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  1. Been looking around at this thread. In the past i have been a big supporter of AoO systems for many of the same reasons as the devs (long history with table top RPGs), Sensukis vids though have moved me several steps away. One thing i have always thought (after years of playing 3.5) is an attack was too big a penalty for moving away then it should be (at low level in 3.5). For PoE maybe we should make engagement slow the targets movement by 50% instead? It would make front line characters literally "sticky" and would help the "things are moving too fast" problem some of us have been havi
  2. And the game is working? Like i said this is a clean install of windows 8.1 and it happens every time i play the game.
  3. Still running into this. obviously others can play the game, anyone else running it on windows 8.1?
  4. Having the bars and actions under the portraits would unclutter the battlefield quite a bit. Im all for this.
  5. Game crashes about half a minute after getting past character creation every time. Three logs are attached below. Made the same character twice with the first then made slightly different character. This was done on a new hard drive with freshly installed windows 8.1 on it. Sorry about thread name, guessing I am a bit tired. output_log_1.txt output_log_2.txt output_log_3.txt
  6. I've heard the German localization for PoE is very good so maybe there doing a better job there than in English. Even though this is the most pedantic bug report ever I do agree with OP it would look better with fancy curly quotes, and probably some other fancy text stuff.
  7. I'm pretty sure the skills our your out of combat toys so a damage bonus would be inappropriate for lore. Lore is mainly for conversations and intractable puzzles. Im betting its going to be used a lot.
  8. Seems like fan opinion is actually a pretty important aspect of determining which bugs are a big deal. Not really, no. The bugs the playerbase dislike the most should be priority, not the only priority for sure, but defiantly a big one. I've tolerated more than a few "bugy" games because I liked them, while I have also quite some games when bugs ended up just in the right place to piss me off.
  9. I have also encountered item loss, specifically the grappling hook disappears from inventory on game load.
  10. Also not enough pics for the non-human races. Got a fealing there thinking the community will make tons of character pics, probably going to hapen to.
  11. Left handed and all i use it for is hitting the space key and eating while i play. Turn based games, and easy pause games are all about confort while playing.
  12. Im ok with the no res magic. Ok with no health healing magic as long as the current health/stam system get a serios adjustment (though i find the compliete lack of healing magic in the setting a bit odd). i think it would be nice to have some type of rare health healing for last pushes through dungions though.
  13. Have you repeated this to see if it was a one time bug? Reinstall? plus this should be in bugs/support.
  14. Proper sound effects will also improve the games feedback, helping the player figure out what's happening in combat.
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