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  1. Thanks! My PC is a melee rogue - that's the only difference. So I think I will stick with a fighter as my main tank as opposed to a paladin and just go with the wizard
  2. Sorry to bump this, but I had his exact question. Have the same party set up as the OP and everything. Debating between Druid and Wizard for the last slot.
  3. Hi all, thinking of starting my PotD playthrough but I want to keep at least 2 scripted companions around so that I'm not running with a full party of mutes. I probably plan on using Aloth, Edér and GM as 3 of my companions - my question are how viable are they statwise on that difficulty? How do they compare with more optimized builds for their class? I know some people say you don't need min/max characters on PotD, but I also want a strong team where at least some of the group has some great stats.
  4. Was having the same issue as everyone else, but this worked for me. I reloaded a save from when I entered Stormwall Gorge before talking to Hiravias, then exited and went to Dyrford, came back again to recruit him and his endurance was fine.
  5. Not to hijack here, but what would you guys say is more fun to play between Rogue and Barbarian? This is for my next playthrough (probably on PotD) - I don't mind micromanaging at all, what I don't like is an auto-attack robot. Rogue and Barb seem to have an even amount of abilities, but pretty different play styles. What do you guys enjoy more?
  6. Yeah, I've stuck with the Cipher more now, and I'm definitely enjoying it more. Still on Act 1, so looking forward to getting my hands dirty with the game. Thanks again for all of the responses/opinions. Awesome community! Anyway, best of luck with your game....may the four winds blow you safely home!
  7. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm thinking I'll just main the cipher and use a companion slot for a druid. Also, I love that username/avatar, Борсук
  8. So what is the best weapon focus talent to to take for Cipher now? Warbow? Arba/Arqu?
  9. I've read that these are two of the most interactive and useful classes and I like the abilities and play style of both (only a few levels in, on Hard mode.) I'm debating which to take through the campaign first though. I enjoy the sheer versatility of the Druid and I can see myself loving the damage and battlefield control later in the game, while having fun being up front in shifted form early on. Also, the lore is a little more traditional and easier to play along with I feel. The Cipher seems just as fun, if not quite as versatile. The appeal of not having to rest to regain your
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