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  1. I encountered this bug as well, it seems it is caused by skipping the street encounter and getting to queens berth by other means(undercroft). It would be nice to see a portion of this quest added where you get to avetta before being confronted in the street, and instead set an ambush for them with her.
  2. Any progress? even a console command to complete the quest would be neat.
  3. So I killed all of the slavers on crookspur and returned to rusare, but all she says when I click on her is "come no closer outsider" and nothing more. I restarted from an old save and did the quest over, but I got the same problem. The quest log tells me to talk to rusare, but I can't open dialogue with her after the first attempt at dialoge. My guess is this has something to do with aloth's quest bugging out the dialogue but here's my save. A solution, even a quick workaround to this is what I need most as I can't really play deadfire without one. Thanks. Also, I can't attach any saves, even a single lone save to my post. Says the filesize is too big, even with the basic uploader. So I uploaded it to mega. https://mega.nz/#!JRcFUaqY!xziS4X89v8yZ7yP_pMy1NweDDbY1Ewd1MctRPpfA4ng
  4. Didn't fix the issue with Rosenella? That was supposed to be fixed in 1.1
  5. Can confirm this is still broken. Collected all ingredients and the quest didn't work, went back to when I first entered the map and talked to her before stealing the palm stone, and it worked.
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