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  1. 7. Every time I start a game, whether by loading a new save or staring a new game, it defaults to the slowest combat speed. I’m assuming this isn’t by design.
  2. 5. The special “effects” of both Beza’s blade and the soul bound dagger don’t appear to work. 6. The fighter ability charge doesn’t work.
  3. Random issues I have had while playing on my 2017 IMac. 1: I have the dock and menu bar auto-hidden at all times on my Mac. In the Deadfire BB, while playing in both full screen and borderless full screen, when I move the mouse to the top or bottom of the screen to move the camera, the menu bar and the dock, respectively, pop up. This doesn’t happen with any other game in full screen. 2. In character creation, when I click on a voice for my character, I don’t get a preview. I also don’t hear any “shouts” from my character or any of the B.B. companions in-game. I swear I have heard voi
  4. At least for me on my IMac, it no longer crashes on quit after the latest update. It hangs for a long time but then quits properly after a minute or two.
  5. If Obsidian can’t ship a beta patch covering a small slice of the game on schedule, less than a week before the full game was slated to ship, how were they ever going to ship the full game on April 3 in the first place?
  6. If an official decision has been made then that sucks. It would have been nice to give some feedback on the massive number of mechanical changes that appear to have been made since the last BB update.
  7. When I equip my Sabre Devoted PC with Beza’s Toothed blade, the character does not get the penetration bonus and gets the accuracy penalty. Basically the game doesn’t appear to recognize it as a Sabre.
  8. I have run across several issues while playing the Beta on my 27” IMac, one of which makes it impossible to continue: —During the fight with the Titan, at some point a Scarab pops up. As soon as the scarab fires a projectile, the game crashes to the desktop. —Whenever I quit the game, it goes to a black screen and freezes, instead of taking me back to the main menu. —I have gotten random freezes and issues at the end of deck to deck fights at the end of ship battles. In a few instances the end summary shows no items gained and lists no information, on one instance the game froze on
  9. I'm hoping we get a stretch goal for an 8th companion who is a dwarf. A effete beardless teetotaler wizard dwarf.
  10. I think people need to have a bit more faith in Obsidian here. If the choice is between 5 party members and better combat vs. 6 party members and less better combat, I'll take 5 part members every time (and make no mistake, these, at least in Obsidian's opinion, are the two options. In choosing 6 party members, you are "choosing" a combat system that Obsidian believe is worse than the best they can do given the current constraints).
  11. I'be had this issue since the last backer beta and it is in the full game as well. When I put a cape or a cloak on a character it does not show up on the inventory model or ingame. It had been working in the earlier betas though 27" iMac i5 Nvidia 680MX OS X Yosemite
  12. Another graphical problem in OS X is that cloaks and capes are not showing up on characters in the inventorory or in the game.
  13. Do add-ons count in this equation? For example, what if you backed the Digital Fun Pack and picked the strategy guide as an add-on? That combination would include everything included in the Royal Edition. Would that still be mapped to the Champions Edition or would it be mapped "correctly" to the Royal Edition?
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