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  1. Thank you guys for the info. Using the path that @RoughOne gave me, I was able to make an "alias" to the App in my Applications folder. Launching from there definitely gets me much farther than I've gotten before (I haven't tried actually playing yet). Quick question, @MasterPrudent says that this is a known issue. I searched this forum for the terms "osx" and "mac" but didn't find anything. In the future, where should I go to see whether or not I'm experiencing a known issue? Thanks again.
  2. Just installed Steam on my Mac and installed the game. When I try to launch, see the Application's Icon appear; then quickly disappear. I have tried to "Verify Integrity of Game Cache", but it doesn't seem to find anything wrong. Are there any other steps I should take to debug the matter? Or, does the game just not run on Yosemite yet? Thanks.
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