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  1. Btw, I guess that means I just finished arc II and started arc III. I have full party of 6 people (Eder, me, Aloth, Durance, Pallegina, Sagani), we're all lvl 10.
  2. First, hello everyone, I'm big fan of PoE, I started playing this game since I called sick in school, that was almost a week ago, now I have 43h 34m 46s spent total in this game. Amazing, experience. Anyhow, the actual question, well it's more of a concern. My companion Eder, I've reached certain point with his quest "Fragments Of A Scattered Faith" where I am supposed to deliver a steel ornament, found near fields of Cliban Rilag, to Dynryd Row's ciphers. However, due to my inattention and brilliant main storlyine, I got carried away with Lady Webb and Defiance Bay's latest developments. As you know, city is in chaos, anarchy has taken rule, I am worried with happens with Eder's quest? After Lady Webb was found dead, I escaped the city, but now all city's regions are gray and unavailable to enter... So my concern is, how am I supposed to deliver that ornament to ciphers from Dynryd Row, when I can't enter the damn city!?
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