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  1. Why is that? Other than the formation movement and pauses, what's the actual difference?
  2. The self-insight on this forum is amazing, as always. Your reasoning as well - brilliant. So explain this to me again: why will taking practical advice from people who can't string one single sentence together without some sort of blatant contradiction in it, lead to Obsidian making better games? Or, if that's not what this forum is about: why will making changes in a game based on feedback from people who literally can't remember what they said two posts ago, end up creating good and appealing advertisement? Doing that makes very little sense, unless your idea is to make a game for 10
  3. Yes, this forum. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to understand why I'm genuinely upset that a few internet complainers, on this forum, made sure PoE became an expensive disappointment. Or why I'm surprised Obsidian let this dominate not just this production, but their next ones as well. Or why I'm unhappy that the "focus group" determining whether or not Obsidian is on the right track is made up of people who have huge difficulties with following any other line of reasoning than: "I like this thing that other people also seem to like, whatever it was". But I don't mind telling you w
  4. And after that we'll just have to make sure no one on rpgcodex, Gaf or IGN ever hears about it. Or, even more difficult, find a dev that doesn't cave to the first and best internet complaint. So that the game won't be patched apart after release, or simply delayed six months while the first iteration of the actually implemented and fully playable system is replaced, like was the case with PoE. And that would probably work out, yes. Until then - enjoy your single-digit IQ adjusted games. I'm sure you will find lots and lots of them, that everyone here will love.
  5. I agree, of course. But what happened here was that Obsidian, or Josh Sawyer, basically, introduced the ruleset over the first year or so. Here, on the forum, and in the kickstarter updates (which was basically the same thing). People were excited about it, it drew people here, and a lot of discussion, for a small forum and a tiny title like this, turned up around the ruleset. That so many people were interested in the old isometric type rpg-games was great. And certain developers were talking about how nice it is to make an rpg without the d&d license. I was interested in seeing what
  6. Oh, you're just adulting my socks off here now. Meanwhile, Tale just messaged me and said I should ask mum forgiveness for using bad language, and not being nice to the other kids. Or else I will be sent to detention. That this is where Obsidian maps out what is the "majority opinion" about their games is somewhere between comical and just tragic. 10 guys defined what "everyone" of the 80k kickstarters wanted. And "nobody cares" if anyone disagrees with those 10 people. In fact, if you don't suck up to the mods, you're going to get banned. That's your focus-group, Josh.
  7. In other words, you will allow any opinion other than "I wonder what Obsidian will make without the backseat developer experts". Which is hilarious out of left field crazy talk. What I'm asking for, Gifted, is for for example you to explain why Diablo 3 is relevant when it comes to the ruleset in an rpg. Rather than contradicting whatever is said and insisting that ten ditto-posts on the internet makes any discussion unnecessary. As, by ten ditto-posts and a short statement, the truth about all is revealed. That you feel this explanation is not needed, because of your superior opinion and
  8. They're identical, save for some cosmetic changes. Not even the kindest review for PoE will bring up the rules and the gameplay-mechanics as it's strong suit, other than how it reminds people of the most annoying parts of Baldur's Gate (that is, the micromanagement bs and the missing turns, idiotic interrupt mechanics that only work in pnp, and the powercreep and potion/healing inflation and rest-spam thanks to the massive frequency of battles in a video-game rpg compared to the pnp games the d&d ruleset is actually intended for - all issues that a certain games-developer talked much a
  9. Fine. Obsidian took a suggestion from the internet to scuttle a working ruleset, that would cause a lot of extra work, cause a delay, in addition to being the most boring system a role-playing game has ever seen. And went with it. Obsidian made the call, and it was an impossibly bad one. Specially considering the suggestions came from a very narrow audience. Who later denied having had anything to do with it, and deleted their 50-page work that the game followed slavishly after the "tweaking" process was over. So no one would criticise either Obsidian for telling 400k kickstarter peopl
  10. The profit-return argument was not the reason why Josh's ruleset - that he is apparently pitching a second time now - was scrapped for PoE. It was a couple of people here convincing themselves that MMO-gameplay was "objectively more fun", to quote a certain community moderator. So Obsidian had a choice between a system made by a veteran crpg-developer who plays pen and paper games, who proved the system could be tied into the overall design elements in practice as well as on paper. And between a system created by adding random things together that forum-people thought sounded good. And
  11. With this system there's not much difference at all between a high damage + low attack rate weapon or a low damage + high attack rate weapon though (assuming this Armor Rating entirely replaces DR). The only stats that would actually matter would be Penetration and DPS. I'd rather have something like the current system but represent improved armor penetration on some attacks as a % modifier or divisor to the targets DR (basically like how G.U.R.P.S. does it with Armor Divisor). Oh, look. Deja vu all over again.
  12. "Strategy", here meaning: trigger sure-fire abilities and overwhelm the enemy, after you've leveled up past a certain point, so they can't wipe you out when they start spamming their own abilities. Like people sort of say, normal is plenty hard enough if you don't game the system. Or "learn to play", as it's called..
  13. Hi I guess the GDC talk had something to do with it too. But yeah, the reported stats seem significant on the stat-sheet. But the derived stats (that govern the rolls) are affected by the class table growth much more than by the attributes. It of course also affects the saving throws the enemies need to beat, etc. And that's why you run into these difficulty spikes that you can't get past. You level a bit. And then you go back and just waltz through it like it's nothing.
  14. It's a regular blow, seen through the game's system, basically And you're right, the active abilities in the game are very straight forward, and that's by intention. Meanwhile, in the realm of dicerolls underneath that, the stats you can change as a player don't really affect the derived stats to a significant degree compared to what the class table does. So it doesn't really matter what you pick. After you level up a bit, and meticulously cross out all the fedex quests before moving on to your next job. Basically, the stat-screen is just something for the players to fiddle around wit
  15. No, Nauz..hror. I mean that you read the description of an ability, like "Punch face!". And then you assume that this involves punching someone in the face. In PoE, it usually involves repeatedly placing your hand on someone's forehead and screaming "KAAAIIII!" really hard, several times, until the victim suddenly falls over once their HP reaches 0. So if you assumed on beforehand that it was just a normal punch, that speed, force and reach probably are factors in this - then you'd be completely wrong, and cripple your "Punch face!" ability if you specced towards what you assumed the "Punch fa
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