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  1. I tried to start a new game, the screen went black for a minute or two, then it CTD. error log.zip
  2. There have been missing strings in my french version : - All the paladin sub-class menu - The first paladin's sub-class description - Font size problem in the attribute menu ( the determination attribute) - Missing strings as well as font size problem in the appearance menu
  3. Here it is, I have not looked out all of the menus and sub-menus, but here are the errors I saw : - All the paladin sub-class name strings are missing from the menu, as well as the name of the menu - The first paladin sub-class description is missing - Strings are missing from the character appearance menu - The size of some fonts in the attributes menu as well as in the character appearance menu The attribute menu is missing from the picture ( I was missing like 50kb and don't have a decent tool to resize right now). The attribute in question is determination.
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