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  1. I died in ship combat, reloaded and game crashed. I have attached my computer specs and the error log.
  2. I have run across several issues while playing the Beta on my 27” IMac, one of which makes it impossible to continue: —During the fight with the Titan, at some point a Scarab pops up. As soon as the scarab fires a projectile, the game crashes to the desktop. —Whenever I quit the game, it goes to a black screen and freezes, instead of taking me back to the main menu. —I have gotten random freezes and issues at the end of deck to deck fights at the end of ship battles. In a few instances the end summary shows no items gained and lists no information, on one instance the game froze on the summary page. —On two occasions, dialogues indicated that a character was going to give me an item but I could not find the item anywhere in my inventory. One is the dwarf I rescue from the cannibal pirates in the temple ruins. It sounds like he rewards me with a cloak but I can’t find it anywhere. I can’t recall the other occasion (it’s not the broodmother, I know to find her item on the ground) but I’m 100% sure there is a 2nd occasion.
  3. Each time I quit the game, I need to forcefully quit it because it hangs with a black screen and does not respond, bought it through steam. MAC OS 10.13.2 Mac Pro (Mid 2010) 3,46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 7950 3 GB I don't know which files you would need to diagnose the issue on MAC OS, let me know.
  4. I have a huge problem when trying to finish creation a new character in the tavern, in a Gilded Vale. When I click "done", game turns off. Has anyone had a similar problem? My gpu is AMD Radeon 7850, cpu AMD Athlon II x4 645, driver AMD Catalyst 14.12 I will be grateful for some advices.
  5. When trying to exit Raedric Hold castle dungeon through the sewer game crashes. Tried this 4x even after restarting my computer. Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU960 @ 3.20GHz Graphics: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti RAM: 8 GB
  6. I'm experiencing a crash to desktop immediately after the logo splashes run on clicking the shortcut. I have a feeling it's related to my machine, as I'm having similar issues with another Unity-based game I own, Sunless Sea. Attached is a crash dump. 2015-03-26_215542.zip
  7. Just installed Steam on my Mac and installed the game. When I try to launch, see the Application's Icon appear; then quickly disappear. I have tried to "Verify Integrity of Game Cache", but it doesn't seem to find anything wrong. Are there any other steps I should take to debug the matter? Or, does the game just not run on Yosemite yet? Thanks.
  8. Without being able to easily travel from one area to the next, or even at times inside a building from the area, the beta is more unplayable then any build before it. Not everyone is having the same issues, some people seem to go into building and out fine, or can load a save, sometimes it even works on dryford x but mostly, it just crashes, stalls, or becomes unplayable. This should be fixed quickly, since its the holidays, and many people will be playing the beta. Otherwise you go two weeks, making the game look bad. (Which is a shame, cause its really awesome.) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=363626865 If you look, I'm off the screen. I could upload dozens of places I load off screen, but I have yet to load ONTO the screen where I can interact. BROKEN BETA FOR XMAS OH JOY.
  9. I'm getting pretty frequent hangs and crashes on map transitions, most commonly between large areas, but sometimes also e.g. between Dyrford and Dracogen inn. They do not occur consistently. Usually restarting the client and reloading a save, even if it was just before the freeze or crash, resolves the issue.
  10. Preconditions/Configuration: OS X 10.10 running on iMac 27" (late 2013, GF GTX 780M) Reproducible: frequently; this happened to me twice when attempting to hire an adventurer. However, when I reloaded from a save and tried again, it did not crash. To reproduce: Go to Dracogen inn and hire an adventurer. Observed: Crash to desktop after clicking on button which finishes character creation. More information:
  11. [Description of the issue] At times trying to exit Dyrford Crossing and go to Dyrford Village will show the time to travel as 0 seconds and when trying to travel the game freezes in a black screen. Actually I'm not sure if it freezes because I can still press the interface's buttons and hear sounds from interface windows opening and closing. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Load attached savegame 2) Exit the Dyrford Crossing area. Any exit will produce the same result 3) Click on Dyrford Village, the dialog window will say "0 seconds" as in the screenshot. 4) Travel to Stormwall Gorge instead. The window will say it will take you 6 hours. 5) Now, from Stormwall Gorge travel to Dyrford Village. It will say it will take you 6 hours. 6) Now you can safely travel back to Dyrford Crossing and back from there to Dyrford Village directly [Other remarks / Comments] Savegame attached. Also, a screenshot. DyrfordCrossing.zip
  12. After going to the Crossing and doing the Dragon Egg quest, I was gonna return to the village again to turn in the quest. But on the World Map, when mousing over the village, the travel time says "0 seconds" and when I click on it the screen simply fades to black with nothing else happening. It could be worked around by going to Stormwall Gorge (the travel time was shown accurately here) and going to the village from Stormwall Gorge (again, the travel time was shown correctly from the Gorge).
  13. I just installed the Beta on my Macbook Pro through Steam, however the game will not load, it crashes and shuts down directly.
  14. Game crashes about half a minute after getting past character creation every time. Three logs are attached below. Made the same character twice with the first then made slightly different character. This was done on a new hard drive with freshly installed windows 8.1 on it. Sorry about thread name, guessing I am a bit tired. output_log_1.txt output_log_2.txt output_log_3.txt
  15. Here is a couple of dump/crash reports generated by the game: Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta.zip
  16. I was exploring the dungeon in Dryford Crossing and I decided to try adding a sixth character to my party. So I went back to town and added a 7thlv Elven Ranger. Now every time I try to do a transition between maps the game crashes. The game did auto save me into Dryford Crossing but when I tried to re-enter the dungeon the game crashed again. I tried this 2x with the same results. I thought about deleting the sixth character and testing it then but I was told I would need a castle to dismiss my sixth character. So there I am, game stopper, Not sure what to do.
  17. Is anyone else having trouble getting the Mac client to launch through Steam? All I get is "Preparing to launch..." then the window closes but the client does not launch.
  18. Here are a number of crash to desktop log files and dumps for the windows version of PoE. 2014-10-29_215442 - I think is a crash when quicksaving or when trying to load the quicksave. 2014-10-29_215544 - A crash when trying to load the Autosave from entering the Cultist dungeon (via the statue), attempting to quick save shortly after this resulted in the crash to desktop for the previous one. 2014-10-30_000124 - Another crash when trying to enter the cultist dungeon via the statue area. Includes a dump file. 2014-10-30_002256-withSave - is another crash to desktop from a corrupted save with a copy of the save added. The machine is: Windows 8.1, with latest drivers. i5 3.5Ghz, 16GB RAM, Radeon R9 285 2GB. PoE-CrashToDesktop.zip 2014-10-30_002256-withSave.zip
  19. In OSX when trying to return to Dyrwood crossing after leaving the area (ie the Spider cave or back to town) I'm seeing a lot of crashes when trying to load the Crossing map. Secondly the one time it did work (from the cave to crossing) the resulting Autosave when leaving the cave and a quicksave 2 mins later were both corrupted (the game crashed during the quick save) and trying to reload from there crashes the game. Attached is the OSX crash report, if someone can explain where the Saves and any PoE output log are stored on OSX I'll add them as well. OSX 10.10 i7 2.4Ghz, 8GB Ram, Radeon 6770M 1GB. PoE-Errors.txt
  20. When I am in the inventory screen, I am trying to see the different changes as they occur with changing up the weapon sets. If I click on the weapon set II and then after a few seconds, I press on Weapon Set I, it will crash. crash dump uploaded 2014-10-27_201744.zip
  21. I entered the Dyrford ruins and cleared them quite a bit. Then I went back to Dyrford and saved my game inside the inn. Today I resumed playing, but I am unable to enter the ruins again. Every time I try the game crashes on the ruins loading screen. Error.log Output_log.txt
  22. here are some reports from the crashes first crash, game crashed when i was saving... second crash, when i was trying to load that saved game 2014-10-25_191032.ZIP 2014-10-25_202316.ZIP
  23. I started the game with the patch that dropped today (v333?) created a fire dude cipher. Levelled him up and then immediately went to the Gorge. At which point the game crashed, with the error message "Fatal error in gc: Too many heap sections". Before the crash the dialogue to travel said something along the lines of "It will take 6 hours to travel from *missing string* to storm gorge", but I don't know if that is related. output_log.txt
  24. I tried to start a new game, the screen went black for a minute or two, then it CTD. error log.zip
  25. Due to the longish load times in the beta, I've played with switching tasks (Alt + Tab out) while waiting for a game to load. I notice that when the game is full-screen, this seems to suspend the process of the game loading. I then wait while the game loads where it left off before I switched out. To work around this, I find myself going Alt+Enter to Windowed mode, where the game seems to process correctly in the background while I'm doing other stuff. Other times, I've switched back to PoE while loading a game (full screen) to find the screen completely black, or frozen on "Game paused" with my character's portraits offscreen. But the HDD light on my machine is unlit, and I can press Esc and hear the sound of the game's Options dialog being brought up. It's as though the game loaded but the screen isn't being redrawn, or a black overlay from the load screen remains in place. I can switch to Windowed mode (Alt + Enter) to restore the graphics.
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