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  1. Hey, At the time of entering the map, I was playing on hard. But to specify, before I finally turned off expert mode, I exited (changed party) and came back, and then later exited and changed the diff setting (first to normal and then finally to easy). Based off of what Mundus described, it seems like leaving the map and returning may have something to do with the exponential stats. Unfortunately, I only have the most recent autosave, so the error probably started further back (second time entering the map, perhaps?). I hope this helps, and thanks. I appreciate the swift assista
  2. Hello, I've run into a problem in Galvino's workshop where every time I enter the enemies start at varying stages of damage (barely injured, etc). I found myself having an obscene amount of trouble getting passed the first mob. At first, I thought I was applying the wrong strategy or just hitting the mob with types they are resistant to, but after many attempts (more than I care to admit), I finally turned off expert mode so I could read the combat info. The injured enemies have crazy stats -separate from the healthy ones, and and not just defenses, as I noticed I was getting hit with
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