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  1. I am not on steam, which is why I was hesitant If I uninstall, will it keep my saves etc?
  2. Has this been fixed yet? The latest patch did not work. Everything still pink. The so called £best answer£ was someone else hijacking my thread
  3. It was more than just a graphical bug, as the mercenary army in Cragholdt Bluffs ignored my party (even when I was hitting them with my sword).
  4. Only advice is to stay away from the new content. Still waiting for my Draining weapons to be unnerffed
  5. Relating to the White March Content, post patch: patch_pillars_of_eternity_the_white_march_part_1_2.0.1.10 First noticed a problem when I loaded an old save and saw weapons and shields replaced by pink. On reflection they were items from the expansion. On a new playthrough, I have just opened up with White March content. Stopped off at Cragholdt BLuffs, and there are numerous (pink) graphical glitches, and none of the mercs there seem to be doing anything other than stand around while I hit them. The pink splodges show up in the map screen also. I decided to move swiftly on to Stalwart Village, only to find the entire screen is just pink (apologies if this double posts) DxDiag.txt
  6. Before the patch, they were showing up as having a different quality (I forget which) instead of draining. Post patch they are missing the mod entirely
  7. I think I have it figured. You actually need to look at the notes you collect. Once you have viewed them an additional dialogue option should become available
  8. Hello Not sure if this is actually a bug, I recruited a level 2 warrior and a level 1 Cipher, and proceeded to clear the temple ruin, and halfway through the first level, the Cipher appears to leave the party halfway through combat. I don't think that they died. Just a text notification that char had left the party. Did I do something wrong?
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