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  1. Crash after dream sequence with gods discussing what to do about Eothas. First sequence after leaving starting region on ship. "PillarsOfEternityII.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module PillarsOfEternityII.exe at 0033:fef4fce5." output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. The Bonus from the item Wise Teeth Necklace, Old Wisdom (+1 Intellect, +1 History, +1 Insight) does not show up on the Character Sheet under Current Effects. The bonuses are applied to the stats and skills, but the modifiers are not documented under Current Effects, making it more difficult to manage equipment in order to avoid Suppression.
  3. Love this idea. I also remember epic post-game and endgame dungeons from games like Wizardry: Tales of the Forsaken Lands, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Star Ocean: Til The End of Time and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Parasite Eve, and now Final Fantasy XV. I too was a bit disappointed when the Endless Paths weren't nearly as endless as I had anticipated.
  4. next time it happens, check your event viewer to see if the error consistently pops up. When I was having trouble with crashing, I got an error for ntdll.dll ... when I regressed back to an older nvidia driver, the crashing stopped. Apparently an update to nvidia drivers a while back caused problems with specific setups. I believe there was some kind of issue involving Win10, NVidia, and ASUS motherboards. Of course, this could be something else as well. Here was my thread for this same issue back in October: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89883-constant-crashing-in-game/
  5. I think it is Debi Derryberry, but I could be wrong. I would like to at least see a proper IMDb to give the voice actors some recognition.
  6. ZIP FILE WAS CORRUPT! C:\Users\user\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\825fd7a799804424b08b017e51060eb6 11607119 DyrfordRuins.savegame ZIP FILE WAS CORRUPT! C:\Users\user\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\825fd7a799804424b08b017e51060eb6 11946864 DyrfordVillage.savegame ^ This seems to be the problem. Corrupted save files. Try loading up a quick-save or an auto-save and see if the game crashes. You may also need to check your system for HDD failure. You can hit me up on Steam Chat if you need help. Just kick me a friend request and we can take it from there. http://steamcommunity.com/id/madmyke2010/
  7. 1920 x 1080 is your resolution. Can you upload the output log after a crash?
  8. Looking at your output log, I do not believe we were experiencing the same crash. Have you run a system file checker before? I would install the 373.06 Driver (pre-ntdll issue) and run a system file checker from command prompt. You will need to run command prompt as an administrator and type this in the prompt: sfc /scannow This will check the integrity of your windows system32 files. From the sounds of it, I am wondering if you had a failed windows update.
  9. Do you know how to navigate Event Viewer? I would be interested in knowing where the Event Log says the fault occurs. I have not had a single crash since I swapped to 372.90. Did you uninstall the latest NVidia driver first? You may need to download the 372.90 driver without installing, go into Safe Mode, uninstall the current driver and do a fresh install of the 372.90 driver. But I do have to ask. Do you have an ASUS motherboard? From the threads I was reading in the NVidia forums, everyone who had an issue with ntdll and posted their specs had an ASUS motherboard.
  10. Going back to NVidia Driver 372.90 seems to have resolved the issue with ntdll.dll I will continue to test it to see if the crash reoccurs. Edit: I have been running Pillars of Eternity with zero crashes since I installed 372.90 and will update this post should the game crash again.
  11. I reinstalled the 372.90 NVidia Driver and haven't crashed since. I will play more tomorrow to see if this is just luck or if using a previous driver worked.
  12. Right thread. I was just letting you know I did a lot of troubleshooting and the problem persists. I am not sure how deep you went into resolving the issue, so I thought I would open lines of communication with you since you followed my thread (presumably for information).
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