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  1. I like Seari´s second option best, though I still feel theres something missing. Id probably end up hiding the left pillar entirely as those are way too big buttons for things you can do with hotkeys. I think the current in-game UI´s button menu wouldnt go bad if placed on the lower left corner there as oposed to splayed vertically and you can always hide it in the end.
  2. Fighter gets a talent that increases all his defenses while in Defender Mode. I would assume its better than Cautious Attack, if not it should be. A defensive class´s 1 modal + 1 passive to improve the modal should be better than a modal that can be gotten by anyone. The skill/trait points are already scarce enough as they are. It would be okay if some modals stacked with each other or if you could get a trait that allowed you to stack modals (either all of them or a number of them). You could have a Minor Modal and a Mayor Modal too.
  3. Since there are so many talents/traits/skills I can see how its hard for Obsidian to find an optimal design for how to present them without them being overwhelming. One of the big separations should be Passive vs Active vs Modal since even if some tallents have been named as Passive there is still some confusion as to the Active and Modal ones. Drop down menus could be a good anti-overwhelming solution but then it would feel weird when you can only choose one of them per menu, same with tabs. Icons instead of words might also be good for compression but it may also be a drain on art assets and it would get REALLY confusing when trying to search for something specific and making each level up a search bore. Placing them in categories like "Weapon Skills", "Offensive Abilities", "Offensive Passives" "Offensive Modals", "Skill-related" etc may be a step in the right direction and its sorta already like that in places only not quite there yet. I personally prefer taking modals (should they stack with each other) and passives as oposed to actives (unless its a really good/interesting active) simply because combat is complex enough already without me having to consider even more abilities and I am much more in favor of making my character´s existing abilities stronger as oposed to getting more of them. (which is why Im kinda miffed that Barbaric Blow wasnt a modifier for the Barbarian´s autoattack/passive carnage though I can see how that could be considered OP). EDIT: Oh and I disagree with mrmonocle´s design simply because of the icon reason I mentioned above and sideways scrolling would feel awful and tedious as well as the color addition of red scrolbars on top of the stone panel makes my eyes bleed.
  4. I wouldnt call it a bug since you are technically level 12 already but just havent recieved the full + hp + deflection + fortitude, etc. benefits from being level 12.
  5. I didnt register them. I can see how they would be useful. I would have to get used to them but I see myself just clicking the icons instead. Maybe. Ill try to use them more often to see if they add anything. Its a nice addition regardless and can see it being useful in slow motion and real time even if it may end up making the combat feel like a mirco-intesive MOBA.
  6. I worded it poorly. Theres other defenses beyond Deflecton like Fortitude, Reflexes and Resolve. You already have attacks that attack specific defenses. The point being: for enemies that are hard to hit with a certain attack, they should be able to be easily hit with another type of attack. Though I may be looking at the problem from the wrong angle. Fair enough, but I still dont see how removing DT fixes the problem. Also, I can see how extra attack speed would be good if you are making an interrupt build or a build that relies on applying a certain attack modifier/ on-hit-chance effect several times. Yeah, many skills and traits not showing their value makes it diffucult to test and understand them properly. This also extends to items. About Shields: I think DR on certain shields would be good if only for the tactical options. Just because some players hate it doesnt mean others will. Nonetheless I agree that the current default speed is horrible, but I think its not so much the speed as much as the amount of things you have to take in and decide at every character´s combat round (for which the default speed is too fast). I can see myself getting bored/saturated of pausing 5-10+ times every encounter or watching every encounter in slow-mo (though I find slow-mo more tolerable than pausing as its not a clear stop to the action). So yeah, it needs tweaking.
  7. I think a portion of the problems with combat are the bugs/glitches bot in the combat itself as in the abilities, as well as the creatures not having been updated to the new systems and mechanics. Nonetheless: Attack Resolution: I agree that it feels like it needs tweaking (not so much "balancing") but the problem with "certain enemies being really really hard to damage with physical attacks lategame" can be easily solved by having said enemies have a weakness to other damage types. Not so much venturing into "rock papers scissors" territory but having a campaign with enough varied enemy types so as to make it a good idea (but not the only only solution) to have a varied party composition as oposed to 3 Rouges/Ciphers, 2 Fighters/Barbarians and a Priest/Druid. I think this is just a "sit down one afternoon and then just mechanically work through it" problem thats gonna get fixed as a natural part of development. Armor System: I disagree that they should remove DT unless they are aiming for a more simplistic system. DT + DR are good as a pair as it allows you to have a wider variety of options when designing enemies and a such, more interesting. A fire elemental can have 200% DR to burn damage -100% to freeze damage and have a DT that allows fighters to hit it ocasionally, whith the added effect of taking burn damage with every hit. Also, they really ought to label the weapons speeds properly in the tooltips as everything is currently "average" speed which lends itself to confussion for those that havent looked at the core files. I find the current armor system rather obtuse for new players but quite understandable once you work it out. And we dont need more +/-% values please those are quite obtuse unless we are talking about DR. Shields: DT and DR on shields would be interesting. Its not uncommon for a shield in a fantasy setting to block say dragonfire. We havent seen much beyond the basic shields so i would expect there to already be such shields planned. Attributes: In BG your CON was such a big deal. You had your fighters with 55 hp while your wizards had like 14 for most of the game. Atributtes felt like they had such a huge impact. In PoE everyone has like 200+ hp at level five. When everything is big numbers small increments feel like less of a big deal. As you say, the atributes arent as important as their secondary effect/bonus (+ accuracy, + defflection); an effect/bonus that you can obtain very easily and in MUCH larger amounts through items and talents/skills. The attribute system feels like its is just there to provide a base template of a character which can evolve into being whatever through all the options available through the game (enchanting, skills, traits, trainers, consumables, buffs, etc.), with its most notable impact being at the very start when you are level 1. I think its an acceptable compromise to be able to reach the design goal of "every build viable" even if it ends up making atributes feel diluted compared to IE games. Its just a matter of thinking about it from another angle. On the other hand it IS sorta a big deal when you consider most of the bonuses it gives you are % based. That means the more you go through the game and add base integrers to benefit from/be hurt by that +/-% you will really feel the impact of those starting choices though by how much it remains to be seen in the full game. Its sorta like Path of Exile were all the increments you get are % based with just a few static integrers spread around the skill tree to the point were from a sinle +80 hp node you are getting about 1000 hp later on. I think thats one of the angles they are going for. Interrupts: I have never noticed much about interrupts except for the wizard spell that allows you to interrupt. I think they can be pretty powerful if built around and theres already some new talents/skills/traits that make interrupt builds more viable but otherwise have no strong opinions on it. Nonetheless theres many people that played like that quite a bit and will probably play like that in PoE. Its enough for Obsidian to consider it. Just like there are people that will use only the slow mo wile others wont use pause or slow mo at all. Its quite a number of ways Obsidian has given to experience the game and combat. Though with so many ways to experience it, its gonna be hard to tweak it so that everything feels right.
  8. The next patch will probably bring improvements if not a completely new system since this was a "test out a new system and see" patch.
  9. I think the merger is fine, but agree with Sensuki that many of them I would never pick over the class ones and the ones that increase DPS. I also think this is because they force us to choose between making a class better at what it does and making it better for skill-checks or DPS by giving us just one point to spend on such things every two levels. I dont think we will have a way to pass the high skill checks without gimping our characters, or at least thats the impression I have when leveling up. I feels like we should have a separate screen or an additional skill/trait point to spend so we can pick one trait which enhances the class and one whick makes it better at skill-check stuff. Athletics being so important, it makes sense that the class skills give it to you but then I question the purpose of the skill/mechanic altogether for several reasons.
  10. [Description of the issue] When giving a Rouge a gun (the Arquebus in this case) and making him fire it he will start his reload animation but sometimes will finish the animation but the reload icon will never leave his "current action" icon nex to his health bar (the one over his character). This causes him/her to never fire a single other shot in any future combat, making them useless. I did not try reloading but unequipping and re-equiping the weapon does not fix it. NOTE: I was using a freshly recruited Rouge with the Gunner skill to do this but Ive had it happen with BB Rouge as well before this version. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Give Rouge gun. 2) Fire it until bug presents itself. 3) Recieve Rouge that will never have the reloading icon leave him.
  11. [Description of the issue] When in scouting mode, discovering a hidden object makes several "Trap Detected!" messages to pop up and several "Hidden object found (character)" messages to appear in the combat log. This can happen more than once even if you hace already discovered the object. These messages would not go away unless you reloaded th area. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter scout mode 2) Approach hidden object. 3) Recieve message spam. This happened in Dyford Crossing with both the hidden stash near the wolves and the hidden stash skelleton at the cave entrance. Suprisingly, I also triggered a single message when being attacked by a Widowmaker spider though this one was "Trap Triggered!" instead of "Trap Detected!". [screenshots] The message popup while fighting the spider:
  12. Theres probably an easy way to tinker with the prices that doesnt require the mod, but Im bad with codes so Id probably just end up breaking the game.
  13. There a lot of neat ablities that several classes have that the default BB party doesnt take into account, like the wizard´s Expose Vulnerabilities. So whats the quickest way to get loads of gold to completely restructure the party? Id like to try a party that actually takes into account the new skill system to see what I can cook up.
  14. My main issue with the 333 build is that all of a sudden several bugs have appeared where there were none before. Flame cone consists of laggy speading white rectables, the Merdreth boar companion now starts its infinite death-resurrection loop as soon as combat starts, combat enemies become untargetable (green health bar) even though they and your party keeps attaking them but they can do damage to you and your party cant do the same to them. My second main issue is that they only allow us ONE skill point per level when everything has been meshed into a great number of skills, thy dont allow us to pick a skill at the start (several of the skills only make sense if you pick them as a "background" skill like expert survior and all the other +4 skills) and that they havent ajusted the BB party or the enemies to the new system, resulting in some extremely wonky interactions were the BB party are useless. So basically the whole system change, though I see how it can be good if they polish it and allow us to pick more than one skill at a time at certain points in the game, like at the start. Or have some skills like + survival be only available as quest rewards/trainers. I like trainers in rpgs.
  15. Right now theres very little discussion and feedback happening because most of the feedback on the last patch has already been given. I agree that weekly patches would be a bit too much but having a patch a month kinda slows down dicussion to a crawl tot he point were theres hardly any beyond bug reports (but if people arent testing because "Ive already tested this new patch" then you arent gonna get that many bug reports and some others have never even completed the beta´s every nook and cranny for various reasons). Id say every 2 weeks would be nice.
  16. Adressing the original OP post: To paraphrase what you are trying to say: "The game has too much combat for the way it is/should be designed/to much combat does not make sense for this game" But it makes perfect sense in the context of the worldsetting and story. If you wanna look at it from the story/world building side of things: You have a hostile and wild land full of dangerous wildlife, natives that are mighty miffed about their heritage being molested, and general banditry and mercenary groups and an unstable political climate. You basically got colonial/post-colonial USA, if it was in Australia, and if it happened during Reinassance Italy with all those city-states, with maybe a hint of feudal Japan in there somewhere. Its the perfect seting for "combat during your travels" to happen. I think Baldurs Gate had either a bit more or only a bit less combat than this per-area and that was justified with the bandit and mercenary groups rampaging about and general D&D hostile wildlife setting (which you only really had to deal with if you strayed from the roads). If it bothers you that much just set it to easy mode and autoatack everything but dont come in here and say that the combat encounter placement doesnt make any sense because theres too many of them. Also, Diablo has a worldwide demon invasion to excuse monsters every two feet. It aint the same.
  17. 1) Stealth mode 2) Move to character 3) Quicksave 4) Pickpocket 5) If caught or unsuccessful reload 6) Repeat ad-nauseum I would be grateful if this doesnt come back and if it does it becomes a simple: [MECHANICS 10] Pickpoket the McGuffin dialogue option or click on the person while in stealth mode.
  18. Is it time to begin asking "are we there yet?" again? Are we gonna impatiently begin questioning developer profesionality and compare them to other developers as we shift unconfortably in our chairs grumbling aloud? But yeah, about three weeks since last update. Lets just assume its gonna be a monthly update thing at this point.
  19. Yes I chose not to use the class to its full potential, hence why I probably found them boring and I never played with a Cleric PC in IE games so I was only exposed to the preset ones which I didnt find interesting in comparison to mages and the like. I disagree that PoE Priests feel lackluster though thats simply my opinion. Do keep in mind that PoE Prietss we have seen have been at most level 8 so se dont really know how good or bad they will be later on while in classic CRPGs we were exposed to a wide variety of levels and types and kits. To me the mere fact that PoE priests have access to all their spells at any given time and there isnt a spell memorization mechanic make them better in a "quality of life"/comfortable sort of way to D&D Priests even if one could argue that this takes away a tactical option planing part to the system and makes it more "casual". I would disagree with that sentiment.
  20. Having corpses everywhere certainly ruins and alters story, removes subtlety and does not in fact bring out the dark underbelly of the story". Your opening post is asking about atmosphere, not story, even atmosphere helps story. Look. You seem to want a "dark and gritty" roleplaying experience. I dont think PoE will give you "dark and gritty" the way you want it to. Im sure it will have dark themes and all that but I dont think it needs more corpses. You will be making plenty of those already. This is gonna be a "directed at everyone" rant: There are many other ways to have a dark atmosphere beyond painting the walls black, putting in dismemberment, disfigurement, violence, gore and murder. In fact thinking a game is more mature because it has those elements is nothing if not juvenile. There are ways to make a mature game without it having gore, rape, black drapes and blood over everything. It all ends up looking downright cartoonish at times (like say Dragon Age´s comical blood splatters every time you poked something) or is obviously there as a "shock factor" that just gets old and less effective the more you do it (Dead Space´s gore and jump scares for example). Im honestly quite bored of it. Developers: Stop that ****. Give me a mature and serious game set in freaking Candy Land, how about that for novelty? Are you able to hold yourself from making people get their confeti entrails ripped out? /rant
  21. Theres a bunch of corpses ritually dismembered and arranged in front of a pool of blood containing the souls of every sacrifice that was made there. Theres a cave with stacks and stacks of chewed human bones. There are adventurer corpses everywhere. And you want more? Really now?
  22. Serpent in the Staglands does look good but thats because its art is in one distinctive art style. That said I think PoE´s art looks very good even if there are contrasts here and there.
  23. All of DA:I´s faces look straight outa fashion magazines to me. I cant shake off the plastic feel. ME also had that problem for me but nowhere near as bad. It feels like you cant create an ugly/deformed character, which is a shame imo. In all those "model your character´s face" creators I always end up just maxing nose and chin size. I think the hair thing is because you will never see the hair that close in all game again (sans cutscenes) so some designers choose to go for a "broad strokes" aproach towards hair while allowing you to fine tune the face, which leads itself to more variation or at least it will be a more distinctinve feature of the character.
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