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Found 4 results

  1. So I killed all of the slavers on crookspur and returned to rusare, but all she says when I click on her is "come no closer outsider" and nothing more. I restarted from an old save and did the quest over, but I got the same problem. The quest log tells me to talk to rusare, but I can't open dialogue with her after the first attempt at dialoge. My guess is this has something to do with aloth's quest bugging out the dialogue but here's my save. A solution, even a quick workaround to this is what I need most as I can't really play deadfire without one. Thanks. Also, I can't attach any saves, even a single lone save to my post. Says the filesize is too big, even with the basic uploader. So I uploaded it to mega. https://mega.nz/#!JRcFUaqY!xziS4X89v8yZ7yP_pMy1NweDDbY1Ewd1MctRPpfA4ng
  2. So I came across this island to the east, that has Wapau Jungle on it. Turns out that there's another temple to Skean on it. Couple of priests tell you that you can sacrifice offer up a sacrifice there for a reward... I'm sure my Konstanten is up there dancing and chanting by Skean's side now. So... have you done it? Who did you pick if you did? And what was the reward?
  3. Hi. In the localization files I found names that relate to Zahua, Meneha and Devil of Caroc. What bonuses can be obtained from them? - - - - Aloth: +1 Int, +5 Reflex. Eder: +1 Mgt, +2 Deflection. Durance: +1 Con, +5% Max Stamina. G. Mother: +1 Resolve, +5 Resist Affliction (charmed, dominated). Hiravias: +1 Dex, +1 Damage Threshold (slash). Sagani: +1 Perception, +2 Bonus Accuracy on same enemy. Kana: +1 Int, +5 Resist Affliction (hobbled, prone). Pallegina: +1 Resolve, +1 Damage Threshold (shock). Maneha: +1 Mgt, +10 resist prone and stunned. Devil of Caroc: +1 Dex, 1 DR bypass. Zahua: +1 Con, +15% drug duration. P.S: So close. Thx to @zered.
  4. Heya, So I've completed another enjoyable play through with a primary all caster party and it was fun, definitely got into the whole spell slinging thing. I'm thinking of doing it again, a fast run, but knowing most of the game fairly well, I can do completionist type campaigns pretty quick now. I don't find the game terribly difficult, but I enjoy casually playing so no Expert Mode (hey, I like maimed as an option!) and no Path of the Damned (though I'm tempted to attempt this with a well thought out party, just not yet, want to do a few more play throughs with different approaches to the game first). So I'm thinking of doing what I haven't done yet, and that's a melee based party. I'm also imposing that my character's choices are going to be cruel where possible, and likely kill anyone and anything I can get away with. Will probably steal as often as possible. Will choose aggressive stances in dialogue where cruel is not available. So melee... and cruel. No talking out of things. Just straight up horrible attitude. And I'd like to do it with martial characters since that's not my norm at all. Here's what I'm thinking (feel free to suggest something else!): PC, Paladin (Bleak Walker, Cruel) - Melee DPS (two hand, Mig, Int, Dex; Athletics & Lore) *** Faith & Conviction, Fighting Spirit, Lay on hands, Liberating Exhortation, Reviving Exhortation, Righteous Soul, Zealous Focus *** The Black Path, Critical Focus, Two hand style, Weapon Focus Adventurer Fighter - Primary Tank (Per, Res, Con and some Int; Althetics & Lore) *** Constant Recover, Defender, Knock Down, Vigorous Defense, Unbending *** Rapid Recovery, Wary Defender, Weapon & Shield Style, Superior Deflection Fighter - Melee DPS (two hand, estoc probably for DR; Mig, Int, Dex; Athletics & Lore) *** Armored Grace, Confident Aim, Constant Recovery, Knock Down (2), Fighting Spirit, Weapon Spec Adventurer *** Two hand style, Vulnerable Attack, Weapon Focus Adventurer, Weapon Mastery Adventurer Barbarian - Melee DPS (two hand, reach weapon, AOE; Mig, Int, Dex; Athletics & Lore) *** Blooded, Brute Force, Carnage, Fighting Spirit, Frenzy, One Stands Alone, Savage Defiance *** Barbaric Blow, Greater Frenzy, Accurate Carnage, Two hand style Rogue - Melee DPS (primary mechanic, condition & sneak attacks; Mig, Int, Dex; Mechanics & Lore) *** Crippling Strike, Deep Wounds, Dirty Fighting, Fighting Spirit, Reckless Assault, Sneak Attack, Withering Strike *** Backstab, Viscous Fighting, One-handed style, Bloody Slaughter From here, I'm wondering.... off-tank Priest or melee reach Priest? Or a 2nd Rogue? Interested in some thoughts. Very best,
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