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  1. I am using windows 10 and Steam A file from each game been quarantined by windows defender as Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml Eternity 2 SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading\560130\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US)\sg_fampyr_menzzago\20_cv_menzzago_0092.wem Eternity 1 \SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading\560130\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US)\pm_banter_tavern_cap_b\09_cv_port_maje_banter_bank_0045.wem I did fresh install today both games and first defender scan picked up those files. Before
  2. I do understand your point and agree there does seem to be big difference between normal and veteran difficulty other difficulties not such gulf between. Does make it very challenging when first move up from normal to veteran. Other part doesn't help with it is fact that higher difficulties made harder after release which they often end up making start out very micromanagement and frustrating, sometimes having cheese it bit till get enough spells, health etc that you can really start hold your own. Difficulty you choose after reaching point doesn't really matter as becomes cake walk when g
  3. Got remember there whole market of other games so got find window for said produce that's what you feel is best chance for it. There fact it had original date and had already been moved back once and keep moving goal post probably would start annoying customers. There financial reasons to release game earlier then perfect package. There really big point most artist will understand you can keep working on something and it can become never ending cycle, at some point got say yeah it's time. This was crowd funded but it does have publisher and I personally don't know but publisher
  4. You may not like what you will get. Tyranny had cooldowns. It made every combat into same monotony of rotating abilities for the win, exhausting every ability because there was no point not to. love tyranny game but yeah combat was cycle through your abilities and spells keep repeating. Could be even more frustrating when destroyed half an opponents health bar for it to refill as you used all strong abilities and had spend bit time on weaker ones. I think maybe there could be ways to improve said system. I seriously wouldn't want change POE system for 3rd time to something differen
  5. It's not about that though, it just a simple matter of finite resources: time, money, manpower. Regardless of whether a company is looking for a quick cash grab or is truly dedicated to making great games, they can only expend those resources once. Building two quite different gameplay modes into a game will inherently mean that resources will have to be split between them. Anything spent building one mode cannot be spent building the other, therefore the quality of each mode will almost certainly be less than it would have been had they decided to just implement that mode. And personally,
  6. In modern game design it's "for people who actually like RPGs / combat". No. Just no. RPGs can be fun without a high difficulty, heck story quality and game difficulty are not linked. Combat can also be fun without being masochistic. Don't conflate your taste with everyone's standard of fun. Though I am of the opinion that challenging gameplay can often enhance a story, I agree here. Heck, Planescape: Torment is hardly a very challenging game yet there are several in this forum (as shown by this poll I made a few months back for example) who consider it one of the greatest RPGs eve
  7. I will try answer few peoples comments in one here. Unfortunately if we accept what people are saying then attrition system really going die out as they mostly wanted by the few for many reasons. Now if POE 3 has no attrition system then like POE 2 I believe it do well enough but will never be truly legandery game and honestly I think it be dead road for POE type games. Lot people say they want per encounter don't want be punished or made to make returning trips to town, but honestly that ends up building game that really is easier and nothing memorable. Like been given car for not
  8. I agree that resource management and rest management are important for me to as I like to make things interesting and challenging to level I am comfortable and happy with. But I do see some people point that resource and rest management is boring and not what everyone wants, therefore why argue if simple tick box system lets people choose what they prefer and everyone wins. People that like and argue for resource and rest management are minority most want fast game and not keep going back and forth, therefore people want resource and rest management keep arguing they mostly lose and h
  9. It's only my opinion. You think seem like I have more opportunities to change something? It's not like that at all. P.S: This mod written specially for those of you who find POE2 too easy. In general, I would assume that those who are vocal have a higher probability to influence (whatever they want to influence) than those who are not. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion and of course, others have the same opportunity to be vocal. I am just constantly baffled by opinions who express their will to impose on others. I do not understand why would anyone want to remove
  10. To make a game like POE 1 and 2 really work they need change things lot. Having it made so a person can do a single player character run through bad idea as either becomes impossible to do single player run or it just not challenging enough for group. Just choose or if got have both have check box for person doing single player character run, that tweaks difficulty for said run. Empower just crazy way it is, as just can rest any time without any issues. Empower scales 10x up what ever used and can be used every fight. Resting also increases states from food to and food not challenge g
  11. Sidekicks don't say anything I can remember after getting them. I remember mirke chatted up till getting her but after nothing. Personally prefer having 6-7 companions and having them well done, cover multiclassing I either give player free choice what they make each companion or give bigger list choices at point they join. Some the sidekicks seem interesting but as they are currently don't really add much at all.
  12. Yeah strange early game meet 3 constructs which take lot hits bring down. By lot mean lot, shortly after leaving city start getting to point where few spells and empower destroy anything fast. Something like rogue doing 200 damage on average while magic users doing 350 plus damage. I had enjoyable fights with constructs and frampyrs and dragon/bosses just cake walks. One the issues is either don't use empower for spells which makes fights longer and run out things throw or you use empower and fights over so fast. Throw in priest, wizard and druid use empower on there best s
  13. As gone quiet Thanks to those made some lighthearted jokes appreciate the laughs As for me yeah I like see some good relationships, think mirke relationship could be made very interesting one and few laughs to. Would be nice if we had few companion quest had bit more length and depth to them. I think multiclass made obsidian make to many companions and sidekicks which cut back on there stories and quest to much. I rather have few companions with depth and length, then having lots with not much story or quest.
  14. If anything like Mirke from my last play through she probably has 2 blunderbuss under her pillow. And on the following day she would ask how was your night. The only option would be "Say nothing [stoic]". If Numnuts doesn't burn ship down first, really does have thing for your ship sinking. Has few size issues to.
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