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  1. You know what ? I think you're right... I feel so stupid for forgetting about this. I thought I had checked this possibility, but no. Thanks a lot for clearing my mind, I kept searching what it was. Still, the hat-appearance problem remains. I wonder if a lot a players have the same issue...
  2. In my current game,it seems like there's a whole mess regarding equipment bonuses. For example the Night-runner armor "+2 stealth" bonus don't fully apply on my main character (just+1), or the bonus stays even when the armor is taken off with Eder. So far, i noticed that a lot of hats, bracers, amulets... share the same problems. Most of the time, the buff isn't considered. I tried with several types of objects on all characters, and results may vary from one to another. In addition, there's an issue concerning hats specifically. The way it looks is always irrelevant (e.g. a mail coif th
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