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  1. I would like the option to trash a backpack, when picking it up, if you end up with a full pack and there is still stuff in the dropped one that you don't really want. Thank you for a great game, can't wait for Shroom and Doom
  2. It would be great to add traps from spider webs where enemies can get trapped. In addition, it would be nice to add some ladders or something like that instead of stairs.
  3. Man, spiders are sure scary. Especially in Grounded. Well, NOBODY CARES! I would be intrigued if Obsidian Entertainment added FUNNEL-WEB SPIDERS! “What are Funnel-Web Spiders?”, you may ask. Here’s one thing: Funnel-Web Spiders are the #1 most DEADLIEST spiders EVER TO EXIST! The Funnel-Web Spiders would be a perfect edition to Grounded. OVERVIEW: Funnel-Web Spiders live inside of the oak tree, and like to group up with their fellow Wolf Spiders and Orb Weavers. They also always carry Spiderlings wherever they go! Yeah. Deadly. Funnel-Web Spiders scavenge the backyard to find any valuable
  4. After seeing some of the new building items in the latest patch I had a few ideas. - Curved walls (mostly for spiral staircase. For building nice looking towers) - Pebblet and Clay walls, windowed walls and roofs would look amazing. Would really help with castle building. - Fusing two different types of armour into one to get both buffs. Getting the defence of the ladybug armour while also getting the carry capacity of the ant armour. Adding a nerf to it would be fine. Like ant soldiers not seeing you as friendly anymore or maybe taking more stamina to run faster.
  5. Are there any plans to add MOD support for this game on the Epic Games Store?
  6. I just put what ideas I might want in Grounded. Maybe ****ty, maybe actually half-way decent ideas are written down. I dunno. IDEA: I would be satisfied to see Ticks in Grounded. Ticks are these little tiny insects that many people should know about by now. In Grounded, Ticks could have a width of 50HP and they could have a little jump attack (like Lawn Mites) that would Poison the player for 3 seconds dealing 5 damage every second. Ticks would approximately deal 15 damage to a player with at least the Clover Armor Set equipped. Getting attacked by a Tick with no armor equipped wou
  7. I think it would be a good idea to have icons for every type of resource and bug in the game. So for example if I were to craft a storage chest and fill it with clay I would choose the clay icon so I will know what chest to go to if I need more clay. And the same thing for sprigs, sap and bug parts. Its just difficult trying to be organize and remembering where stuff is and the icons we do have available don't do a good job at describing whats inside the storage chest.
  8. there are too many feathers and their use is limited, I rarely use the bow and when I do it's for berries rather than fighting so normal arrows function just as well. on top of this the bed is just a novelty and aside from the archer cap the feathers have no purpose so I end up just leaving them to pile up. this makes them somewhat of a nuisance when traversing the backyard. as such I have an idea, instead 9f letting them pile up infinitely you could place a hard limit on the amount of feathers allowed to exist at one time maybe 100 or so and if the player is collecting them that limit could b
  9. I love to play Grounded! Its a great game with a lot of life left in it! Unfortunately, for a few reasons, I primarily play alone. I have found the addition of the helmet light to be extremely valuable, as now I can venture into the dark scary tunnels by myself. I used to have to wait for a friend to get online and be available to come into the game and help me by carrying a torch or combatting whilst I carried the torch. In my time playing alone, I have had a lot of opportunities to say "dang.. I really wish I could ________". So here are a couple of the thoughts I have had.
  10. I have been playing with my buddies alot on a save that I have been running. I always host the game and it works great when we are all on at the same time, but sometimes my buddies want to play when I'm not available. They want to play on my save because a lot of hard work has gone in to it. Would it be possible to add 24/7 squad access to the save/server. Maybe something like that Minecraft does with "realms"? I would pay for it.
  11. Trying to build a massive base can get pretty tedious very quickly when you're running back and forth carrying up to 9 big items at a time, all while trying to locate the last dandelion you chopped down. This redundancy can be solved with a simple addition of something like a cart (similar to The Forest) that allows transporting bulk quantities of these large items that the game forces you to shoulder. It'd make going on an expedition for these items more fun, and actually feel like an expedition instead of running to/from home base like you're doing the pacer test. Thanks!
  12. I was thinking something along the lines of a table saw that you can place grass planks and weed stems into, that would essentially refine them so you can build neater walls, or even half walls. (I feel like the connection mechanics struggle sometimes to link building parts together.) But overall, more choice when it comes to building basic things like walls, would be fantastic. Great job so far!
  13. Hey guys, This may have already been suggested but I would really love to see the option to build shelves. I see a lot of videos of people being creative with floating storage but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. shelves would be awesome to stack more storage in our homes
  14. It would be great to have a fly option on creative mode. It's very tedious to create complex structures without it.
  15. I think it would be a good idea to have Bombardier beetle armor, Stinkbug armor and firefly armor. The beetle armor will allow us not to take any acid damage from the beetle. The stinkbug armor will make it us so we take no damage from stinkbug gas and yes I know we have the gas mask for that but it would be cool to have a whole armor set. And last a firefly armor that lights up when you equip the entire armor making it easy to see and farm for resources at night. And the stinkbug and beetle armor should be tier 3 armor while the firefly armor tier 2.
  16. I don't understand why doors are so tall. There's clearly a standard height to build floors, as the staircase has a fixed height. The problem is that if you create a second floor at staircase hight and you have doors separating rooms below, the doors peek through the ground, so either you have very tall and expensive buildings so every floor is two staircases high, or you can't use doors for anything but exterior walls. Half stairs to make more dynamic buildings would be awesome as well, and would solve this problem, but I'm inclined to think that's way harder than just make the doors low
  17. A COOL suggestion for Grounded : Taming; In my opinion taming would be a good thing to add to the game for solo players and coop. Like imagine having a tamed worker ant bring food, tadpole as a under water mount, or even a spider as a mount. There is SOOO much you can you can do to this game and I would love to see it! But in my opinion and companion in the game would make exploring much more fun and safe. I would love this for my solo "Whoa!" play through. It would help a lot. Like, Minecraft, Subnautica, or Minecraft.
  18. Hey, this is BedsideRobin66 and I came across something while playing this game. You know that you can make armor and equipment, but when its equipped it doesn't move from the bag or when something's moved from your backpack to your hot pouch it wouldn't remover it from the backpack. Well my suggestion is to move the item from to backpack to the desired spot if possible. Sorry, just I found this to be a big pain to me. Especially when I'm going out to gather material to build with.
  19. I've really been enjoying Pillars of Eternity. But one thing that's a little strange is the various ways the game insensitivizes you to run back to the inn/stronghold to rest. As far as I can tell, there's no downside, and it allows upgrades at the stronghold to be built. In addition, camping supplies cost a suprisingly high amount at the beginning, further insentivizing you to run back to town for the free rest instead of wasting 80 copper. Insentivizing players to waste real-life time to avoid in-game expenditures doesn't really make sense. I would suggest that camping supplies just be mad
  20. I play on multiplayer on Xbox 1 and have found a couple of bugs, however, I also have some suggestions as well. Bugs/glitches (not including ones that have been posted by other players): • Map Bug: Upon logging in, I fall through the map. This isn’t a serious bug, but is still annoying nonetheless. • Hot Pouch Reset: This may not be considered a bug and more of just a save issue, but when first logging in, the order of my items in my hot pouch reset and scatter themselves. I tend to like the items in my hot pouch to be organized so that when I need them, I know exactly where the
  21. Hey, this is BedsideRobin66 and I came across something while playing this game. You know that you can make armor and equipment, but when its equipped it doesn't move from the bag or when something's moved from your backpack to your hot pouch it wouldn't remover it from the backpack. Well my suggestion is to move the item from to backpack to the desired spot if possible. Sorry, just I found this to be a big pain to me. Especially when I'm going out to gather material to build with.
  22. i think you should make a new mode that is survival like, every 10th ingame day there will come waves of ants to attack you and your house. and every 10th day it will be harder so for example day 20 it will come ants and and larvas and so on. almost like ''7 days to die'' becous i like that game but their motor is too bad and your game would make it really good
  23. After playing Grounded for 15+ hours, I have compiled a list of bugs/feedback/suggestions. Bugs Game breaking bug that happens in multiplayer. When multiplayers (not host) joins a game, sometimes they will be in an almost spectator mode where you can fly around the map and you lose your inventory when you relog. Player positions in multiplayer lag/glitch out. Oftentimes we will see each other running in place or not be able to see each other for several minutes until the issue resolves itself. Aphids get stuck on grass. This occurs when you either cut the grass or kill the
  24. We should be able to make arrows that explode on impact. We have splatburst and bratburst we should be able to combine anyone of those with arrows.
  25. We use lures to attract bugs and lure them to our location. Why not make something similar but does the opposite. There should be a item we can craft to keep bugs away from a certain area and for a certain amount of distance. Bugs are spawning just about everywhere now. Areas like where the mysterious machine is located isn't safe anymore. I have came across orb weavers and a wolf spider the past few days lol. I was helping my friend who just started playing Grounded today with quests and we already ran into orb weavers, wolf spider and soldier ants. And didn't have any of the right equipment
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