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  1. I equipped a new leather helmet with medicine +3 for Nyoka which had medicine listed in skills but it does not show the +3 in brackets. It works for sneaking with armor. But why not with helmet stats?
  2. I have exported enemy Attribute/AR/Defense values to a spreadsheet for personal use. But in case someone needs it, feel free to view or make a copy. You can find it: here. Notes: - the values were exported from vanilla 4.1 characters.gamedatabundle and items.gamedatabundle. - these are the normal values. I.e. no PotD, no upscaling. - hp was calculated by: MaxHealth + HealthPerLevel * (BaseClassLevel - 1) * [1 + 0.05 * (CON - 10)] - some enemies (26 out of 245, for vanilla) seem to have equipped armors whose AR scales with level. See the fAR_IsScaling and fAR_Scaling columns. So with upscaling they are potentially scaling twice. And some extra, well-known info, but just in case: - enemies on PotD get: +15 accuracy, +15 to all defenses, +2AR, +2PEN, +25% hp - enemies on Veteran (starting from v4.0) get: +8 accuracy, +8 to all defenses, +1AR, +1PEN, +12% hp - upscaling (from Deadfire) increases enemy level by up to 4. But only if their level is lower than player's. - upscaling (from Deadly Deadfire): > increases the level of all unnamed enemies to be 1 level ahead of player. Their level can be increased by up to 8 levels this way. > increases the level of all named enemies to be 2 levels ahead of player. Their level can be increased by up to 9 levels this way. An enemy gets: +3 accuracy, +3 defenses, bonus to hp (according to HealthPerLevel), and +0.25 AR per level from such upscaling.
  3. This is a thread I will start for peeps to list their experiences playing this class and variations as a single-class and not multi in the current game and should provide a resource of information on it as well as build ideas in the current game and future patches. Quick background: I have decided to play through and with this class on PotD as it was my main in PoE1 and after trying out some multi-class variations of it in the end decided that giving up Time-Parasite and Defensive Mindweb was not worth it for the multiclass. It may have been a premature bad decision but I want to make it "work" and share my stats/ experiences so far and as I progress the game. So far my build has been working smoothly and the current PotD difficulty has not been a challenge *maybe because the PotD in this game is easier than in PoE1. Ok without further ado, here is the concept and stats for the build I am playing: Cipher single ascendant nuker (build description) Race: Wood Elve (+1 Dex/ +1 Perc) Starting Stats: 14 Might/ 5 Con / 19 Dex/ 19 Perc / 18 Int / 3 Resolve reasoning: No half measures, min maxed, pure range and make sure I send in the tank to grab aggro and never be with my glass cipher in the middle of the fight. 5 Con base + buffs from items is enough hp to get through, the low resolve can be somewhat mitigated eventually by +Will perk/talent and food. Dex and Pec (accuracy) are the most important stats now for single-class cipher as you want attack speed and accuracy to keep your focus supplied and building and to speed up casting time. In-game, I will look for items that increase speed/ accuracy to amplify this going forward as that is pretty much what these whole build relies on. Primary weapon of choice: Hunting Bow - consistent and fast, and even faster with the perk for rapid shots. On weaker mobs with rapid shots getting focus maxed (with DrainingWhip perk) takes about 2-3 at most 4 hits so really fast and usually, with the high Dex, the toon is already "ascended" just pew-pewing some weaker mobs from the back lines as my tank is running forward to engage them. At that point, I switch to spamming soul shock if I need aoe or Amplified Thrust on single target (low levels) damage. Whispers of treason on any targets that may be an asset and I want to turn. Later this will be replaced by Amp wave and other juicy powers. -Draining Whip!!! is a must on an ascendant build!!! so reach max focus fast - this is the first perk you absolutely have to take -Secondary weapons: optimal later will be to open with a double blunderbuss or pistol volley and immediately switch to the hunting bow, which is more consistent and reliable. If you stack speed/ go naked it should not hurt too bad to switch but overall I think the Hunting Bow is the most reliable weapon on a single-class build. Dual wield scepters are also there should you need to get away from piercing damage. Other perks I take: Penetrating Visions. Hammering Thoughts (increase on the penetration of your attacks) Endgame: go into the ascended mode under Time-parasite and nuke the field with amplified waves. You'll have 30s in super-speed mode of probably doing insane damage. Notes: given the secondary talents you need to take for spell penetration and maybe the +will talent you don't have slots for cc/debuff cipher spells to this is more a pure striker. Take another toon without to do the cc/ debuffing work specifically built for that. Also the way the advanced party setup works with this build is I need "front-loaded immediate cc" from a different toon for the cipher to have time to get ascended and nuke the field - at least I expect that to be the case on the more challenging pulls in the game. Anyways so far building focus for accended (I am in the second major city, lvl5) has not been hard, was actually pretty easy. I'll be excited to see if that remains so going forward in the mid and high levels as the focus pool increases. Cheers, please post your single class cipher experiences in PoE2 and suggestions!
  4. The Bonus from the item Wise Teeth Necklace, Old Wisdom (+1 Intellect, +1 History, +1 Insight) does not show up on the Character Sheet under Current Effects. The bonuses are applied to the stats and skills, but the modifiers are not documented under Current Effects, making it more difficult to manage equipment in order to avoid Suppression.
  5. Does an item with +1 int stack with an item that has +2 int for a total bonus of +3 int for example? What about inspirations? Do they stack? How about weapon proficiency modals? What among these things do and don't stack with each other type? Is suppression still around in PoE2 or will all items' effects stack with each other?
  6. Hi. As the topic goes: 1. Afaik melee weapons/range weapons/implements do no affect accuracy. Is that right? 2. Does it make a difference wether I use 1h or 2x 1h weapons or +shield? Since a single 1h weapon adds a significant bonus to accuracy (weapon itself does not affect it, for example, but is a single weapon accuracy bonus added to casters accuracy?). 3. Does an ability to reduce recovery (-15%) when using 2x 1hand weapons affect casters? 4. Do weapon bonuses on crit chance/damage affect spells? 5. Does a shield affect accuracy? 6. Do cast-able weapons affect accuracy? 7. In PoE2 you can stack attribute points. Like you can eat, drink, pot, buff, use shrine, sleep in the Inn and get your resolve, for example from 3 to 18. It wasn't possible in PoE1 afaik. Highest bonus would suppress all the smaller bonuses. Isn't it a little OP? 8. So recovery bonus of -20% makes it 10->8 sec recovery. And action time bonus makes it 10->8 sec attack. Does it affect cast times? 9. Are there any benefits in using 1 h-hand, 2x 1-hand, 2-hand, 1-hand + shield, range, implements (+shield)? As far as I could see it for myself: - Any weapon, melee or range just adds some extra dmg to a mage when s/he is not casting. They don't affect spell-casting. - shield adds to the tank but reduces accuracy - implements is nothing special except they might add a few spells here and there but so do some weapons. Generally weapons (range for casters most of the time) are usually more powerful dps and alfa strike wise. - now I primarily use small shield and range weapon with the most benefits. Sometime med/large shield is a very good option if you primarily summon (chanter) and heal (resto druid) where accuracy does not matter. Does it make sense or I have got it wrong? Thank you in advance.
  7. So I'm the person who makes 20 different characters before making it halfway through a game because I can't decide what to play, so with that I'm looking for some pointers on how to build the classes I'm interested in. I'm wanting to make a DPS druid that casts some spells and uses melee weapons. Should i single or multiclass? And what would the stat distribution look like? my current thoughts (since i'm awful at this game i keep con and resolve up a bit): Might: 16 Con: 13 Dex: 10 Per: 15 Int: 16 Res: 8 I feel like dex could be higher though? and if I'm going about builds totally wrong I wouldn't be surprised
  8. Let's pretend for a while that we aren't grown-a** adults, and play a 'who would you be in a fantasy world' like game. Make the stats reflect you, add or remove as many as you'd like! 10 always means you're 'average' however. And 20 is the highest score! Choice of stats; Might: How strong you are, physically. Constitution: How endured you when something hits you + how long you last (I mean...stamina....yeah...) Dexterity: Balance, Reflex and quickness. Perception: How well you notice things, how quick you catch someone in a lie etc. The good stuff! Intelligence: Logical IQ pretty much. While perception is more of an emotional IQ. Reasoning, logical thing etc. Resolve: Bravery, emotional intensity etc. Besides the stats, also chose which race fits you most, which background/job (it doesn't have to be in the game) you have or had (you can twist it into a more fantasy setting like work though, if your job doesn't fit in. If you want!!) and also, chose your Deadfire bonuses; Diplomacy, Intimidate, Religion (lore) History (lore) etc. As well as your personality which fits into PoE word; Clever, Honest, Deceptive, Stoic etc. Here's mine; NAME: Tanja RACE: Wood Elf CLASS: Chipher STATS: MIGHT: 8 CONSTITUTION: 6 DEXTERITY: 10 PERCEPTION: 20 INTELLIGENCE: 12 RESOLVE: 15 BACKGROUND: Artist/Writer BONUSES: +3 insight (Check list here: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Skills)and add which one/s apply to you most! (Also, kinda makes more sense for a Chipher if I may comment, LOL.) PERSONALITY/DISPOSITION: (5 is the highest you can go...0 means...well...0!) Clever: 5 (As in...witty and funny and irrelevant xDDD) Passionate: 4 Honest: 3 Benevolent: 2 Aggressive: 1 Deceptive: 1 Diplomatic: 1 Stoic: 0-1 (Very rare for me) Cruel: 0-1 Rational: 0-1 (Lol) .....What about you? xDDD
  9. Is there any information available on which of the talents earned as rewards for deeds/quest during the course of POE1 that will carry over with the save import feature? Specifically the talents here listen under rewards: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Talent I've only been able to find vague posts and tweets with "hints" that they might carry over in some capacity, or that the devs "wanted it to". Now that we are nearing the official release, I was wondering if there has been any more information has been made available regarding this, since there are quite a lot of stats that could be picked up during the first game(... among them, a whole 7 attribute points). This is coming from just some concern, since in the playthrough I was planning on importing, I choose to fight Llengrath(because I think it is one of the best fights in the game)... but then I miss out on 3 attribute points from Mental Prowess.. which I consider pretty major.
  10. Hey, i found a similar bug in THIS thread, but opened a new thread since it is not the same and that is a beta forum thread. The Unwavering Resolve amulet is not working for my main character, a wizard. The character has 20 intelligence and 4 resolve and gets neither of the bonuses. Amulet works fine on Aloth though. Best regards Yahku
  11. So Josh will have this talk at GDC in March about how the stats-system evolved over time in PoE.. http://schedule.gdconf.com/session/gods-and-dumps-attribute-tuning-in-pillars-of-eternity The summary should probably explain why I'm interested Will anyone be able to record this, or manage to do a write-up of some kind themselves, or know of anyone who can be persuaded to do a piece on it? Or maybe Josh would be kind enough to post some version of the talk in writing..?
  12. Hi All, When I was choosing my first character to play through PoE, I decided that Chanter sounded like my kind of thing. So, I rolled one up and started to play. I wasn't very satisfied with it, and started combing google for tips on how to make one and how to play it. In the process I came across a fair bit of information that didn't seem to match up with what I was seeing in game, so tonight I started doing some testing myself to make sure. First up: Chants and Phrases. 1) My testing confirms that Phrases are completely unaffected directly in duration or effect by any stat. Many websites and forum posts are saying that Intellect (increased duration) affects the Linger portion of a Phrase, but this doesn't appear to be the case when viewing the Phrase description, the buff icon on characters, the debuff info on enemies or in the combat log. 2) Intellect only increases the "outer" area of effect. The inner circle is unchanged. 3) Dexterity doesn't affect Chants at all (I've seen some suggesting that it can speed up Chants) 4) Debuff Phrases can graze and crit just like any other attack. It's based off your mainhand accuracy vs the defense listed in the description. A Phrase that Grazes will have it's duration reduced by 50%, and Phrases that Crit have the duration increased by 50%. The effect part of a Phrase (eg endurance drain amount) is unchanged Next: Invocations 1) Summons appear to be unaffected by any stat. Duration, endurance/hp, damage done etc. 2) Intellect increases the outer ring size of invocations that have it, but the inner size remains the same. 3) Dexterity has no effect on Invocation recovery time. I'd like to do some testing on Might wrt Summons as well perhaps. But I expect it will have no effect. I'm interested to hear from anyone else who is testing chanter builds and such, but right now thinking about making a tank chanter who uses summons I'm considering just leaving int at 10. Edit: Fixed up some place where I said Chant when I meant Phrase.
  13. Hello, I've run into a problem in Galvino's workshop where every time I enter the enemies start at varying stages of damage (barely injured, etc). I found myself having an obscene amount of trouble getting passed the first mob. At first, I thought I was applying the wrong strategy or just hitting the mob with types they are resistant to, but after many attempts (more than I care to admit), I finally turned off expert mode so I could read the combat info. The injured enemies have crazy stats -separate from the healthy ones, and and not just defenses, as I noticed I was getting hit with crits nigh-constantly. Moreover, attempting to leave and come back results in different levels of starting damage on the enemies. I am guessing this is a bug? I mean I know I'm playing on hard but exponential stat buffs for damage? Unfortunately, my saved game was too large to upload, but I do have my output log and I took a screenshot of those lovely defense numbers. i hope it helps. Thank you for any time and help you can provide, --Don output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  14. The game recommends Resolve over other stats, however, for a Ranged Wood elf druid (Hunting Bow/Spellcaster), it seems Dex would be better (for action speed). Two things that keep me up at night (ha!): Originally I was going for War Bow, because I thought it would benefit more from +% action speed than Hunting Bow (diminishing returns and all that). If I'll grab Marksman, Penetrating Shot, and Hunting Bow, should I invest less on Dex? (Or keep it high anyway for spellcasting). At char creation, I've maxed Might, followed by 15-16 Int--I've seen lots of conflicting recommendations (some max Int, I'm guessing to affect more targets from the get-go). How many stat points will I get as I level up, and would it be so bad to not max Int? (Will be playing in Hard) Thanks!
  15. (Very minor spoiler warning) I found a Minor Ring of Protection in Easternwood (in a hidden brick in the graveyard), and I tried to put it on Eder.... It didn't do anything. I put it on my main character, and it increased two of the three stats it was supposed to affect. I put it on another character, and it increased all three stats. It appeared to increase stats that were below 50, but have no effect on stats above 50. I've attached two screenshots of my attempt to have Eder wear it. The first one shows the infobox for the ring, while it's in Eder's inventory (you can see it just to the right of the infobox): The scond one shows the ring on Eder: In both screenshots, you'll see that his Fortitude, Reflex, and Will are 70, 50, and 50. The ring should increase them to 75, 55, and 55. As the subject says, I'm using Steam version
  16. In my current game,it seems like there's a whole mess regarding equipment bonuses. For example the Night-runner armor "+2 stealth" bonus don't fully apply on my main character (just+1), or the bonus stays even when the armor is taken off with Eder. So far, i noticed that a lot of hats, bracers, amulets... share the same problems. Most of the time, the buff isn't considered. I tried with several types of objects on all characters, and results may vary from one to another. In addition, there's an issue concerning hats specifically. The way it looks is always irrelevant (e.g. a mail coif that looks like a hood). Once again, it only appears with magic/special helmets, the regular ones look properly. Note: I'm writing this after the release of patch 1.04. I don't know if the problem existed before. (thanks for reading, i'm sorry for my english) https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jvfs52zff8t2sf/pillars%20files.zip?dl=0
  17. So I just got this game and am looking for some help on creating my first character, which I've decided to make a Cipher. I've been reading up on different classes, and I was between a Cipher, Druid, and Wizard. Since I can get a Wizard NPC early, it came down to Cipher and Druid, and the Cipher description just sounded really cool so I figured I'd try one first. According to their description, they sounded like they could play as melee mages, in a sense, but many threads I've seen have made them sound too squishy really to play melee all that much, and that ranged weapons are King with a Cipher. Is it possible to do a hybrid build where I can use both ranged and melee options? I'd like to be able to start out ranged in tougher fights, throw out spells, and then move into melee range or something like that. And with easier stuff just be able to melee. If this is possible, what kind of stats should I start with? For ranged, it seemed to be to max Might, Dex, and Int, and put the rest into Resolve I think? Which means dumping Con and Perception. But would that make me extremely terrible in melee? I really have no idea what a good way to distribute my stat points would be. Basically, I'd like to use both melee and range, and sling spells for CC/damage. Any thoughts/ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Making a melee Wizard for hard + expert. I could really need some help not to make any terrible mistakes. The following post is my logical train of thought for making it maximum viable. Could you give me any advice or tell me if some of my decision making here is off? Race It seems that fire godlike and moon godlike are the only good choices here. Which one would you consider better? With moon godlike, you heal endurance 3 times per encounter at 75/50/25% hp. Seems to favor: Might (+Damage and benefit from the +Healing) With fire godlike, 4DR at 50% health and below. However: With low base health, might not actually be that good? Seems to favor: Con ... Endurance and constitution The difference between 3 - 10 - 20 constitution is for a lvl7 Wizard (choosing mid-range level here): -21% - 0% - +30% @30+10 endurance per level: 79HP or 100hp or 130hp. With vital essence our endurance will be (at its peak): 179 - 200 - 230 ... Spell durations for a Melee wizard Parasitic staff: 30 seconds Eldritch Aim (+15 ACC): 10 seconds Spirit shield: 60 seconds Bulwark against elements (elemental DT): 60 seconds Infuse with vital essence (100end bonus): 15 seconds Alacrity of motion (1.5 attack speed, minor endurance drain): 15 seconds Displaced image (+20 deflection +20 reflex): 15 seconds Iron skin (+8DT): Duration is 10 received attacks Martial power (+20 con, dex, deflection, +20 to hit roll): 20 seconds As we can see, the absolute highest peak we can reach in one fight is: +20 to hit +20 deflection +20 dex +20 con +20 reflex, will, fortitude +8DT 100 end bonus 1.5 attack speed In conclusion, int should definitely be your main boosted stat to improved durations, due to limited rest. Do you agree? ... Weapon of choice Spears for +acc /w light shield for deflection bonus. Light shield has no +acc penalty. Estoc for DR bypass, will be good /w the 1.5 attack speed buff. Quarterstaff for extended reach and parasitic staff spell. Hatchet for deflection bonus. These seems to be the best options, thoughts? ... Talents + chance to hit is VITAL for a melee wiz due to low starting value. Weapon focus: Peasant grants +6acc to hatchet, spear and quarterstaff. This would definitely be the best choice unless you go Estoc? Cautious attack: 0.8 speed modifier for +10 deflection. With alacrity (1.5 bonus) this becomes 1.3 bonus with +10 deflection. A good choice no? Lesser and greater spell heuristics: Increases the casting time for all our buff spells. Can't go wrong with these I think? Superior deflection: +5 deflection ... ATTRIBUTES Constitution: Leave at 10 imo, because Wizards get the LEAST from boosting health. A melee wizard should focus on DR and deflection. Alternatively - If you go fire godlike, max Con. Might: If moon godlike, max. If not, 10-14 Dexterity: 10-12 Perception: 10-12 Intelligence: 18+ Resolve: 10-12 ...
  19. I found some scrolls but cant use them. I placed them in Aloth quick item inventory, but I see in when hovering on a scroll: Requires 2 lore Aloth has Lore 8. image1 image2
  20. As of 1.03. The Ring of Protection has the effects: Of Fortitude: +10 Fortitude Of Reflex: +10 Reflex Of Will: +10 Will Toughness 2: +4 Fortitude Reflex bonus 2: +4 Reflex Of Resolve: +2 Resolve When you equip it, however, the rings own +10 Fortitude/Reflex stats suppresses its +4 Fortitude/Reflex stats, so equipping the item grants +10 Fortitude/Reflex/Will and +2 Resolve, not +14 Fortitude/Reflex, +10 Will, and +2 Resolve as expected.
  21. I was reading the strategy guide and it talks briefly about personality, it also points that it has influence based on the order you pick as a paladin. 1. Now i'm not sure if i'll pick a paladin. But as i was looking it seems Intellect, perception and Resolve embody certain personality traits. I asume the higher this stat allows you to unlock conversation options that embody a certain personality. Like intelect unlocks rational. Is this correct? I'd like my character to value Rational, Honest, Diplomatic and Benevolent. I'd rate Rational the highest and the others based on the situation. - I want to be Benevolant but if it's irrational to do so I won't or their is too much loss or gain I might be swayed the other way. - Honesty is something I value but in the life of an adventurer you sometimes have to use deception to help the one in need or achieve your own goals. - I do want to solve things diplomaticly, but in gamepedia it's more described as avoiding trouble and neutral instead of using diplomacy to achieve what you believe is best. I'd probably rate: Rational > Benevolant > Diplomatic > Honest. 2. Based on this are their any specific stats i should focus on? 3. Are their any class builds suited for this. Atm it seems paladins are, but their restricted by the order and you'd want to go tank with Darcozzi, Fires of Darcozzi palace seems to good. Based on my value's id either be Goldpact or Shieldbearers of St.Elga (stoic doesn't seem to be my thing). 4. Is it hard to gain progress with paladin order. Will it be extremely negative if you can't follow the order personality?
  22. To distract myself from the howling void that is my life, until GOG pushes through patch 1.03, I decided to take a crack at the stats. I know a lot of people aren't totally happy with their current implementation. While I think they works as-is, I also think they could be better. So here's my ideas. Feel free to post your own, as well. Fitness + % Melee damage + % Max Health + Fortitude Defense + Deflection Defense Coordination + Action Speed + Reflex Defense + Deflection Defense - Chance to be interrupted Perception + Chance to notice objects + % Ranged damage + Chance to interrupt + Reflex Defense Intellect + % AOE size + % Duration of Effects + Will Defense Resolve + % Spell power + % Max Endurance + Fortitude Defense + Will Defense Some things to note: Constitution and Strength are rolled into Fitness, bringing the total number of stats down to 5. Thematically, I don't think it's worth having them as two different stats. Generally when a character is strong, they are also tough. When they're tough, they're also strong. That said, mechanically, having more Fitness will give you more Health, but will NOT give you more Endurance. For Endurance, you need Resolve. This adds a bit more depth and customization, while forcing characters who want to be all-around tanky to invest in more stats. Damage bonuses got split between Fitness (for melee), Perception (for ranged), and Resolve (for spells). I think this makes a lot more sense, thematically, and gives characters more of a sense of specialization. Chance to notice traps and hidden items is, from what I understand, based on Mechanics skill? I moved it to Perception. It makes little sense, to me, for it to be tied to Mechanics. I think these stats preserve the goal of having "no wrong choices". Every character can benefit from any stat. A wizard with unusually high Fitness and Perception will fulfill more of a "spellsword" role, using their spells as a compliment to their natural prowess with weaponry. A Fighter with unusually high Intellect and Coordination is going to be focused primarily on crowd controlling the enemy, perhaps less so on tanking blows.
  23. Hello Fellas, I have a problem about PoE character creation. This problem could be my particular problem but still may help you when my problem is solved. I opened the game with great enthusiasm it was a good feeling I like the graphics and etc. The nice sweet memories of Baldur's Gate appeared in my mind. I always play with wizard so I watched videos how they created their characters, what they choose etc. Then I created a character it was Coastal Aumaua Wizard. I thought 2 Might would be good for damage. Then I proceed to Attributes section. This is where my problem starts. Which One is the best combination? Here is my thoughts about creating a wizard. Sex: Here I choose male. I like to think that the main character is me and as if I'm living in the game. But I may have choosen female and name her as my girlfriend who broke up with me. Then walk every trap and die numerous times. What ever I choose male :D Race: Race was very hard for me to choose I thought best options might be: Coastal Aumaua (for +2 Might and Towering Physique), Pale Elf (for +1 intellect and Elemental Endurance) and Death Godlike (For +1 intellect / +1 Dexterity and Death's Usher). As a result I had chosen Coastal Aumaua because wizards stays back so I dont need Elemental Endurance, Also +2 Might is nice and always in effect so I dont prefer Death's Usher instead I prefer to damage every time not only under %25. Spells: Spirit Shield: Covers my weak points. Thrust of Tattered Veils: It's a nice spell fast, ranged, Damaging and Interrupting. Fleet Feet: Also this is for defence since my character is squishy I need to evade when someone reaches me. Ghost Blades: Well I need a ranged AoE Damage spell. Attributes: First I took back every point; I have 57 points... Might: Obvious that might is a must for wizards. I have +2 Racial Bonus here so I WILL USE IT. This will be 20 I'm sure this is a nice choice. +30% more damage and healing also +20 Fortitute. In addtion fits my role and race. Intellect: Also this is obvious that intelligence is a must for wizards. I pump this stat to 18. So I get +48% AoE, +40% Duration and +16 Will. Which are all nice for a wizard. Dexterity: Not much important as the first two but this attribute is also very important. To deal the damage and area that I obtained from first two stats I need to be fast. As I could remeber from DnD 3rd and 2nd Editions 15 Dexterity was considered high for opening more powerful feats and accomplishing quests that requires dexterity. However in DnD you should have an even number in order to get an bonus. So in this situation I will leave it as 15 because every penny counts in this system and I got: +15% Action Speed, +10 Reflex. I still have doubts but this is optimum I suppose. Put a mark here 16 may be better? Resolve: Like dexterity, resolve have the second class importance. Because we have to complete the spells and cast them without interrupted. Also resolve seems supportive for completing quests by talking. I wish I can give more but again I will give 15 points here. Which is considered high and gives me: +15 Concentration, +5 Deflection and +10 Will. Perception: This one have third degree importance. I just need this for questy talks and interrupt with my spells. How ever I have already spent many points so I can give only 6 here and get: -12 Interrupt, -4 Deflection and -8 Reflex. I feel sorry for negative interrupt but at least deflection and reflex values are compensated from other areas. Constitution: This is bad but I have to do this... 3 Points left here. However This one is the least required attribute for wizards. It gives me: -21% Endurance and Health, -14 Fortitude. I dont care about fortitute I already obtained enough from might. But I'm really sorry being so squishy... Culture: Of course "The Living Lands" I need more might. After every sacrifice to obtain this much might I will only buff it more. Living Lands gives me +1 Might. So my final Might Score Hits 21 Points and gives me +33% Damage and Healing, and +22 Fortitude. Background: I choose explorer because it gives +1 Lore which is very logical for a wizard and +1 Survival which is a futile effort after leaving my character with 3 points of Constitution. Well this is a "consolation prize" for my character yay... Appearance: Colors: I know it wont help but I prefer dark colors for camouflage. Also brown colors fits my armor. Skin: Gold one because it fits portrait picture. Hair: I'm a bald guy. At least in the portrait picture. Head Appearance: Facial Hair: None by default. Head: 1/3 Hair: 1/19 Portrait: They gave me no choice 2/66 is the only picture that I could choose. I had prepared appearange in accordant with this picture. Voice: I think noble or mystic are equally right for this character. I prefer noble. Name: Find something suitable. Please tell me about your opinions.
  24. Been playing for about two hours. Each time I'm hit with a dialogue option that has a stat or skill attached to it, I've found that when I choose it, nothing really happens. I mean in the sense that nothing really new opens up, no new dialogue, no special action that you wouldn't get had you not picked that special dialogue. Is this for the beta only or am I just not meant to really use that mechanic in Dyrford?
  25. Ok you dont really NEED the wiki to play but in these types of games very few people dont spend some time looking at their character´s stats and numbers and fiddling around with them. The thing is, the game doesnt tell you what many of these mean (in either the Inventory Screen or the Character Screen) or do and even less about what is affecting them. Some are only mentioned in character creation. The game doesnt let you understand the system you are playing with. So we gotta consult the wiki, and even then you have to do some trial and error (activating->checking screen->deactivating->checking screen) before finding out if that 145 Deflection is the the base deflection or because I got Defender on BB Fighter or if that 216 Stamina is because I have high CON, I am a Barbarian or because I got the +20 Stam boots on. I cant see the calculations and I dont know what they mean. Unless I consult the wiki, which doesnt solve the numbers bit. The game does provide some calculations for stats like Might and Athletics but despite the ample tooltip size there isnt an explanation for what they do outside the character and level up screen: And the base value doesnt display the same calculation as in char gen (though thats understandable as chargen stats are meant to be your "base", but it would still be nice to see where that base is coming from outside char gen). Speaking of Chatacter Creation, the only defenses mentioned per class are Deflection (which it doesnt explain, though that is understandable as it can be interpreted as overall defense [which it isnt] and you dont want to overwhelm the player with too much information): And AFAIK there Concentration/Interruption mechanic isnt mentioned outside Resolve and Perception (which, once again, arent expanded upon beyond char gen). The Inventory screen does have tooltips that work when you mouse over certain things. It would be nice to have these (with more detail like calculations and descriptions obviously) for the stats like Stamina. Or at least allow us to right click on the stats to see a detailed popup like with Might and Athletics in the Character screen. And then theres the thing with diferent damage types (shock, burn, freeze, corrode, raw, piercing, crushing, and slashing) for which natural resistances or the ones that your gear give you are unkown (chainmail good versus slashing, bad versus crushing but these defenses and damage types arent displayed anywhere in the Character Screen). DT is a mistery beyond "the more the better". So new players or players simply trying to understand how the numbers work are gonna be like: Do I want more Fortitude or more Reflex? Does it matter? Does 17 Def applies to Burn damage or does it depend on what the ability is? Does Defense matter at all besides auto-attacks? Do I have to exit the game to consult the wiki every time? What Im saying here is basically: We need more information feedback on our character´s numbers. We already got a mouse-over calculation text on the combat log, why not add that into a popup-tooltip like the character Screen one if you feel its too crowded for calculations? I feel there are many ways already within the game to make the player understand the whole system better without having to alt-tab to the wiki every time he gets a new pair of boots. This is a good start: I just think it needs to be fleshed out more. TL; DR: More detaled Tooltips to prevent wiki-alt-tab-diving and better understanding of the new game system from the player, plus better character number-management/building.
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