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  1. Nah, its gamebreaking in a way that you can't progress anyfurther (unless cheats). Atleast from what i'm understanding, might that explain the 120-130 deflection adra animats on od nua level 7 i encountered? Killed them with chanters White Worms spell. (either i get insane results or nothing with it :D) The enemies defence save/load is gamebreaking. The proc being slightly off or doing double isn't gamebreaking so that can take time. I do expect obsidian to fix the save/load fast (assumed they already had). Sofar it hasnt troubled me too much on PotD. Obsidian has put a lot of effort in do rebalancing even making huge changes so that has given them a lot of good will from me. So i can live with some bugs not fixed and i'm not expecting much in rebalance.....I can live with some spells/abilities being meh at this point. Maybe they'll do a rebalance patch 3 months before release of their next game.
  2. In the game you see different amount of reputation gains. I was wondering what the stages are and which is more? For example: Minor Positive Moderate Positive Average Positive Major Positive ?? Does anyone also know the value of each. For example Minor + moderate = average?
  3. This discussion is so confusing when you have no idea from what difficulty perspective each is talking about . From PotD My paladin tank is really good at reducing dmg income and is my main. He has really high deflection but barely does any dmg. Eder is second tank who has less deflection so takes more. At the moment i've got my Stronghold and clearing the areas before that. I'm really liking the weapons that turns grazes into hits for my tanks. Not sure how much they contribute but the description makes is sound awesome for low accuracy characters on PotD. BTW, I really like that my paladin has such high saves, nice combo with a mage for Fan of Knaves. Paladin often avoids it (unfortunatly i'm human else pale elf would have been even better with it). But eventhough they do really well their Health pool wittle's down while the other characters are high. I want to rest as few times as possible while out so I converted Kana as a semi tank just to tax my tanks healthpool less. I tend to target the weaker mobs first because on PoTD their are so many mobs resulting in them wraping around my tanks or passing by them. I'm not sure the Deflection is a problem. If you nerf it for your characters it means in one fight endurance drops faster and requires more healing which could be fun. But the healthpool drops so quickly as well that your better of making 4+ bruiser guys and use creature summoning. I'm already doing that somewhat. (didn't plan on taking kana in my party for preverence of grieving mother(RP-reasons), but I think i need to sacrifice someone else for her, probably sagani my only specialised phyiscal dpser)
  4. Patch (GoG) Helping Peregund or thelooters gives same xp and you get the +1 head. But helping Peregrund you the following addition: trash loot from dead looters, 600 gold from peregund, a huge Discount to her store 45%. But in comparison to others it's just 13,33% discount So you could say helping the looters results in Peregund increasing the store price by 33,33% Shes sell campfires and traps. Price of a campfire: Normal price 75c Helping Peregund > Peregund store price 65c Helping looters > Peregund store price 100c So the question than becomes where are the other trap stores so that her store is irrelevant
  5. One thing i'm missing here is how the larger amount of mobs influence the party composition. With the increased amount of mobs the tanks don't have enough space for the mobs to go around resulting in the mobs passing the tank and onto your other partymembers? Sofar i've been able to keep the mobs on my tanks, but it requires the rest to be really ranged characters. I also have to be carefull with stuns as it will reset the targeteting of the mob. At the moment i'm wondering if i should make Kana into half tank. He can do lots of dmg with his chant instead.
  6. There's a new option to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 (without losing the experience). This will allow you to level up companions to your liking. So how will this work in current games. If i already recruited them and than install the patch, can i than use this feature one time on them? Best feature I wished it was present on launch. I hated it so much that I had to look so deep into the companions, it made really feel the need to rush for them and thus spend much more time researching on websites and ingame instead of enjoying the world created. This is especially true for the zones before Caed Nua.
  7. Found one serious bug so far (something with companion dying and loot disapearing), but discovered a work around. Hoping mainly for a feature that prevents the story companions from auto leveling up and instead allows you to manually level them up from lvl 1 on recruitment and whenever they get enough xp while not in your party they don't auto level-up either. In return their could be a button added in the leveling screen for recommended that is based on predetermined path. Right now i have this feeling I need to rush for the companions which is a terrible aspect for this type of game.
  8. Your right, I thought it was different because it was mentioned you lost the scale mail but I guess you took it from the follower after he died. I hope the work around i found is helpfull?
  9. Same Problem all involving Cilant Lis, Spoiler of first 2 hours Description: Items equipped or inventory of follower disappear when they die and looted after save/loading. Scale mail from Calisca did not disappear because I was wearing it when she died. I play PotD and gather a lot of items. When I exit the dungeon and the event starts where the 2 followers die, I can still loot all the equipment. But when I save the game and then load the items I looted disappeared from inventory/stash. Alternatively if I look at the bodies, don't loot and then save and then load look again and save and load their gone as well. How to Reproduce 1: Load Savegame 1. > do the event where followers die (result = savegame 2)> loot the corpses and save (result=savegame 3)> load this new save. How to Reproduce 2: Load Savegame 1. > do the event where followers die > inspect the corpses loot but dont take anything > Save the game > Load the game > the bodies are gone but loot is still their > inspect the loot but don’t take anything > save the game > load the game > inspect the loot and you see all items gone. How to Reproduce 3: Load Savegame1 or 2 > Loot the corpse > Go to Valewood or back in the dungeon > Go back to Cilant Lis outdoor area and you notice items are gone If you save and load while inside the dungeon or Valewood the items won't disapear. So it's all about the follower bodies and the outdoor Area of Cilant Lis. However this is a dangerous solution as it's unknown if future events cause it as well. Note: All the unused items are in my stash. Savegame: 1. Cilent Lis 16:20= inside the dungeon before exiting 2. Cilent Lis 17:40 = outside followers dead but no items disappeared <------------Not present see *more info (but How to Reproduce 1 explains what stage this is) 3. Cilent Lis 17:42= Outside result after loading 2 Workaround Before exiting the dungeon unequip all the items of your 2 followers and give them to your main. Leave nothing in your followers inventory either. Game info: Difficulty: PotD Class: Human Paladin Progress: 99% of Cilant Lis Game version: GoG Pillars of Eternity v1.0.4.540 Language English Output log: see *more info System Specs Windows 8.1 64bit Intel i7-4770k 32gb ram Geforce GTX 770 4Gb DirectX 11 (special sound card) see *more info More info: For any more detailed info about System specs or output log please send me a message with email address to which I can send it too. bug_poe_rem-items-follower-death2.zip
  10. Thanks for the information. Very informative. 1. Was wondering is their any other class with a nice build for resolve and perception. Maybe a rogue built, really a shame their is no lore npc of that class. 2. If i understand correctly how skills work. If their is a conversation option for skill it only checks your character, outside convesation events you can choose which character does it. Not many conversations seem to be tied into skill but lore is the most tied to it. Is this correct? any example of a lore situation?
  11. I was reading the strategy guide and it talks briefly about personality, it also points that it has influence based on the order you pick as a paladin. 1. Now i'm not sure if i'll pick a paladin. But as i was looking it seems Intellect, perception and Resolve embody certain personality traits. I asume the higher this stat allows you to unlock conversation options that embody a certain personality. Like intelect unlocks rational. Is this correct? I'd like my character to value Rational, Honest, Diplomatic and Benevolent. I'd rate Rational the highest and the others based on the situation. - I want to be Benevolant but if it's irrational to do so I won't or their is too much loss or gain I might be swayed the other way. - Honesty is something I value but in the life of an adventurer you sometimes have to use deception to help the one in need or achieve your own goals. - I do want to solve things diplomaticly, but in gamepedia it's more described as avoiding trouble and neutral instead of using diplomacy to achieve what you believe is best. I'd probably rate: Rational > Benevolant > Diplomatic > Honest. 2. Based on this are their any specific stats i should focus on? 3. Are their any class builds suited for this. Atm it seems paladins are, but their restricted by the order and you'd want to go tank with Darcozzi, Fires of Darcozzi palace seems to good. Based on my value's id either be Goldpact or Shieldbearers of St.Elga (stoic doesn't seem to be my thing). 4. Is it hard to gain progress with paladin order. Will it be extremely negative if you can't follow the order personality?
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