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  1. So far I am enjoying Pallegina as a crusader. Having tekehu with chants probably will make up for Pallegina not being a herald. If I did make her a herald I probably would of swapped tekehu for aloth. But at the same time I don't know how I would of built her if she was a herald. I need to come up with something for next time.
  2. Right thelee mentioned this to me similarly where someone else starts the fight and I load up on Eldritch aim and some kind of other buffs I have yet to get. Any recommendations? And as for another companion getting a AR reducing ability I got to look at who and what to get skill wise or even equipment wise that might help.
  3. Once I get access to higher lvls I plan to get high-impact aoe spells that you can cast from invisibility to take advantage of the bonus PEN, crit damage, and accuracy. fireball or noxious burst for example.
  4. Right but if I'm correct that still counts as a sneak attack. I have only used stealth in the beginning to proc the engagement and I'm considering using it to get sneak attacks on enemies that my tanks are engaging. I am also dual wielding a mace and a stiletto both fine quality for the 10pen. I plan to get the other stealth's like shadowing beyond later on as they are probably infinitely better than smoke fail. Edit: lol voice to text doesn't like smoke veil and says fail.
  5. @ Theurgist at the moment I took build advice from thelee. Party is lvl 7 so I'm starting to see some fruits come from spells and skills. Most fights I pretty much start off with chill fog or slicken depending on foes. Tekehu also has chill fog thx to his background traits. I'm using Pallegina with the endless paths greatsword and she's doing pretty well besides eder. My mc bounces back and forth between Eldritch aim, blood sacrifice, chill frost or slicken, and cancolhaults corrosive siphion. Noxious burst as well. Once things are as best as I can cc them with my main I start using Eldritch aim and then escape to get behind someone my tanks are engaged with and try to get a stab or 2 in. If they start to agrro me I escape to safety and start siphion again or actually heal. I am wondering if I should pop smoke veil the use escape to get behind a engaged enemy to get a sneak attack in. That's basically what I have been doing with the mc. My companions have custom behavior set for some of their off the rip skills and I try to micro manage anything that needs to be done in fighting. There is alot I'm still learning but since I added tekehu and Pallegina to the group I have been able to take on more enemies. I am have a tad bit of trouble with the The Cornett's Call in the ancient city where my fights are really close usually one or 2 enemies are at a quarter health when I'm out of everything. Need to prep more potions or scrolls. I'm not using consumables as much as I should.
  6. So I realized that the build I'm doing on Aloth kind of relies on either a ranged heavy group and or a priest to help buff his perception......if this is the case I'm keeping xoti as of level 7 she starts getting some nice spells such as Devotions for the Faithful & Shining Beacon. So I'm dropping aloth for tekehu and probably going to crusade Pallegina. So currently party comp is Mc - spellblade assassin/blood mage eder as swashbuckler Pallegina -Main role: Striker, Tanker Sub role: Support Auras Xoti - stiker/support Tekehu - Main role: Disabler, Healer Sub role: Striker, Summoner Looks solid to me but still open for opinions.
  7. At the moment it's a hard choice for me. I don't know how great tekehu is bit he looks like a nice support/healer and if I used him in place of xoti or Aloth I would probably have Pallegina as a crusader for the double tank with eder. On the other hand having her as a herald is good all around as everyone says. The problem is a solid build for her that works in the current patch. I got a build for the crusader already. You got any build recommendations for herald in the build forum post of yours?
  8. On a new note I am highly considering grabbing tekehu and dropping xoti and making Pallegina a crusader. This is a hard debate.
  9. @ Ophiuchus good to know, at the current time I need to be carful of might buffs as it directly damges my mc more when I use blood sacrifice. But that being said later lvls and a higher health pool might not be a issue then. My current MC actually has a nice holiday pool but that can move up and down really fast depending on the situation. Any herald builds would be nice I anyone has any. If none are presented I will assume one of the builds in the pinned forum posts is fine. Also what are some recommend skills/spells/chants like must haves for herald?
  10. I have not looked at any builds for the herald, pulled this off the forums here https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102541-companion-build-tuono-e-fulmine/ I'm looking for potentially passive hp gain, any insight into a build would be great.
  11. You have a point, however depending on how long the game is I'm only playing one night a week for my community as I do not have alot of time right now. Plus 100% on potd is probably going to be awhile so right now I'm enjoying it. Plus I'm a disabled veteran with memory issues so I'll probably forget my companions builds by the next time I play lol. Just wanted to get a comfy set up. I'm also working the companion ai to hopefully help me with not having to micro managing everything.
  12. Once I meet Tekehu I will look into him, however I am quite fond of Aloth so thats a hard choice for me. good news is I can always swap them out if im not happy later I just want to make sure that i make the right multi class choices for my companions as I cant re roll the class later.
  13. Hey everyone, I am currently running a assassin/Blood mage on POTD with AI up scaled. I wanted to use Pallegina and originally planned to use https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1400804034 as her build. although this looks like a solid build, I can not help but think I should go with her as a herald mainly because I read that she would be putting out great passive hp healing and was not sure if that would mesh better with my class. I will provide the rest of my party comp. I just picked up Pallegina so only lvl 7 currently and this is the farthest I have been in poe2 as I was burnt out at launch after playing 120hrs on hard in poe1 Current Party comp *MC -assassin/Blood mage -I use blood sacrifice "A LOT" to control what spells I wish to continue to use. I also use concelhaut's corrosive siphon as a form of gaining health alot as well when im having issues either with running low on hp pots or xoti is running low on healing casts. *Eder -swashbuckler - and pretty much tank atm..... using lost sinners build as well as it looked solid https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398100119 *Xoti - Priest - currently only party heals and support. I am also not sure I want to keep her if another "better" healer comes up. *Aloth - Wizard - also using lost sinners build for aloth https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1406080663 I mainly wanted advice on Pallegina but I am also looking on input on my other companions and what might mesh well with what I got pre planned here for my party. Thanks for the help. Updated: I have received alot of pointers toward using her as a herald. Any builds for her would be appreciated. Also the recommendation to get Tekehu and swap him out with aloth and go with Pallegina as a crusader is up for debate.
  14. Yeah it's a hard say. I was looking at originally playing paly/assassin but I feel that might get a little boring if I'm too tanky. I feel the spellblade was a good pick because you can technically use inv spells and evade to tank/ control your position in a battle. The potential for continuously using your fav aoe or even alpha a single target multiple times sounds like a fun challenge to me. Also being able to target nuisances like backline bowmen is a boon too. It all comes down to managing your blood sacrifice to control your spells. The wiz/monk also sounds great but as you said self healing is a problem and I don't know if that class has any get out of harm spells/skills.
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