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  1. Just a heads up folks, this thread has lost its edit option as of 5/14/2015, and by mod request it will be updated via PM to them. Please continue to add here, and I will copy/paste/PM them with the original post format, just it may take a little time to add new items due to turn around and (middle?) management. Thanks for posting, and keep them coming!
  2. I have done multiple wizard parties and find them extremely fun and powerful at the same time. Wizards can go so many different ways it's awesome. And like you noted more arcane assault = multiplication benefits.
  3. If you sell everything before the water skin to the merchant. . Ie get naked should have 1200 cp easily after the tutorial to have all created. Also 1 mechanic for the hidden gun sold there too. I liked going 3/3 though for my ratio. Hired vs npc. That way I can micro 3 characters and the other npc can do little to no micro. Oddly adding so many premades make it too easy. One odd build is to go SaganI as a tank build. Pet has 2 engagement and she can get 3 with item and talents. And if her pet dies... no worries on the loss of dps and accuracy. Offhand since you did all co
  4. Yeah I had this weird idea int would help the aura radius.. but it's so small anyway it doesn't matter. For below potd... the int is not needed as inspiring and sworn last long enough. Though I would still keep it at 8+.
  5. For ease of play and reactive/passive heals... I like Moon Godlike. There is so MUCH going on in combat when I first started playing, the last thing I wanted to do was drop a heal in my first playthrough... Moon Godlike made it much simpler to me and thus much more fun... Not to mention for a paladin it felt really like the group support or similar. I found paladin is much easier in the early game, but barbarian brings more to the table at lvl 5+ (because carnage acc is weak and so are weapons until then). The paladin has faith/conviction as a main PC as others have noted, thus less
  6. Unlike a typical "class build" the NPC paladin has some specifics that need to be addressed due to their loss of faith and conviction. I'll be using Pallegina as the base race, but any can be fine with work. Race: Avian Godlike, has +deflection vs ranged attacks, and +perception (deflection) and deflection when disengaging below 50%. Undocumented she sometimes gets another +8 deflection not listed or maybe its a bug of the above. Stats: She has scores all over the place, in particular she seems to have some tanking, and some dps stats which makes her a weird amalgam. Unfortunately
  7. I'd prolly dump PER to the minimum, but that's me not having too much issue with them with a moon godlike having self heals. They also don't have much +interrupt stuff unless you count using a heavier weapon, but even then, YMMV. Defenses are fine with max RES instead which helps vs interrupts which are ANNOYING in melee (ranged characters are okay without RES from my playing them, but even then, they benefit from having some). As paladins dont get much +dmg besides the lash effect from Flames of Devotion, its actually best to have some more MIG with those points. DEX is optional, I
  8. Yes to both. edit to add: After lvl 5, due to the equipment loss though, its hard to recommend devoting the druid to spiritshift, and after lvl 9... well, there's some coolness that makes them want to do it even less.
  9. Con seems fine, same for most of the other stats. Personal preference is to bump up MIG and DEX, and lower PER a little bit. Paladins have pretty good defenses next to other classes besides fighter, even without using a shield or similar. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77712-class-build-dracozzi-paladini-aka-the-pc-paladin/ ^Old thread of what I posted. Pretty effective for all of Act 1, though as others have stated, I found them pretty... lackluster? or maybe the support part was not needed at higher levels when in a group, so ironically, the paladin is best solo.
  10. Personally, I think ranger pets do need a buff, they were roughly "halved" right before the beta ended and should've been more like a "quarter" for their debuff from what I read of the forums on how they did. Really, it shows in the numbers too, they had things like +1.5 DR for example (why not make this 2 or 3?) when leveling, and the stats are pretty sad for gains in the end. Basically, it takes a lot more work for the pet to stay alive. That said, in PotD for the tougher corner gigs, a bear 'offtank' is fine enough as you add in the priest specific buffs and can pile on the meat wa
  11. Wood Elf Max Dex, Mig. 1. Crippling Strike 2. Weapon Focus: Soldier 3. Dirty Fighting 4. Marksman > Penetrating Shot > Rogue specific class talents 5. Finishing blow, use when you see the targets has 2 to 4 bubbles of health left. 6. Marksman > Penetrating Shot > Rogue specific class talents Best race: Wood elf has +5 accuracy and can get +5 from marksman, this helps all categories so is a dps enabler higher than hit to crit the orlan has. Backup weapons: Possibly Pollaxe, but really warbow is enough. Firearms are out of the weapon focus, so taking t
  12. Chanter can use some odd tactics like their Frost chant and run around trailing it behind them for slow down effect. They also get some nice multiplicative benefits by stacking on Come-Come-Swift at the beginning, plus can play second row melee very easily this way, and later on that +Fire dmg chant for all the weapon swinging. Wizard was mentioned, but I love them in any game. Priest is good because of your tight formation usually, mainly you can use consecrated ground to keep everyone up if spells are allowed, I'm sure similarly a druid would also work via Nature's balm, but the Pri
  13. Yeah, I like versatile classes, or least some classes that can fill the other role as needed. Unfortunately, due to how PoE is somewhat limited to 6 slots, stats unmovable once created, etc, its better to have specialists to bring synergy rather than try to make some good generalists. Paladin and ranger are good examples of this, besides the specific Darcozzi, ranger isn't effective as an offtank/dps like the monk or barbarian can be as they require a lot of micro on a pet that can die quickly or without setup to keep em up. And even Darcozzi just have one trick of good accuracy giving v
  14. I would like some hints on how to make a black background along with a white background for color formats look good. As I like to read threads on my phone as well as laptop, its hard to find some good colors that fit for both. That said, I re-formatted the class stuff and hope it works for that portion and welcome any other formatting hints.
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