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  1. I love Wasteland 2 but they have the worst hair styles ever. back to pillars... a few beards are needed.
  2. My last post about hair. I believe they do have some really great hair styles for guys. I really need that mo hawk. The women have one; can you guys make it available for men as well? It's stupid I know....
  3. I don't see this hair option for men.
  4. ah yes, that would do because I don't wanna be to picky(silly requests). Anyway to enable that hairstyle for men?
  5. Ok, I really minor request and silly I know. Can you add a Faux moHawk with shaved sides... just figured I'd ask since you guys added my hair styles
  6. Oh yeah! that worked great! Now I can finally play this game.
  7. Yes, but also yes. See this request post I made. This is the problem on 4K, but even more zoomed out
  8. I've posted about 4K support. The game looks great in 4K, seems to scale well. The problem for me is the game gets zoomed out in 4K. Currently, you can't zoom in very much and makes it hard for me to see the characters and combat.
  9. The game looks great in 4K, however the game zooms too far out and I notice the loading screen gets cut off slightly. I've tested the settings on 1080P and the zoom isn't so bad and the loading screen isn't cut off. Please add more zooming options.
  10. I play on 60' 4K TV and I sit about 10 feet away from the TV. I'm having a difficult time seeing the game because everything is too zoomed out. I use a touchpad and I can zoom out but I cannot zoom in. Is this a problem playing in 4K? I read somewhere that people said the game was too zoomed in and I'm having the opposite affect.
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