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Found 65 results

  1. I've been wondering how to build Aloth in Deadfire. From what I understand, wizards are a class that DOES have strong benefits for staying single-class, namely some VERY powerful spells in the top tiers. On the other hand, multiclassing is pretty darn fun, and some companions can become quite powerful when they multiclass, as Pallegina and Tekehu demonstrate in the excellently written Tuono e Fulmine and Tāwhirimātea, The God of Storms builds (P.S. You're awesome Ascaloth!). So...what about Aloth? Is it better to keep Aloth as a single-class wizard? Or would it be better to convert him to a Battlemage (multiclassing him with Fighter) or Spellblade (multiclassing him with Rogue), and if so which of the two multiclasses is better?
  2. Last night, I got a really weird party management bug. I used the tavern's party management tab at the Wild Mare to switch Aloth out for Xoti, and the switch happened successfully, but the portrait did not update and continued to show Aloth. Clicking on the portrait did not activate the character, so it wasn't merely the graphical bug when a companion shows the wrong portrait (had a few of those, too). Leaving the area through a load screen fixed the issue.
  3. Hope this helps. Keep in mind basically all the companions feel the same after some testing, only difference was die roll, recovery speed, and defenses or innate abilities. Pet doesn't seem to scale of player stats either on their attributes, and they receive standard bonuses from ranger directly. Pet Str Con Dex Per Int Res Pen Acc AR Deflection Bear 15 12 9 13 5 10 6 30 7 25 Lion 13 13 12 11 5 11 6 30 5 25 Wolf 10 10 13 15 5 12 6 30 5 25 Boar 11 16 8 10 5 15 6 30 5 25 Stag 13 10 12 15 5 10 6 30 5 25 Antelope 10 10 14 15 5 9 6 30 5 35 This is using a multiclass Rogue/Ranger with 17str 14con 17dex 16per 12int 14res (using Blessing of Berath). Only differences I saw was the speed of attacks between most of them and the die roll. Wolf seemed to have highest die roll out of 20 hits. Bear ran behind it, but with the high strength bonus it was almost the same. And lowest hit overall was Antelope.
  4. Is there a way to keep Teheku until the very end even if I choose to not help Huana? I want to side with VTC and romance him this time but worried if Teheku will leave me again for choosing another faction. It's obvious he wouldn't support his queen's assassination but what about VTC?
  5. I didn't beat my first playthrough yet (but started another) but it's a real disappointment to me that I can't put Xoti into her place. We can help Aloth with his multiple personalities disorder, shatter Eder's faith, show the truth to Durance and even Teheku had serious shock while visiting the Gullet. But Xoti acts like she knows everything and she has right to judge anyone with me nodding to her behavior. She's a great character this way but it's getting irritating that I can't really if not change her mind but stand on my own atheist ground and/or mock her for her delusions. Is that so? The only character development we can go through with her is from being delusional zealot to loony maniac?
  6. I played through the game up until the point where Act 4 starts. Durance has been a member of my party all this time, but the quest has not progressed past the following quest description: I never went through all the dialogue with him until after I realised this at the end of Act III. His special dialogue was present for the piece of the Godhammer, as well as during the conversation with Magran. But I cannot seem to trigger the quest to continue on. I have tried resting 6 times in the wild, moving from location to location in between each rest. I have gone through all the dialogue 3 times. Nothing seems to help. Any idea on how to get this quest to continue, or how to manually edit the save file to trigger the next part of the quest?
  7. So i had my 3rd run on PotD+ Expert mode+ToI and i boarded the weakest Principi ship to get their flag for Fort Deadlight infiltration. Xoti, Ydwin and Pallegina got knocked out (while not being in the party). Since then i went on 2 bounty hunting quests (Nomu and Drake). While having Eder, Aloth, Maia and Serafen in my party i noticed that some of the enemy NPC attack something else. From out of nowhere Pallegina and Konstanten appeared and started dealing damage to enemies, even though i could not control them. Things went south on my Nomu fight. Why? Because Ydwin and Xoti showed up on the map much closer to Nomu than my party. Aaaand they both got killed. Like knock down = death (similar to how Eder can die on the first fight with Benweth pirates).
  8. So... I love her! Is there *any* chance that she can still be fleshed out to a full companion in a DLC? I would happily pay. My love for Aloth as a character was the primary reason I dropped +$200 on the kickstarter!
  9. I was on my ship after a random fight on the sea right after solving problems on Hasongo (I lit the adra without killing naga). When the game loaded me to the ship (its interior area) after the fight, I started talking to my crew (Aloth's quest jumped to another stage (something about painting faces tribe), Xoti, Pallegina, Mia, Eder). Finally I've reached Serafen. He started yelling on me about "the case with slavery and slaves!". I was like, "hey, what just happened? did I move the quest with slavery somehow accidentally?". I've searched Journal and couldn't find the quest related. When I finally reached Picer's Island and A Shrewd Proposition quest got updated, I realized that Serafen yelled on me without any reason.
  10. I got Maia a little while ago, but only just started having her in the party because I wanted some other people around to do certain quests in Neketaka. Despite this, she just brought up the romance option. I'm guessing because of my reputations in personality traits or my choices in Neketaka or something. I wasn't really planning on doing the romance, but I've only had one intro conversation with her and I really like Maia as a character so far, so I'd be bummed to miss out on Maia stuff. Is there going to be many interactions after this, if I reject the romance thread? Like conversations and reactions?
  11. So I came across this island to the east, that has Wapau Jungle on it. Turns out that there's another temple to Skean on it. Couple of priests tell you that you can sacrifice offer up a sacrifice there for a reward... I'm sure my Konstanten is up there dancing and chanting by Skean's side now. So... have you done it? Who did you pick if you did? And what was the reward?
  12. I was thinking about the way the game handles companion and party member deaths. If characters die in battle the deaths are very unceremonious and sudden, often simply popping up a quest failure announcement. While I love that the game can be brutal and the characters are ultimately dead at this point (as they should be), this still feels very unsatisfying. This simply seems like I failed in playing the game, because the characters often have a quest line to complete. Therefore, I often end up reloading the game and redoing the battle, ultimately never letting any of my party members die. Now, the second game is out, and some of the deaths in the first game can cause consequences and reactions in the second game. Character death is a story element, although a minor one, but now that the second game starts to reflect on those story elements, I am starting to feel I should have left some of those characters die when they originally died in the first game. The problem is this: I never felt there was a story reason to let the characters die, when the deaths occurred. The deaths were not impactful enough. The game doesn't offer any closure to the journey the companion had with the player character. I suggest that after the battle ends where a character dies, there would be a non-cinematic scene (the book scenes, or whatever they are called), to tie up the journey the companion had. Pillars 2 already uses these scenes seamlessly, and they are very flavorful, The death scene doesn't need to be long, and it shouldn't resolve the storyline of the character, but they should give a closure to the characters journey: "This character wasn't supposed to die here and now yet, but they did. Say farewell to them, even if they can't hear you anymore." For example, the death scenes could describe the wounds the character had obtained in their final battle, and it could even reflect the actual area where the death happened. Some other party members could say something about the dead character, according to their disposition to them. The player character could choose the way to bury the character, or if the player really despised them, spit on their corpse. For companions, the death scene could allude to their personality and storyline in some way, but for sidekicks and henchmen the death scenes could be more generic. And if even after the death scene the player feels unsatisfied, they can reload. I know this requires more work from the writers of the game, but I feel like it would be an elegant and a simple solution for character deaths that can feel unsatisfying. At least for me, this would make character deaths more engaging. What do you guys think? Is this a good idea, or am I simply a sadist who wants a reason for my peeps to die? Is there something I am not seeing, rendering this death scene idea non-viable or useless?
  13. I have a lot of maxed dispositions and a lot of them have gone up despite me playing super good (I'm Cruel:1 for some reason) meanwhile my companions struggle to go up in reputation. A lot of them are stuck at 1 despite me pleasing them in every other conversation option. Is there some bug I'm unaware of or is the system just a bit flawed?
  14. I wanted to see what others think of companions and their possible usefulness in a vacuum, so we're disregarding composition and just assuming that the character "fits" in a party, role-wise. I'll post about the characters and variations that I actually tried, the list is incomplete, but feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts. The thoughts on them are based on their performance on PotD difficulty. Eder - He's a great choice either as a fighter or a riposte swashbuckler. I haven't tried him as a pure rogue. Personality is likable, like who gets annoyed by eder? His armor is great for a tank role and later on you can switch it out because he's not gonna be the one dropping in a fight. 9/10 Xoti - Stat wise you'd want her to be a priest and nothing else. Dual class she just has too much stuff on her hands in order to cast it all and single monk, stats are kinda bad for it. Starting gear is nice and offers good bonuses from the get-go. 7/10 Aloth - Great, flexible mage that can be molded in most roles, his scepter hits multiple targets so working on his auto attacks can also be an avenue with buff spells. Haven't tried his multis as late mage spells are just too juicy to pass on, but similar to Eder he has the tools to make a riposte rogue work. 8/10 Serafen - I tried to make this guy work as all of his roles. His stats are all over the place and just don't offer much in terms of accuracy or damage contribution in a fight. He can't hit his cipher abilities, he can't hit or tank as a barbarian, and the witch inbetween is probably the worst of the three. 4/10. Pallegina - Unlike Serafen all of her subclasses and pure paladin are great. Pure paladin is something to consider if you want to be a generalist support/offtank, but the crusaider (paladin/fighter) or herald (paladin/chanter) offer specialization. Crusader puts eder to shame in terms of defenses, and herald allows you to summon and support based on your party needs. Probably the most flexible companion, and for that, 9/10 Maia - Great stats for a ranger and one of the best companions you'd want if you don't want to micro manage her, just leave her shooting and she'll be fine in a fight. Problem is, the ranger kit doesn't have much to offer other than 2 bodies for one party slot. I haven't tried her variations so I can't comment on those. 7/10 Takehu - This narcissistic godlike can fil many roles as his choices are druid, chanter or both multiclassed. Since he's a marine godlike, he has a specific spell per power level that is foe only, but gives up some spells from each class for it. All in all, he loses out on the summoning stuff from chanter so I'd say his druid is better, and multi is a bit too wide for two arcane classes. As a druid you get chill fog that doesn't affect allies so.. I guess that alone is worthy of 8/10. Sidekicks: Ydwin - This is what a good Serafen might have looked like stat wise. Even if you don't micro her, you can set mindblades to autocast and watch her annihilate waves of enemies. Her default is Mindstalker (rogue/cipher multi), but her stats are adequate for both single classes, though a ranged role is advised. 9/10 Fassina, Rekke, Konstanten: Haven't tried yet.
  15. Currently, Maia and Tekehu's romance dialogues start very early. Roughly, it only takes three or four disposition "points" (as indicated by the dialogue screen of them approving) for them to proposition the Watcher; Disposition level 1 is not even required.
  16. There is an ending where Maneha "Rediscovers her lust for battle, and her also having a lover, saying she had a life of violence, excitment, and passion. While there is an ending for Zahua saying that he took on a new apprentice, a female, trained her in everything he knew before she finally left for her own journey. Does anyone out there know how to achieve these endings? I've searched all over google and only know how to get every other ending on Pillars of Eternity EXCEPT those two. Has anyone ever got those two before? Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully having an answer to it.
  17. Hi Guys, Wasn't this feature already in the original Pillars of Eternity ? If not, it was in Tyranny right ? Where you could tell any of your 3 companions (Verse, Lantry, KIS, for ex.), how to react in combat in certain circumstances. (Like : Protect, Full Aggro, etc) If not... what is this Player AI Scripting for Companions ? What does it bring to Obsidian for Pillars II ? Thank you
  18. Well, I am playing as a boreal dwarf with Deadfire Archipelago as my chosen culture. I see many extra dialogue options from time to time, based on culture, well not so many, but they exist yes? So, I expected there would be at least something, with Sagani... Nothing, she talks to me as if I am a tourist and not a local. She is 5 years in this continent, how many more boreal dwarves has she found? And when she meets me, she treats me like an alien, that really breaks immersion in my opinion. Anyway, not a major problem of course. I just thought to mention it.
  19. In battle, Itumaak is moving incredible slow, probably at half speed. Out of battle, moves completely normal. I've had the new 3.01 patch for a bit and it didn 't happen until recently, last couple days. Tried restarting game, removing her from party, resting, nothing works.
  20. I built a new companion named 'Antha', then after playing for a while, I found it is okay to build a new companion also names 'Antha'. Isn't this some kind of bug that the game should try to avoid?
  21. Today we have a video for you narrated by Carrie Patel (Narrative Designer) wherin she discusses The Devil of Caroc, our new rogue companion from The White March - Part 1. Enjoy!
  22. Does the adventuring action work properly in the player stronghold? Yesterday I received that option and since I had some minor exploring to do before the next big step in the storyline I removed Kana from my party and sent him adventuring. The whole mission supposed to last 9 turns but it dragged on for weeks. Literary for weeks!!! I built all the major walls of the player stronghold during that time. In the end I just went to my quarters and slept and slept and slept to see if Kana's mission will ever end. It did not. I had to reload and replay two entire maps because of it. And possibly I will have to replay them for a third time too because I was annoyed and rushed the conversations. This makes me really annoyed. I suspect a bug of some kind. Any ideas what could be wrong? As I wrote at least two game weeks passed while I was waiting Kana's return.
  23. I've got Sagani in my party but ever since she has joined she has never had a wolf pet, or any pet with her. For some reason no pet icon shows, there's no way to summon the pet, and it's just as if the pet doesnt exist. I'm hoping this can be fixed ASAP and that my saves are fine with the update that can fix this. Buggy as all hell with the amount of people I've read have a pet issue on rangers.
  24. I'm reporting the ranger companion issue as well. I was playing in Caed Nua trying to find that wizard master guy in the "The Old Watcher" quest in the "Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1" area. I went up the back stairs where you walk across Dr. Manhattan's hand and pop out the cellar door in Caed Nua's courtyard. Wolf was still with me. Went back in the door with that creepy statue lady who's probably a cat lady in a past life. Wolf was still with me. Went downstairs and opened the heavy iron door and my wolf up and ran off. Probably joined a circus. Left a white circle behind as the only memento. What a jerk. I beat the dude with the serious case of MPD and went to look for my wolf. I thought maybe his disappearance was part of the quest. Nope. "You must gather your party before venturing forth." OK. Reload my save from after crazypants' encounter and the wolf didn't reappear. I reloaded my save from immediately before and wolf-bro is there. Yay! I opened the iron door back into Maerwald's panic room and my wolf followed me in through the event transition. Yay! I reloaded the working save again, and purposefully moved my wolf where he'd be stuck on some of the environment when my party opened the heavy iron door to the Maerwald event. BAM. We transitioned and the wolf disappeared. It seems that he needs to be in view of the door to transition properly. The bug only hits some of the time, not every time. Hope the description helps. The files needed to report the issue are too large for the attachment system, so I put that ish in Dropbox. Savegames: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lcursloqdrrpag7/Savegames.zip?dl=0 Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mujzgqltjsav4e4/output_log.txt?dl=0 System Specs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl4ivqj3jagdpfj/DxDiag.txt?dl=0 Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hd31s8t98uwha2/Screenshots.zip?dl=0 The save with Act 1, 6 days, 18 hours is post-Maerwald with the wolf gone. The save with Act 1, 6 days, 17 hours is pre-Maerwald with the wolf intact. Hopefully y'all'll be able to reproduce this bug with my saves and description to quash it! Also: GREAT game so far. Thanks for all the work you all put into it! -AGB
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