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  1. I like Seari´s second option best, though I still feel theres something missing. Id probably end up hiding the left pillar entirely as those are way too big buttons for things you can do with hotkeys. I think the current in-game UI´s button menu wouldnt go bad if placed on the lower left corner there as oposed to splayed vertically and you can always hide it in the end.
  2. Fighter gets a talent that increases all his defenses while in Defender Mode. I would assume its better than Cautious Attack, if not it should be. A defensive class´s 1 modal + 1 passive to improve the modal should be better than a modal that can be gotten by anyone. The skill/trait points are already scarce enough as they are. It would be okay if some modals stacked with each other or if you could get a trait that allowed you to stack modals (either all of them or a number of them). You could have a Minor Modal and a Mayor Modal too.
  3. Since there are so many talents/traits/skills I can see how its hard for Obsidian to find an optimal design for how to present them without them being overwhelming. One of the big separations should be Passive vs Active vs Modal since even if some tallents have been named as Passive there is still some confusion as to the Active and Modal ones. Drop down menus could be a good anti-overwhelming solution but then it would feel weird when you can only choose one of them per menu, same with tabs. Icons instead of words might also be good for compression but it may also be a drain on art asset
  4. I wouldnt call it a bug since you are technically level 12 already but just havent recieved the full + hp + deflection + fortitude, etc. benefits from being level 12.
  5. I didnt register them. I can see how they would be useful. I would have to get used to them but I see myself just clicking the icons instead. Maybe. Ill try to use them more often to see if they add anything. Its a nice addition regardless and can see it being useful in slow motion and real time even if it may end up making the combat feel like a mirco-intesive MOBA.
  6. I worded it poorly. Theres other defenses beyond Deflecton like Fortitude, Reflexes and Resolve. You already have attacks that attack specific defenses. The point being: for enemies that are hard to hit with a certain attack, they should be able to be easily hit with another type of attack. Though I may be looking at the problem from the wrong angle. Fair enough, but I still dont see how removing DT fixes the problem. Also, I can see how extra attack speed would be good if you are making an interrupt build or a build that relies on applying a certain attack modifier/ on-hit-chance eff
  7. I think a portion of the problems with combat are the bugs/glitches bot in the combat itself as in the abilities, as well as the creatures not having been updated to the new systems and mechanics. Nonetheless: Attack Resolution: I agree that it feels like it needs tweaking (not so much "balancing") but the problem with "certain enemies being really really hard to damage with physical attacks lategame" can be easily solved by having said enemies have a weakness to other damage types. Not so much venturing into "rock papers scissors" territory but having a campaign with enough varied ene
  8. The next patch will probably bring improvements if not a completely new system since this was a "test out a new system and see" patch.
  9. I think the merger is fine, but agree with Sensuki that many of them I would never pick over the class ones and the ones that increase DPS. I also think this is because they force us to choose between making a class better at what it does and making it better for skill-checks or DPS by giving us just one point to spend on such things every two levels. I dont think we will have a way to pass the high skill checks without gimping our characters, or at least thats the impression I have when leveling up. I feels like we should have a separate screen or an additional skill/trait point to spen
  10. [Description of the issue] When giving a Rouge a gun (the Arquebus in this case) and making him fire it he will start his reload animation but sometimes will finish the animation but the reload icon will never leave his "current action" icon nex to his health bar (the one over his character). This causes him/her to never fire a single other shot in any future combat, making them useless. I did not try reloading but unequipping and re-equiping the weapon does not fix it. NOTE: I was using a freshly recruited Rouge with the Gunner skill to do this but Ive had it happen with BB Rouge as well
  11. [Description of the issue] When in scouting mode, discovering a hidden object makes several "Trap Detected!" messages to pop up and several "Hidden object found (character)" messages to appear in the combat log. This can happen more than once even if you hace already discovered the object. These messages would not go away unless you reloaded th area. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter scout mode 2) Approach hidden object. 3) Recieve message spam. This happened in Dyford Crossing with both the hidden stash near the wolves and the hidden st
  12. Theres probably an easy way to tinker with the prices that doesnt require the mod, but Im bad with codes so Id probably just end up breaking the game.
  13. There a lot of neat ablities that several classes have that the default BB party doesnt take into account, like the wizard´s Expose Vulnerabilities. So whats the quickest way to get loads of gold to completely restructure the party? Id like to try a party that actually takes into account the new skill system to see what I can cook up.
  14. My main issue with the 333 build is that all of a sudden several bugs have appeared where there were none before. Flame cone consists of laggy speading white rectables, the Merdreth boar companion now starts its infinite death-resurrection loop as soon as combat starts, combat enemies become untargetable (green health bar) even though they and your party keeps attaking them but they can do damage to you and your party cant do the same to them. My second main issue is that they only allow us ONE skill point per level when everything has been meshed into a great number of skills, thy dont a
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