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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yc3a9l1x4wo0jbr/AADi1an_lPiy0MvW8K0zaSAya?dl=0 I am using GOG so I am not sure if an output log exists...
  2. what a shame obsidian. a game full of bugs so much time after the launch.. major disappointment for me as a backer. at least you could answer.
  3. game version 2.02.0749 I see files in C:\Users\myuser\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity from 5 october but when trying to load I get last save from 31/8/15. a month of gameplay gone. how frustrating. is there a fix?
  4. I have the same problem. I see last save only 2 months ago. what a disappointment from this game.
  5. My game version is v2.02.0749 PX1. I think I have all the patches. which one do you think I missed? GOG Galaxy fails all the time.
  6. My game version is v2.02.0749 PX1. I think I have all the patches. which one do you think I missed?
  7. You're what we need on tech support. How do you feel like relocating to NYC I moved it, sorry. though there are some useful advice here...
  8. I am on GOG (I know. bad decision) I installed all the patches except 2.02 will try it.
  9. anyone got this bug? I cant do anything there. version: v2.01.0721 PX1 see pictures.
  10. Hi I cant post a new topic so I will reply here. I get A major bug in cragholdt bluff. any fix for this?
  11. I foolishly started the download from gog.com but could never complete it since it throws curruption errors and alwayes starting download from the same location. is there a way to reset the downloader? I tried downloading 3 times but always it is corrupted. is there a way to replace to steam?
  12. WHEN 'as soon as is possible' will actually happen?
  13. I found some scrolls but cant use them. I placed them in Aloth quick item inventory, but I see in when hovering on a scroll: Requires 2 lore Aloth has Lore 8. image1 image2
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