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  1. Why is it that when you hover over an enemy you it doesn't tell you what the ability is they are attempting to use or what it does? All it shows you is an icon, meaning you have to look it up somewhere outside the game to know what it is.
  2. Did anyone else notice that in the new DLC Ydwin dialog, even banter, is no longer voiced? It went from no-voice, to voice in the first DLCs, and now back to no voice.
  3. Well, I think I'll reload as I don't want Xoti permadead. I'll have to look up the icon for Disintegrate so that I know when it's about to be cast and can thump me some vithrack.
  4. I've been fighting vithracks at the Forgotten Sanctum and a couple of times my characters have been killed dead and removed from the party. I wasn't sure what was doing it since they didn't have any injuries. But this last time I see that a Vithrack Luminary cast Disintegration on Xoti. It didn't say it killed or knocked out Xot, it said it destroyed Xoti. How does happen? Was there no way to stop it? This was only a graze, mind you, a flesh wound, if you will. He even had a -1 penetration on the attack!
  5. I've noticed, and this only seems to be after the last patch, that trying to empower an ability doesn't always work. I click Empower, click the ability, click a target (if necessary), and I still have the Empower capability. Is there something I'm overlooking that makes Empower work more than once an encounter? Edit: In doing some further testing, it looks like it's only Fassina that I'm experiencing this with in the Forgotten Sanctum. Is she exempt from the limitation, or maybe it's just not working at all for her?
  6. Get over yourself. There was no struggle to find a topic. Exaggerate much?
  7. Actually, I've left the game at Veteran, but I've disabled level scaling. Even though the DLCs may be aimed at higher level players turning off scaling actually made it much more comparable to the base game difficulty-wise. The fights can still be unpredictable, but they're not completely overwhelming and time-consuming.
  8. It's not that I don't enjoy the game: I do. It just seems to me that the DLC really ramped the difficulty from the base game without changing your in-game difficulty setting. And since I'm already level 20 I was just eliciting opinions on whether they were entertaining enough once you're max level to play through them.
  9. Is there any point in playing the DLC if you've already reached level 20 before starting them? Does the story benefit enough to warrant the extra time and, for me, frustration? I've completed Beast of Winter at level 20, but between the fights there and in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, I'm inclined to just go meet Eothas and be done with this game.
  10. But what about the current battle? Can I lower the difficulty on that?
  11. Can you not do this in the current area? I have found Seeker, Slayer, Survivor to be completely unenjoyable at Veteran level, enough so that I might just not continue the game. However, when I try to set it to Classic it tells me that 'Difficulty changes will take effect on any map you have not yet visited.' I've already completed the first Rite challenge and found that I'm no longer having fun with the game. Can't I switch difficulty now? I'm looking for a more casual experience. I don't wish to have to slow down combat, micromanage each character, and spend an hour getting through part of th
  12. Does each weapon count toward your penetration total? If I have two weapons who have modals that increase penetration are they both applied? I'm just now sure how this actually works.
  13. No lie the only scar my mother has is on her face, right above her lip from a cat... The being cute thing is just a ploy to take down bigger targets. I have scars all over my arms from this cat. My ex-girlfriend convinced me that cats love to take baths and then handed the cat to me to put her in the tub. That was my first set of scars from the cat....
  14. Every time someone says 'ekera' or 'ac' take a shot. I was drunk after one conversation.
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