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  1. I started the game with the patch that dropped today (v333?) created a fire dude cipher. Levelled him up and then immediately went to the Gorge. At which point the game crashed, with the error message "Fatal error in gc: Too many heap sections". Before the crash the dialogue to travel said something along the lines of "It will take 6 hours to travel from *missing string* to storm gorge", but I don't know if that is related. output_log.txt
  2. The game crashed when I tried to access the level up menu. Had just came out of character creation, crash happened on 3rd level up iirc(the one after I got first talent). Was playing druid in case it matters. error.log.txtoutput_log.txt
  3. Fleeing with one character when the rest of the party is downed will cause them to get back up (with 1 stamina and refresh all their per encounter abilities) after a short while(when the game thinks the combat has ended). How to reproduce: Simply leave one party member at the cell entrance(or other safe place far away from enemies), and lose a fight with the rest. Expected behavior: Characters should not stand up in the middle of enemies. Downed characters should probably count for keeping the party in combat mode.
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