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Found 92 results

  1. I've spent the last 40ish days in game with a non functioning Dew Collector and Mushroom Garden. This is how I spend my beginning of the days drinking dirty water (I live next to the pond) then I go out and kill Weevils, or Gnats sometimes Grubs and I put them on the Jerky Rack. I try to get at least 3 at a time so I have a decent amount of food to go off and replenish after drinking the dirty water. I also collect as many mushrooms as possible while running around doing missions for B.U.R.G.L as well as hunting Lady Bugs and Wolf Spiders to stock up on parts This is really just my workaround I just wanted to share with people who might've given up hope for the game because of a few small bugs while its still in its earliest stages. Its not impossible to survive, it just adds a couple extra routines to the game.
  2. After the update, neither my mushroom farm or dew collector was working, fortunately, I moved next to the pond, next to the Spiders + Flowers, and Nectar its still spawning there for me (anywhere that have flowers, it does have nectar sprinkled around the ground), which its helping me to manage my thirst and hunger, I still see a lot of mushroom spawning outside of my mushroom farms (sometimes I think way too much mushrooms, which i kinda feel like its related to as why they're not growing in the mushroom farm), but yeah, this is what I do: Gather Nectar in 2 different spawns each day, because I think nectar did not stopped spawning (for me at least) Drink dirty water + Roasting Spit (Weevil, Aphids, etc) I've been playing with no mushroom farm + dew collector for about 20 days in game, and its how i have been managing to survive. I'm just saying this here so players like me that loved this game, who wants to keep playing even though it got its resources messed up after this last update, so I hope this helps.
  3. I would like to suggest an improvement for container storages in the game Grounded. I recently happened to have a group of Larvas show up at my base, who destroyed all of my buildings, including chests. When destroyed, the chests items popped out, and where everywhere. My suggestion would be, that upon destruction of a chest, a small bag will spawn, with your items in them, which will despawn after a set amount of time (so people will actually need to get their items out of there). The small bag can only be looted, and not used to store items.
  4. there should be more spiders added in future so I made a list of potential candidates from what probably makes the most sense to the least 1. hobo spiders would make a nice addition to the game having a moderate threat level between the orb weaver and wolf spider 2. daddy long legs would be really cool in an ecosystem like grounded preying on weak bugs like aphids to uncommonly trying to prey on other spiders! 3. brown recluse is likely to be really deadly and poisonous, the only reason its low is because im not sure they will add this since we have the wolf spider already i personally hope they add the daddy long legs (yes i know there are multiple spiders under this nickname but you get the idea) but even if none of these are added I think it would be cool to see certain spiders preying on each other
  5. I personally think a weather system would be nice. Like rain which could lead to floods and other things forcing you to higher ground, mini mini tornadoes, maybe even snow where you have to make warm armor to brave the cold. There could also be boats added for over water travel and maybe fish bosses that you could tackle which would be complimented by a underwater lake exploration maybe flippers scuba mask, ect those sorts of things.
  6. Suggestion of new bug - Earwig (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earwig) I don't like them...
  7. It'd be cool if we were able to craft amor stands to show off the different sets of armor
  8. My nickname is Anye and I have a suggestion that is certainly very good! Currently I use Xbox One, there are few games on the market with Local Co-Op, this is very depressing, I would definitely buy a game because it has local Co-Op, so it is a suggestion. The implementation of a Local Co-Op. (I really love this game) Xoxo
  9. Hello community! I was curious if anyone else has been having trouble with the Mint Chunks or certain weeds not repawning? My group had something unfortunate happen to one of our The player had their game client crash and wasn't able to get immediately back on. Thus we continued playing without them. To our dismay about an hour or so later when they returned they informed us that their inventory was empty and there was no bag on the ground. This is very disappointing and entirely that player's fault for not immediately returning so that we could have caught the mishap and rolled back a few minutes to an auto-save. Anyways it has gotten a discussion going among our group of friends that play this game and we have all been wondering if the Mint Chunks will ever respawn again or not. We noted the fact that the certain weeds (the red stem ones) are not respawning either and that both of these not respawning could just be a game bug. I completely understand that this game is barely 2 days old now and I am sure it will get a nice little update in the coming days. In the mean-time I thought I would put this information out there to warn other players be careful and see if anyone else has either found more Mint Chunks or seen them respawn after a certain point in the game. Thank You to anyone at Obsidian (if you read this) for this very exciting, fresh take, and quite frankly addicting Survival experience. I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this game. Stoked to see what is coming in the future!
  10. Hello everyone, Don't know of it's been suggested yet but what's everyone think about critical points on the larger enemies? I'm not suggesting weakening them but I am suggestion points on creatures that, when hit, cause extra damage. I think this would allow for a more tactical way of approaching the larger, more dangerous creatures as well as making players in Multiplayer plan their attacks. I'm open to suggestions and criticism as always. Thank you in advance and be safe out there!
  11. I like the focus on the garden, but I'm very curious on how it could be inside the house. I mean the large house which the garden belongs to.
  12. I notice as I progress I can build better structures. Instead of making us destroy our walls, how about a feature to upgrade them with our new learned analysis?
  13. Right now the wall mounts for spiders are... pitifully small. The Bombardier wall mount had me excited once I brought down my first Wolf Spider, but then I discovered that it was literally smaller than my own character's head. I want to be able to properly mount that beast's head on my gatehouse as a symbol of power, not a novelty doorknob.
  14. Loving the game concept so far. Currently playing a game with my husband. Just a few things: He created the game so when I join I usually don't have a saved character, which means I lose all my stuff when I join. I wish I could play the game without him online (the same game we started together) The game randomly has save points, there needs to be a way to save the game periodically Having a better bow would be nice (possibly haven't gotten to the point where we discover this). Spiders can glitch inside things, not necessarily a bad thing just a side note. I experienced a glitch where there was a group of recordings in a pile with a juice droplet (not sure what that was about); kept asking me to interact with it (grab it) but I could not.
  15. I've only been playing for 2 days, but I'm really enjoying it. I love crafting/survival games and this is such a unique take. The biggest thing I would like to see is to be able to move items in my camp once they're placed so I don't have to recycle them. I think the game could also benefit from having a HUD. One minor thing would also be moving stacks of items into inventory/storage rather than just one at a time.
  16. The trophy you can craft of the wolf spider should be bigger, it's a big spider comparing whit the other one, and it is hard to kill, you should make his trophy larger like the ladybug and the other scarab
  17. GLITCHES: If you drop grass planks in areas with water texture they fall through the world, ants can take stuff out of storage boxes that shouldn't be accessible to them at all, larva have a huge spawn rate, ants and lady bugs spawn inside rocks and underneath water, armor dummy's allow you to sometime dup armor and dummy's also glitch amor pieces which switches them to a different type (spider and ladybug head changed to acorn), anything with a lunge attack can faze through walls and into buildings SUGGESTIONS: amor and weapons equipped shouldn't take up invatory space or ability to get a tier 2/3 backpack, drop stack or trade option, sort invatory option, bigger party size, ability to "pin" armor like you can items so it auto equips when picked up, a way to use grass planks (once base is built they just lay scattered around with no use) or let us "scrap" them for even plant fiber It's an amazing game and I'm really enjoying myself I really hope this game makes it
  18. So, i noticed the second a enemy is out or range it instantly regenerates health at a fast pace. this can be annoying when trying to fight a tough enemy like a spider, a way to fix this mabye is to have like a minute delay or something before it can regan all its health. please fix it somehow
  19. Here is a list of things that I would like to see added: 1. A pallet Lift that you could hang off of the side of your base or that looked similar to the large anchor system in raft that you would be able to put a pallet on for either grass or stems. The purpose of this would be so that you can carry items up the side of high objects or your base more effectively. My base is on a high hill to start and it has 10-12 flights of stairs in it to get to the top at the moment. It is taking me quite a while to build when i am only able to carry 8 pieces (ant armor) at a time. It would also be nice to be able to use it as an elevator. 2. A pull behind wagon/cart that you could make from stems that you also could put a pallet on or chests. Something simple, two wheels a pallet and a stem on each side that the character can get in between and pull the cart with. Some of the weeds in the game are quite a ways away and if you are building a resource intensive base it would be nice to have this so that you can gather a lot of resources at one time. 3. Locks, while it is fun to play with your friends. Some items and resources you may not want them to be able to get a hold of or if you are playing with a random person, you may not want them to be able to get in the chest and take resources at all. 4. A simple poll structure that you can attach roof pieces to so that you can make a more open bridge, rooftop, gazebo, etc. 5. When crafting, i would like a multiplyer so that i do not have to keep spamming the button until i run out of resources. Maybe have a slider to select the amount and a button to where i can craft all that i am able to with the resources that i have on me. 6. Add tadpoles, you could kill them and craft scuba fins from their tales and a wet suit from there bodies so that you can swim deeper in the lake by the burgl tree. 7. Add a toad about the size of the wolf spider so that there could be tadpoles.
  20. Been playing since launch a few hours in with friends managed to farm out tier 2 weapons/tools and find labs before videos were thrown out revealing location. Here are some problems, chest will bug out and make items disappear from all players view and they won't fill properly, another problem is bugs will spawn inside bases destroying it if aggressive, ants will steal through walls, building is starting to become weird as some things won't click to one another, more structures are needed such as foundations/triangular foundations not floors. My friend lost all of their stuff after d/cing after dying, they also have their armor unequip itself when they get hit(May be due to it being ant armor or a bug with hauling seams/planks). I like the game so far but its slacking on alot where it counts not much to interact with. Wolf spiders do massive damage even with tier 2 everything and strategically killing them they tend to 1-3 hit if not the poison will top you off not giving much time to using a healing smoothie. The Wolf spider dagger does little to no damage its poison hardly procs if ever in combat on bugs and its durability runs out within a matter of a minute in a battle making it kind of worthless yet the hardest weapon to obtain as of this moment, it needs a buff with poison proc and increased durability to be worth grinding for. There is also a glitch where berry's will not show in the right place on one person's screen but will on the other person's screen. There was a instance on a moment where super armor glue was somehow managed to dupe itself twice upon use (used it on spider helm and another one fell on floor infront of me happened twice but none after). And another instance where a friend used 1 super glue and it fixed all 3 pieces of armor. Would recommend a way to dispose of planks and seams so they dont break the map which may be the cause of most of these problems. Love the game so far looking forward to more content.
  21. Online servers official server for several people, unofficial servers the same in the ARK: Survival Evolved game, if it is not possible to increase the number of friends from 4 to 8, it would be great if my friends did not depend on me to play, bad with 4 people I have to leave the connected PC, for them to play, for an online server to be better there, I would not host for them
  22. Could you add a building list to the side of the screen so when i place a blueprint it shows me what i need PS. I love this game and the concept is amazing cant wait to see what you do with it
  23. My buddies and I have been playing this game non stop and are having a ton of fun. I can’t wait for more updates to come out. I just wanted to make a couple of suggestions: 1. New creature -Stickbugs: These would be a new neutral mob that would sit on the grass. They would become aggressive to you if you hit them or if you cut down the grass they are sitting on. This could add a bit of danger to unsuspecting people cutting down grass. -Jumping spiders: These could be a new neutral spider that is about the size of a ladybug. When you attack them and when they become aggressive they could jump great distances to try and catch up to you. 2. Bosses: Bosses could be a great addition to the game and would give a good challenge for people that have better gear. Bosses could drop unique gear that can only be attained from that boss. Some bosses could be queen ant, praying mantis, tarantula, and some sort of water creature. Thanks!
  24. Could we please have either different list or a better display for saved games. Currently I host a WHOA multi along and I play single Mild. They are both in the same list and I want to play a WHOA single game but it looks like it will clash with my multi WHOA in the game list.
  25. great game, really enjoying my time here so far. not found any real bugs yet but i do have a big suggestion. is it possible to make a way to rename the game svae files? i have a single player game im playing and also a multiplayer game. when i go to load game it shows over 10 different save files ( because i have auto save turned on) and it is difficult to see which game file i need to select if i want to go to my last single player save or my last multi player save.
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