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  1. Multiclass with wizard, monk or priest can give you buff. If you want single class you can use potions, but they can be costly in the long run.
  2. I noticed that a lot of useful spells take 6 sec to cast and has 3 sec recovry time. My wizard companion can only cast one spell before combat ends, sometimes he gets interrupted or CC and the spell never goes off. The spell casting is so slow that it makes some spell useless, why would I spend 6 sec cast time + 3 sec recovery X armor multiplier to cast a spell that paralyzed enemy for 6 sec ( cipher's mental blinding ) / 10 sec (wizard's fetid caress) ? It seems an offensive/CC caster is useless without heavy investment in Dex, but that's 8 attribute gone and there's not much left for Might and Int. And the weapon attack build just seems much better, 6 sec is enough for my Lv6 psyblade to swing his great sword twice dealing 100+ damage while my caster just finish an average spell. This needs to be fixed by either reduce cast time or greatly increase spell power to make spell casting more efficient. Right now the spell is good, but it isn't worth the time. Here is an incomplete list of 6 sec cast time spells, most of them are only "average cast time" spells in POE1 Wizard: Slicken, Parasitic staff (used to be instant in POE1), Curse of blackened sight, Fetid caress, Rolling flames, Necrotic lance, Chill fog, Ray of fire, Delay of motion, Noxious burst, Kalakoth's minor blights, Crackling bolt, Fireball (fast in POE1), Confusion, Wondrous torment, Torrent of flame (fast in POE1), Bitter mooring, Form of helpless beast, Spirit lance ...... Cipher: Whisper of Treason, Eyestrike, Recall Agony, Mental Blinding, Soul ignition, Puppet Master ......
  3. If you have 8 Pen vs 8 Armor you deal full damage as if enemy has no Armor If you have 7 Pen vs 8 Armor you deal 30% damage as if you have no Pen 1 Pen/Armor either make a 70% damage difference or make no difference at all I think this mechanics should be more linear and make every point of Pen/Armor counts, for example: 1 Pen = 5% more damage and 1 Armor = 5% damage reduction
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