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  1. Hi. add dedicated servers to grounded. so that 40 people play in one session (1 session = 40 people). add co-op pve missions for 3 people (sometimes outside the map). also pvp mode for 10 people (5 vs 5). solo quests with a different storyline, sometimes outside the map (an interesting location with different enemies). pve and pvp modes are common (united) for players of all sessions. make clans if possible. clan wars in pve and pvp modes. clan players are awarded clan points. total points are summed up. chat for session, friends, clan and region chat (one language, one region).
  2. I have a problem with the VTC quest line. After finishing Skipping Ahead Director Castol said I should talk with Govenor Alvari, but she is not in her office. In fact I have never seen her so far. Her office is always closed. And I checked the VTC headquarter every time I visited Neketaka. I have finished Dirty Laundry and I believe I have finished The Storms of Poko Kohara without ever speaking with Alvari. The main quest is on the final step (The Coming Storm). Now I'm a bit at a loss as how to proceed to advance in the VTC quest line. If I gatter the information on the int
  3. Took Parvati to meet Junlei, then spoke to her on the ship. No follow up quests triggered. Only one I'm missing for the achievement. Ps4 here. Any ideas would be appreciated. Edit: I messed something up, says I talked Parvati out of a relationship... sigh. Be careful what you choose in this game. The choice system is awesome tho.
  4. Hi, I have the death ray weapon and have bought the Battered Mardet Datapad from Glenys but doesn't matter how many times I inspect the datapad there is nothing new to read or to search on the captain's terminal so the quest won't update itself. What am I doing wrong?
  5. First of all, I send you big greetings from Russia. You do a great job and making outstanding games in era of degradation in computer games. YOU ARE BREATHTAKING! Anyway, according to all I know about Outer worlds, there would be a place for unusual quests and interesting scenarios. That's why I send you my ideas of quests, events or easter eggs which I would like to share. 1) SHE-WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING Woman is crying on a street and ask player for help. She tells that her husband kicked her out of their farm and now she has no place to go. However, there is a jewe
  6. I keep following quests that claim to be in my level range, but once I am in them I'm fighting have a dozen enemies that have 3 red skulls on them, and I can't even damage them. How are these quests appropriate for my level???
  7. I have a bit of a hang-up with games like Pillars of Eternity: I get really, REALLY anxious when I run into a "skill check" or something and my stats aren't high enough in one area to achieve success in it. The best example is probably Neverwinter Nights 2, which was my favorite for years. I tended to want to play high Intelligence, high Charisma characters, even if that wasn't the key stat for my class, because I didn't want to fail Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate checks, since my own character was the only one in the party who could USE those skills, and I also wanted to be able to select c
  8. Not completely done with my playthrough of the game, but I thought I'd make note of some of the most glaring bugs up until the end game. I've noticed that many bugs occur when one explores without obtaining the quest beforehand, for example: In the Gullet, I decided to enter the sunken city hoping to find the roparu basically sentenced to death by that overzealous city watchman. While I was there I obviously explored EVERYTHING and threw myself at anything that sparkled. This way I obtained one of the seashells that open the gate into Ondra's temple (I left the seashell in the gate). I later
  9. It tells me that the first step is to sail to Tikawara which I did. I talked to every NPC in town, I cleared the island map and killed everything I encountered. I saved the caged creatures before killing the broodmother. Nothing I did will trigger this quest to update and I don't know what to do at this point to complete it.
  10. Went into something weird & probably not intended. I found it accidentally by missclicking a Dialogue Option : [Didn't found it mentionned] Run into the "Delemgan Encounter", [for exemple], outside of Tikawara. This Encounter is supposed to block the way, preventing you from passing through it if you don't interact with it. Choose, "Go back from where you came" option. [meaning you just leave] But when you do, the "Encounter Disappears". Then, you're free to pass through.
  11. I have run across several issues while playing the Beta on my 27” IMac, one of which makes it impossible to continue: —During the fight with the Titan, at some point a Scarab pops up. As soon as the scarab fires a projectile, the game crashes to the desktop. —Whenever I quit the game, it goes to a black screen and freezes, instead of taking me back to the main menu. —I have gotten random freezes and issues at the end of deck to deck fights at the end of ship battles. In a few instances the end summary shows no items gained and lists no information, on one instance the game froze on
  12. After finding out where the fruit was hidden, I told Rongi I would consider his request to lie about the fruit. See screenshot for the error that occurred.
  13. During a fight my animal companion (antelope) got stuck in the wall and couldn't move. Even after combat it was completely stuck there and I couldn't go anywhere. Reloading the game solved the issue though. Around the same place the thief discovered something but I couldn't really find what it was. There was nothing highlighted.
  14. Not sure if there is already one of these threads, but if you have any suggestions please drop them below. Hopefully the devs will take them into account. Suggestions: 1: A way to purchase a reduced price RoTR extra content bundle for when you already have all of the things purchasable with gold, since $25 feels like too much for whatever that extra deck comes with. 2: A higher chest tier which only gives items you don't have yet or which lets you pick the deck the items are drawn from. 3: Re-spec heroes for 500 gold. 4: Making teleport boots ignore movement restriction
  15. Description: When the party enters the Abbey of the Fallen Moon and Maneha is in the party, the dialogue bubble appears on her portrait. The Player can talk to her. As soon as the party starts moving, the same conversation starts automatically again. Steps to reproduce: 1. Have Maneha in the party. 2. Enter the Abbey of the Fallen Moon area. 3. Notice the speech bubble on Maneha's portrait. 4. Talk to Maneha and go through the conversation. 5. Move the party anywhere in the same area. 6. Maneha initiates the same conversation with the player. Expected behavior: Maneha
  16. I spoke with Beregan and didn't tell her that I'm sent by Stalwart, just that I'm looking for the Leaden key. She gave me the Leaden Key's expedition's stuff and allowed me to leave in peace. I however attacked her shortly after the conversation was over. Now Renengild's son Uldric acts as if I've went with the diplomatic solution and Beregan is still alive. Savegame to test talking to Uldric and check that Beregan is dead: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2n9OkZ4rwZMVEhDVFJwUnBLeEE/view?usp=sharing
  17. Release Giacco from his cell in Raedric's hold. Then accept Raedric's offer and turn against Kolsc. Go to Kolsc's hut in Magran's Fork and attack Giacco. The rest of Kolsc's crew doesn't react, except for going into combat idle animations. They won't attack you while you fight Giacco. When Giacco is dead and the game shifts out of combat mode, everyone returns to normal idle animations.
  18. First, hello everyone, I'm big fan of PoE, I started playing this game since I called sick in school, that was almost a week ago, now I have 43h 34m 46s spent total in this game. Amazing, experience. Anyhow, the actual question, well it's more of a concern. My companion Eder, I've reached certain point with his quest "Fragments Of A Scattered Faith" where I am supposed to deliver a steel ornament, found near fields of Cliban Rilag, to Dynryd Row's ciphers. However, due to my inattention and brilliant main storlyine, I got carried away with Lady Webb and Defiance Bay's latest development
  19. This will be a short impression. To start with I should mention I haven't played any IE games, I tried to play them several times but never could get a hang of them. I don't read every single piece of lore in an RPG; I read all the gameplay dialogues and much less of codex entries. I'm not a fan of "IE style" nor 2D backgrounds, I was neutral on that topic and I think I'm an open-minded player so I got on board with Pillars and I don't regret it one bit. I played 5 of Obsidian's games before Pillars which are Kotor 2, NWN2, Alpha Protocol, Dungeon Siege 3 and New Vegas. I loved all of them ex
  20. Hello All, I am making this post because the other post were kinda ended up as a spam, becuase the edit time is low and i was forced to repost them. Therefor i am starting a new POST where I will have EVERYTHING in Each Post OF its OWN...ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3. Everything will be orginized and easy to find. If this Guide Helped Please BUMP it =) T Thank you all again for Enjoying this Wonderful Game. ACT 1 A Moment's Respite ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Saving Heodan ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/lmSEVG_YL9s?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Ruins of Cilant Lis ► Pilla
  21. During the quest Child of Five Suns, the first thing you have to do is speak to Agosti at the Vallian Embassy. When you enter the embassy and approach Agosti, Pallegina draws him into a conversation. However, the problem comes when your character has to pick a dialogue option - choosing to interject freezes the conversation, not allowing you to proceed with the game and forcing you to quit. The only thing you can do is to choose the 'stay silent' option, given the other two options break the game, which can lead to breaking the role-playing, depending on the character in question,
  22. Hello again, I will edit this thread everytime I encounter something odd or contradictory from my perspective; all of the "issues" posted here are mere nuances that I share with you all in hopes of sparking a few laughs and talking about how finicky we all are. Needless to say SPOILERS AHEAD. Let's get to it: On the quest Built to last, the scrivener you're supposed to rescue resists to tell you anything about how her research works, afraid that she might give away too much and cause trouble again. A few lines down the dialogue, she willingly HANDS YOU the entirety of her research and entr
  23. Hello Backers, So it appears that we have a large amount of missing string data in various locations throughout the beta. Since these issues need to be resolved individually, I am building a master list of the missing strings. This is both to organize the data in a way the developers can easily fix and to relieve pressure on the forums from these bugs being posted multiple times. Please post any findings of Missing Strings in this thread and I will come through periodically and update this post with the full list. Screenshots are still great for this, as it gives us a clear visual
  24. Hello Not sure if this is actually a bug, I recruited a level 2 warrior and a level 1 Cipher, and proceeded to clear the temple ruin, and halfway through the first level, the Cipher appears to leave the party halfway through combat. I don't think that they died. Just a text notification that char had left the party. Did I do something wrong?
  25. Hello devs/others, I just wanted to offer my feedback on the game. I haven't gotten all the way through yet, I'm only about 55 hours in, and level 9 (the next plot quest in my queue is "Undying Heritage"), but I wanted to leave a lot of my initial impressions type feedback now, while it's still fresh in my mind. I normally don't play games on release (I held out until Witcher 2 EE was released to play it at all, despite loving the first), and I'd been planning on waiting till the expansion to play PoE, but my excitement got the better of me. It's been 2.5 years! I've read every kickstarter
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