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  1. Since 2.0 this game crashs on me if I make the following choices: Head to Whakura Pass on the starting island Choose: Search area Choose: Disarm trap Choose: Search for the xaurips Choose: Sneak closer to observ Choose: Ambush and attack Select: end Game crashes output_log.txt
  2. As title states For example while in the blood chamber I had my priest (NPC in my group) who has a lore skill of 8 walk into the room to initiate the conversation with the blood pool. One of the choices required a skill of Lore 6 but the skill was not selectable even thou my party member had a higher rating.
  3. During the creation of your character the text states you can 'Right-click for details' but nothing happens when you do.
  4. For some reason certain areas of the game the fog of war is not reapplied. For example after talking to the giant in the cave and the player returns to the cave this is what they will see if they move their mouse over the area where the giant is/was without having to move to that area. As you can see the area around the giant has fog of war but not his area even thou my party just entered the cavern and haven't re-explored.
  5. If a player is able to level up more then once and they are given the options <previous> <next> if they accidently or purposely select <previous> they are forced to keep the choice that the talent is selected on as the talents menu is no longer available. The only way around this is to reload before selecting the talent to try again.
  6. Some talents don't have skill(s) attached to them; Example Grimoire Slam
  7. Some Talents are blank for text Example Bloody Slaughter:
  8. Culture points are not applied during character creation. Not only that they are actually taken away during conversations. For example: During the creation of my wizard I chose these stats: When I get to the culture selection screen my resolve should have gone up 1 if I picked Aedyr. But instead it remained at 13 and if I make a selection that increases another stat my resolve drops by 1. Funny thing thou on the character screen (when you get in game) reports the correct value but doesn't apply it. More later. Now how do I know it subtracts it instead of adding. When you ta
  9. Supposedly I have been traveling and in combat for the exact same amount of time.
  10. As title states: Using the return dragon egg as an example for a quest that does not give exp: This image I have 16633/21000 before I turned in the egg Here as you can see from the log entry I was supposed to get 9000 exp for the turn in I should have leveled up with that much exp but as you can see here there was no change and I did not level up
  11. Here is what my portrait should look like (1st position male) and the 6th character (6th position female). Now here it looks like when I bring up the 6th character in the character screen: Now here it look like when I bring up/switch to my character: As you can see my chosen port and name have been overwritten from the 6th character in the character screen. Also saving and reloading does not fix this issue.
  12. There is still a massive amount of 'missing strings' all over the place in this build
  13. Still applies in this build 364; it is funny going into the inn for example and watch patrons lift there mugs up and done but you cannot see the NPC doing that action
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