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  1. Hi, i just started with Pillars 2 and encountered two weird control behaviours which i cannot disable in the settings (at least i have not found an option for that): The camera movement has a weird acceleration / deceleration. I would expect it to have exactly one speed (which is adjustable in the settings) which starts and stops abrupt with "touching" the boundaries with the cursor or hitting one of the camera keys. The mouse cursor moves just as expected with my mouse movements, except from when having an item in the inventory attached to the cursor. It suffers from massive lags and
  2. Hey, i encountered events which came up and vanished during single travels, especially when visiting White March for the first time. Such events should be delayed or simply not happen - or the player should have an option to manage them during the travel, e.g. integrated to the loading screen or directly before or after. The main character in PoE can communicate with his steward, so why should he ignore important matters during travels suffering prestige, reputation and opportunities for adventures? Best regards Yahku
  3. Hey, thanks for the response. I was able to beat all the enemies there, but there were 3 fights which were really tough (the ogres and two times groups with elementals south of them). Not the problem if that was intended, i just thought of a bug here because of the previous extra question about difficulty settings when entering and because all the other fights before (even the boss fights) were far easier and now after i continued, all proceeding fights i encountered so far also were rather easy compared to these. If you want to check that in my save file, i uploaded it here: Yahku
  4. Hey, when proceeding to Elmshore, i was asked whether i want a higher difficulty setting or not due to my "considered high level". I arrived with my 10th level party there. I haven chosen "Standard" but have the feeling that this was taken wrong. Unfortunately i do not have a save in the recent past (yes, i know, beginners mistake) to check for a difference here when chosing the increased difficulty. But there are groups of ~10 Ogres with several Druids and every group easily dispatches me and i need 2-3 tries for each battle against "normal encounters without 'nameds' ". Up to now, there
  5. Hey, is there an option to turn off the Grimoir auto fill with spells for a wizard? I can understand that for new spells, but why do i have to delete all the old spells again and again after every new level?
  6. Ah, you are right, i haven't noticed the stacking rules so far, thanks for the hint. Both effects were surpressed.
  7. Hey, i found a similar bug in THIS thread, but opened a new thread since it is not the same and that is a beta forum thread. The Unwavering Resolve amulet is not working for my main character, a wizard. The character has 20 intelligence and 4 resolve and gets neither of the bonuses. Amulet works fine on Aloth though. Best regards Yahku
  8. Thanks, good to know! It's a bit circumstantial though and it would be fine to have the selected formation here, but maybe i just adapt the order of my characters and get used to it
  9. Hey, i got a question, or, depending on the answer an issue report. Every time when i manually resolve attacks to Caed Nua, i get a random formation nearly always with my mages in front, sometimes even initially engaged in melee. That results in high frequent dying and loading since after the first two-three seconds my first mage dies. Arranging my party before battle does not help. Am i missing something? If not, it is a weird mechanic here. I am prepared to welcome the attackers which i was warned about some days before and they can ambush me every time in my own fortress? Might be t
  10. Thanks for clarifying, valuable information. But hitting (good) might be a problem though. Aloth for example often misses with his spells (Aloth: 39 primary accuracy at level 4) and my Mechanics-Char is also the one with the highest primary accuracy and therefore i would loose 23 Accuracy which seems to be a waste of the traps (Aloth is my second best character for traps right now). Anyway, i will test it. However, if there already is the option for several traps, then i'd like to emphasis again that i would really appreciate to have a group wide limit and not a character bound one.
  11. Totally agree. I am collecting traps for hard fight and if one comes . . . only a single one can be used. Maybe selling them is a better use . . . I understand the balancing problem with unlimited traps, but increasing the number to two/3/4 with increasing Mechanics skill would be fine!
  12. Agreed, would be very fine to be able to completely hide finished quests!
  13. Hey, i am encountering the same problem, i cannot bind the SHIFT or BACKSHIFT to any function. In addition, a rebound LEFT-ALT for Highlight Interactables does not work. I am also using Windows 8.1. Is there any way to force bind the keys via an *.ini file or something like that? I searched for it but havent found something like that. Best regards Yahku
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