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  1. "Rewards Legendary Card Reward: Fixed a bug that was not awarding Legendary Card rewards" Do we get our chests back?
  2. It's the opposite each adventure has several scenarios inside it. Scenario rewards are awarded on the first completion to all chars, except in the last scenario of adventure 5. Completing all scenarios in an adventure with a character grants that character the adventure reward.
  3. Thanks a lot for reading and replying. I'm looking forward to the upcoming update. PS: I'm not sure you understood what I meant for #7, I mean having to confirm that you don't want to close a location, specially when you are encountering a villain and have to lock out the other locations.
  4. In any case I'm hoping to get a reply from someone official. It doesn't make sense that I keep getting deck B and 1 items, I opened another 10 chests today and more than half were from those decks and all rolls had a deck B item. I expect that something like the last stages beaten or the deck number to have some effect on the draws. Otherwise I don't get it.
  5. > 1. Completing daily quests doesn't register. You are right. They seem to get registered retroactively, but it can take a while. Despite resetting the game. > 2. Whenever I open chests I get 50% of items from the B deck and the rest from the first 2 decks. The odds are what they are. Even with those odds, having opened hundreds of chests I'm getting at least 1 from deck one and deck B pretty much every roll which is unrelated to the rarity odds you mentioned. > 4. I'm talking about cards like dominate, but I guess that could be a mix up in the language.
  6. Not sure if there is already one of these threads, but if you have any suggestions please drop them below. Hopefully the devs will take them into account. Suggestions: 1: A way to purchase a reduced price RoTR extra content bundle for when you already have all of the things purchasable with gold, since $25 feels like too much for whatever that extra deck comes with. 2: A higher chest tier which only gives items you don't have yet or which lets you pick the deck the items are drawn from. 3: Re-spec heroes for 500 gold. 4: Making teleport boots ignore movement restrictions. 5: Adding optional objectives for quests. 6: Adding more daily missions so we have options and more variety. 7: Having a confirmation screen when clicking not to close a location, or when it happens while encountering a boss let us use that character to close that location again, as it was a clear mistake. Thanks for reading
  7. There's a lot of bugs in the game. 1. Completing daily quests doesn't register. I just cleared the required quest with only Lem and nothing. It's happened with the clear on Legendary as well. 2.Whenever I open chests I get 50% of items from the B deck and the rest from the first 2 decks. I only care about getting more deck 6 items and I get one every 7 chests, if I'm lucky... Am I supposed to do something to improve the odds? 3. Teleport sometimes moves characters from different zones as well. It happened to me in the battle for the dam when I cast it with Seoni, Lini was moved as well. 4. Acquiring allies with spells or cards, even when it's from the deck doesn't trigger the close location option. 5. (The worst one) whenever I use the "move at the end of your turn" location power the game gets stuck and I can't do anything. Relaunching the game multiple times can randomly "fix" it, but it's still annoying. 6. Allies often have the ! as if they had something they can do despite not being the case. 7. The treasure book that you can reveal at the end of the turn to draw a new spell doesn't work correctly, it doesn't ask to banish another spell. I'm probably forgetting a lot of them..
  8. I'm on Android and I can't log into my account any more. The same as the guy above. What should I do?
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