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  1. If the damage equation is 12*(1+0.02*Might)-22*(1+0.02*might) = damage it will always be negative. I haven't read into the nuts and bolt of the damage mechanics yet, is there something else that factors in? Otherwise my Druid with 20 might will deal -14 damage per hit.
  2. I have hardly even noticed the left-click vs. right click or other control differences. I just started playing and it all worked intuitively based on my having played all the IE games and I am sure plenty of other similar models.
  3. I have spend about 8 hours with the beta now. I have only played the 333 build but have followed the discussion sporadically over the past few months. My overall impression is I will love this game once it is finished. Characters I have toyed with Chanter, Cipher, Barbarian, and Paladin. Chanter seems really cool but the summons do not work so cannot get a good impression. Also chants often do not turn off after combat and it is difficult to tell how effective they are. Barb will be good clean wreck everything fun. Cipher I could not find a way to use effectively. I probably need more tim
  4. Is anyone else having trouble getting the Mac client to launch through Steam? All I get is "Preparing to launch..." then the window closes but the client does not launch.
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