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  1. I'm going to add a it's not just you, I feel the same way here :D
  2. Hi doesn't happen with all my save games but it does seem to happen reproducibly on one of them. One big difference between the two I tried is that the adventurer is hurt when it bugs out and is fully healthy when it doesn't If you can't repro with that info, I can provide the two save games if needed (where it happens and where it doesn't)
  3. Thanks for your answer. I will need to check about the discovery but I generally find it very hard to see what they have discovered. I got a message about three times in different places where I couldn't see it. I then found out that you can actually click on the message to be taken to the place and on the last message was able to find the 'thing' that was discovered. For those of use with not so great eyes sight I think it would be good if they could be marked clearer. Marking this as solved as it was mostly about my animal getting stuck :D
  4. During a fight my animal companion (antelope) got stuck in the wall and couldn't move. Even after combat it was completely stuck there and I couldn't go anywhere. Reloading the game solved the issue though. Around the same place the thief discovered something but I couldn't really find what it was. There was nothing highlighted.
  5. Not a missing string but a placeholder issue. Got it after binding the dagger to my Wizard
  6. I wanted to give the hired wizard a fine scale armor and the screen bugged out. It was like this for all characters afterwards. Only removing the armor put it back to normal
  7. I also see the critical path one missing text and the text for expert mode and level scaling is the same.
  8. Can't seem to find an option to attach pictures (probably cause of new and all). I don't want to upload them just anywhere to link .. cause beta and all. I'm playing at 2560x1440 resolution On the Ranger Ability page (and possibly others), the scroll bar goes to far up/down. Once it's all the way up, it's very hard to drag it back down. You can get it down by clicking anywhere on the line but the dragging is hard I also have the same issue Wormerine posted above (Issue No 2). I also got the lie option although they had already talked about that. I think it would be nice if there was an
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