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  1. Sorry for not responding until now! Life can get quite hectic at times!! Thank you for the replies! They are much appreciated. To answer some questions, I'm planning on playing on normal difficulty to start. I'm completely new to Pillars of Eternity, but I've played these kinds of games before. I like the idea of being able to do both melee and range with the cipher, and I actually do like the idea of grabbing Weapon Focus Peasant and using the Hunting Bow and Quarterstaff (I like bows for ranged damage and staves for melee damage typically in games). Would I have a lot of troubles doi
  2. So I just got this game and am looking for some help on creating my first character, which I've decided to make a Cipher. I've been reading up on different classes, and I was between a Cipher, Druid, and Wizard. Since I can get a Wizard NPC early, it came down to Cipher and Druid, and the Cipher description just sounded really cool so I figured I'd try one first. According to their description, they sounded like they could play as melee mages, in a sense, but many threads I've seen have made them sound too squishy really to play melee all that much, and that ranged weapons are King with a
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