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  1. Well crap lol. Thanks for the response though Bryy.
  2. I'm having serious issues running this through Steam. A month or so ago when one of the u/d came out it crashed the program and I can't get back in now. I've tried reinstalling the Beta, reinstalling Steam, and I still get an error when I try and load the Beta. Is there anyway to d/l it outside of Steam so I can play? Thanks!
  3. I am having an issue with the latest patch, it says disk full and is giving me an error through steam. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Anybody still have items going missing in inventory? Also I bought a couple of things and it did the transaction but the items did not show up in inventory. I also picked up some loot bags that did not show up in inventory.
  5. I'm having an issue with a quest that I was successful at the first time around, for some reason even though I have the grapp hook and rope in inventory, it is not giving me the option for attaching it to the dragon egg cliff.
  6. 1) I have a bugged conversation with Hendyna. After helping her with her quest it gives me option number 1 that implies that she knew something about Aelys. However when I select this, it crashes the conversation. 2) Also when I initially bring up the character page it has a bunch of jumbled text. When I change the character at the top that part clears but the Character name field just says "Character Name". 3) Loot bags stay on the ground after they are emptied and also will sometimes refill with duplicate items. 4) the game has crashed about 3 times and it tells me to send a file
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