attributes section. This is where my problem starts. Which One is the best combination? Here is my thoughts about creating a wizard. Sex: Here I choose male. I like to think that the main character is me and as if I'm living in the game. But I may have choosen female and name her as my girlfriend who broke up with me. Then walk every trap and die numerous times. What ever I choose male :D Race: Race was very hard for me to choose I thought best options might be: Coastal Aumaua (for +2 Might and Towering Physique), Pale Elf (for +1 intellect and Elemental Endurance) and Death Godlike (For +1 intellect / +1 Dexterity and Death's Usher). As a result I had chosen Coastal Aumaua because wizards stays back so I dont need Elemental Endurance, Also +2 Might is nice and always in effect so I dont prefer Death's Usher instead I prefer to damage every time not only under %25. Spells: Spirit Shield: Covers my weak points. Thrust of Tattered Veils: It's a nice spell fast, ranged, Damaging and Interrupting. Fleet Feet: Also this is for defence since my character is squishy I need to evade when someone reaches me. Ghost Blades: Well I need a ranged AoE Damage spell. Attributes: First I took back every point; I have 57 points... Might: Obvious that might is a must for wizards. I have +2 Racial Bonus here so I WILL USE IT. This will be 20 I'm sure this is a nice choice. +30% more damage and healing also +20 Fortitute. In addtion fits my role and race. Intellect: Also this is obvious that intelligence is a must for wizards. I pump this stat to 18. So I get +48% AoE, +40% Duration and +16 Will. Which are all nice for a wizard. Dexterity: Not much important as the first two but this attribute is also very important. To deal the damage and area that I obtained from first two stats I need to be fast. As I could remeber from DnD 3rd and 2nd Editions 15 Dexterity was considered high for opening more powerful feats and accomplishing quests that requires dexterity. However in DnD you should have an even number in order to get an bonus. So in this situation I will leave it as 15 because every penny counts in this system and I got: +15% Action Speed, +10 Reflex. I still have doubts but this is optimum I suppose. Put a mark here 16 may be better? Resolve: Like dexterity, resolve have the second class importance. Because we have to complete the spells and cast them without interrupted. Also resolve seems supportive for completing quests by talking. I wish I can give more but again I will give 15 points here. Which is considered high and gives me: +15 Concentration, +5 Deflection and +10 Will. Perception: This one have third degree importance. I just need this for questy talks and interrupt with my spells. How ever I have already spent many points so I can give only 6 here and get: -12 Interrupt, -4 Deflection and -8 Reflex. I feel sorry for negative interrupt but at least deflection and reflex values are compensated from other areas. Constitution: This is bad but I have to do this... 3 Points left here. However This one is the least required attribute for wizards. It gives me: -21% Endurance and Health, -14 Fortitude. I dont care about fortitute I already obtained enough from might. But I'm really sorry being so squishy... Culture: Of course "The Living Lands" I need more might. After every sacrifice to obtain this much might I will only buff it more. Living Lands gives me +1 Might. So my final Might Score Hits 21 Points and gives me +33% Damage and Healing, and +22 Fortitude. Background: I choose explorer because it gives +1 Lore which is very logical for a wizard and +1 Survival which is a futile effort after leaving my character with 3 points of Constitution. Well this is a "consolation prize" for my character yay... Appearance: Colors: I know it wont help but I prefer dark colors for camouflage. Also brown colors fits my armor. Skin: Gold one because it fits portrait picture. Hair: I'm a bald guy. At least in the portrait picture. Head Appearance: Facial Hair: None by default. Head: 1/3 Hair: 1/19 Portrait: They gave me no choice 2/66 is the only picture that I could choose. I had prepared appearange in accordant with this picture. Voice: I think noble or mystic are equally right for this character. I prefer noble. Name: Find something suitable. Please tell me about your opinions.
  3. Well Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum but I'm enjoying FRP games as much as I know myself. We played a lot with my friends and after obeying rules for certain time the rules of D&D and other systems couldn't meet our needs. So we changed the things in systems. I'm writing this because I want to play a game worth of my time and money. But more importantly I want to contribute this game. Ok let's start with Baldur's Gate! Baldur's Gate: Why I like Baldur's Gate is the real question. Of course there are some things could be better but I dont know any other game that I love more. In Baldur's Gate character's had some soul. This is very important because you always know there is a background for each of them and there are things they like and they dont. They are under your control but if you try keep pure good and pure evil in same party you will lose one of them. This is exciting. Also the drawings... Ah those drawings... In Baldur's Gate every item have a hand drawing specific to it's kind. And unlike the Diablo there are unique items! It's very important because after a hard quest you achieve an unique sword and no one have it! Lilarcor yes consider Lilarcor the talking sword. That sword was nice to have becase there is no other Liracor in the world. There is only one and it has a history. Also the other important thing is seeing items on you. In some games whatever you wear you look the same. Whats the point having a full plate mail or having a full plate mail +3 if they both seem same? NPC's should respect the items on you and thiefs should think to rob you while thinking "If that man have the Carsomyr I shouldn't mess with him" The other thing is about wizard kind; each school have different words for casting a spell. It should be better to say something different for each spell but thats more than nothing. I like to hear different thing for different spells. Versataility is another thing players shouldn't be limited by certain classes I should choose my characters build. Of course there should be some consequences. It shouldn't be easy to cast a spell while wearing full plate armor and while not having the specific feats. The other thing we change in our FRP games is death. Death should be easy if you are not protected properly. Level 18 fighter have 200 Hp ok, Level 1 fighter have 8 Hp ok. But every man dies if shot from head :D Level is not something about immortality. Also the ability grading system? Strength of a human could be maximum 18 and a rabbit or a turtle is 2 maybe 3? Oh come on already! If we say average human have 10 strength then 100 bunny could kill me :D The grades must have a larger interval 1-18 interval is not enough to show difference 1-1000 maybe better. Just saying. We always used 100 grade system because it is better in games to show differences. And feats we didnt use feats in a classic way. Every character could try to do something but if he or she is doing that thing first time in his/her life the difficulty percentage is very high for him/her. So If you cast magic missile spell under harsh conditions like in combat or while moving or facing an enemy you need experience with practice not with xp points. If you could do it 100 times without failing you have that feat else you will always have a certain probability to fail. The other thing is races. Why every elf or human have the same racial bonuses? There should be standart bonuses Im ok with that but arent we all unique? A mans eye may not be as sharp as an eagle but maybe clever as Einstein or vice versa. So after having racial bonuses we shoul select some other things to customize our character. It's always good to have negative things in your character by this way its more fun to play. Shaking hands, alcohol problem, gambling addiction, aracniafobia, etc. This will sure things that gives some color to games! I have much in my mind but I'm sure game developers understood my point. Good luck we are waiting for some kick ass game. I will be happy if I have a single help here. I remember I wrote my own player's hand book but it has been years since I last saw it. If I could find my book I will send it. Maybe I should publish it :D Well take care, and thank you for reading this long article. Vardthlokkur
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