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  1. I wrote that to developers :D not for members. And after years I could say that Im satisfied and I can feel that they read this text.
  2. Hello Fellas, I have a problem about PoE character creation. This problem could be my particular problem but still may help you when my problem is solved. I opened the game with great enthusiasm it was a good feeling I like the graphics and etc. The nice sweet memories of Baldur's Gate appeared in my mind. I always play with wizard so I watched videos how they created their characters, what they choose etc. Then I created a character it was Coastal Aumaua Wizard. I thought 2 Might would be good for damage. Then I proceed to Attributes section. This is where my problem starts. Which One
  3. Well Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum but I'm enjoying FRP games as much as I know myself. We played a lot with my friends and after obeying rules for certain time the rules of D&D and other systems couldn't meet our needs. So we changed the things in systems. I'm writing this because I want to play a game worth of my time and money. But more importantly I want to contribute this game. Ok let's start with Baldur's Gate! Baldur's Gate: Why I like Baldur's Gate is the real question. Of course there are some things could be better but I dont know any other game that I love more.
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