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  1. I am using windows 10 and Steam A file from each game been quarantined by windows defender as Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml Eternity 2 SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading\560130\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US)\sg_fampyr_menzzago\20_cv_menzzago_0092.wem Eternity 1 \SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading\560130\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US)\pm_banter_tavern_cap_b\09_cv_port_maje_banter_bank_0045.wem I did fresh install today both games and first defender scan picked up those files. Before anyone says already allowed files. All seem to work fine. This just heads up. Do have on gog to but not reinstall from gog in while or run gog versions see if they found by windows defender.
  2. I do understand your point and agree there does seem to be big difference between normal and veteran difficulty other difficulties not such gulf between. Does make it very challenging when first move up from normal to veteran. Other part doesn't help with it is fact that higher difficulties made harder after release which they often end up making start out very micromanagement and frustrating, sometimes having cheese it bit till get enough spells, health etc that you can really start hold your own. Difficulty you choose after reaching point doesn't really matter as becomes cake walk when got high enough level.
  3. Got remember there whole market of other games so got find window for said produce that's what you feel is best chance for it. There fact it had original date and had already been moved back once and keep moving goal post probably would start annoying customers. There financial reasons to release game earlier then perfect package. There really big point most artist will understand you can keep working on something and it can become never ending cycle, at some point got say yeah it's time. This was crowd funded but it does have publisher and I personally don't know but publisher could said they wanted it done by set date. Lot issues are not discovered until someone with different mind set finds ways to abuse system or finds unique ways doing things. I find it so very funny that people come on this board and then behave like POE franchise is only franchise to behave in these ways. Most games come out with issues. Obsidian not only company bring game out late. Most companies make new content for there games, some abuse this by forcing microtransactions. Stop it with rose tinted glass please. Games have become lot bigger then they ever were in past which gives lot space for issues. There the point of computers are made from lots of different components manufactured by lots different companies with lots of software that created by lots companies and multiple systems eg windows linex etc. So its very hard to know what effects those things will have on game till after release. Hence lot of companies prefer game system as it much easier to write game for game system then it is for pc.
  4. You may not like what you will get. Tyranny had cooldowns. It made every combat into same monotony of rotating abilities for the win, exhausting every ability because there was no point not to. love tyranny game but yeah combat was cycle through your abilities and spells keep repeating. Could be even more frustrating when destroyed half an opponents health bar for it to refill as you used all strong abilities and had spend bit time on weaker ones. I think maybe there could be ways to improve said system. I seriously wouldn't want change POE system for 3rd time to something different as it probably come up short as not have its issues sorted. I prefer sorting issues and having better sytem through improvement then new. Also with tyranny system once got some special abilities add in weapon abilities and faction ones was kind of easy to just draw group in hit them with every powerful ability destroy few weaker bad guys and weaken stronger ones then attack one big target and destroy rest one by one. Enemy numbers didn't matter after that point so became walk in park. Tyranny system wasn't really any different between classes as you could make mage rogue fighter that was capable of powerful spells could hold frontline and be sneaky.
  5. It's not about that though, it just a simple matter of finite resources: time, money, manpower. Regardless of whether a company is looking for a quick cash grab or is truly dedicated to making great games, they can only expend those resources once. Building two quite different gameplay modes into a game will inherently mean that resources will have to be split between them. Anything spent building one mode cannot be spent building the other, therefore the quality of each mode will almost certainly be less than it would have been had they decided to just implement that mode. And personally, I think a game is much more likely to be great if the developers have a clear focus and vision and just go with that; rather than trying to hedge their bets and make something that appeals to everyone (or to a larger audience, at any rate). Not guaranteed by any means of course, the courage of conviction can just as easily lead to spectacular failure (ahhh, Daikatana...). But going for compromise and mitigating risk, I can't really ever see that going anywhere legendary. Yeah you are right in some ways as POE will always be better known then deadfire. POE had vision and then people complained about per rest and obsidian changed it to per encounter but its not really per encounter cause you have wounds and rest still there so its mixed up mess. Resting and wounds has no real effect and isn't punished and unfortunately those like attrition can't really use either wounds or rest to increase challenge as its so badly done. But this doesn't change what I said as I suggested having choice which for player to make at games start so not mixed hybrid. Having both enables both to be worked on as both per encounter and per rest systems need have there issues sorted. Having both also force obsidian think how can we make each fight interesting and different for per encounter and not trash fights. For per rest because of the per encounter we have lost the annoying trash fights and still have ways make things more interesting challenge. So yes I think having both actually force obsidian make better game. I think having both might mean a smaller game but if we get legendary game that's slightly smaller prefer that to massive game that's good but not amazing. Per encounter forces company think much harder about each fight. That's good thing. To make per encounter work is lot harder work. If take pirate island and do it so per encounter then got think what types bad guys can we use, got pirates and undead pirates. How do we make them interesting well pirate is rogue type so we can use rogue abilities to hide our sneaky pirate and let them sneak into back row and crit the back row for some evil damage. We can have mage and a dual blunderbuss rogues which is player going take out first as dual wielding blunderbuss going hit hard and crit for good damage or the undead mage who going try debuff party and hit you hard with few his big spells. I try take both using my mage by raining few meteors down on there heads oh that's not worked the mage countered my spell with shield. Now for us like per rest having obsidian think like that because of the per encounter system will make each fight interesting and we have the ability use our per rest to adapt the level of challenge we want. Because the per encounter if done right give great fight first time but once know what to counter with second time is lot easier. Games are so much bigger and continue to grow, therefore company that tries new things can afford to make game bit smaller and have both systems. Per rest does work but issue is that needs to punish as without punishment it gives chance for someone to cheese game with it. Per encounter works if company truly put effort into each fight make it interesting and challenge in different way each fight. If not per encounter becomes set path do x,y and z each fight and win. Per rest don't need know what's coming as you working tactically every fight only using what you feel needs to be used for each fight and therefore saving stuff for next possible encounter. Truth is makes you feel good if can complete whole dungeon without having go back to town replenish and makes you feel good when you meet boss and get use those powerful spells you been saving as not able use them every fight which made them rather fun (using most powerful spells should be limited and feel good when get use not boring cause this 100th time you used it and it means nothing to you any more.) If you remove per rest and per encounter what system are you going use? As for ambushing and the other things yeah we should have things like that and not just our party but the bad guys to. Fights need have lots things make it different and interesting.
  6. In modern game design it's "for people who actually like RPGs / combat". No. Just no. RPGs can be fun without a high difficulty, heck story quality and game difficulty are not linked. Combat can also be fun without being masochistic. Don't conflate your taste with everyone's standard of fun. Though I am of the opinion that challenging gameplay can often enhance a story, I agree here. Heck, Planescape: Torment is hardly a very challenging game yet there are several in this forum (as shown by this poll I made a few months back for example) who consider it one of the greatest RPGs ever. I don't think the people who take part in the official forum for a developer dedicated primarily on the development of RPGs are not gonna be people who don't "actually like RPGs". Combat, now, that is a very different thing - but again, taking Torment's example above, combat isn't necessarily what RPG fans look at in their RPGs. Game can just have a good story and be success planet torment is good example of that, but it wouldn't be wise move for obsidian to go down that road with POE. Firstly POE has had combat from start and to suddenly remove would be to drastic a change. Lot of people buy POE if they bought POE 3 and found no combat they feel cheated. Secondly obsidian need to work on story telling, not trying be nasty but look at POE then tyranny and then POE 2, first POE has its issues story telling wise like finishing quest at the arrival of second city which does kill emersion as you feel reached the end before you made it to the end, then got white marsh great little story but badly thought out as either do it at the end and soulbound are waste or do it in middle of game and level progression takes big hit.. Tyranny split into 3 acts on reaching act 3 makes person feel there is still lot to go and suddenly game ends, whole end could of been better thought out. POE 2 story is very story light and if had no combat would simple killed franchise when story not well enough done. Most important point is building game that has sell on story line is dangerous gamble for game company as to make story whole of a game forces it to be rather perfect story or death of the game, there is very little forgiveness on game like planet torment and in its case it had the great story. As for open world that has and always will have levelling issues., now with games like elder scrolls not issue as don't play them be challenged, I play them for the story and feeling of epic size. Lot of people got involved with POE cause it promised be in spirit of BG franchise so people expected it be challenging and rewarding. I understand deadfire is a rather open space but shouldn't been made open world, personally think they should of had it split into 4 sections like map is and shouldn't been able to explore section until you first travelled to to that area. If they done that would still felt rather open world but would given obsidian more control of levelling and when you actually arrive in each section would also helped with story as they could then put reasons why couldn't simply chased eothas and had to do side content. Honestly as it feels currently story takes back seat without any reasoning while you explore open world and eothas runs into setting sun but its ok we got all time in world. Story and open world run counter to each other and it effects whole produce for it. POE set itself up for those wanted challenge when it made POTD and iron man both sound like there designed to challenge and sound like designed for the few want extreme mode.
  7. I will try answer few peoples comments in one here. Unfortunately if we accept what people are saying then attrition system really going die out as they mostly wanted by the few for many reasons. Now if POE 3 has no attrition system then like POE 2 I believe it do well enough but will never be truly legandery game and honestly I think it be dead road for POE type games. Lot people say they want per encounter don't want be punished or made to make returning trips to town, but honestly that ends up building game that really is easier and nothing memorable. Like been given car for nothing might enjoy driving it but not same feeling as having work hard and save for it, memories that special come from feeling you achieved something special, push through what you believed your limits were and found that success. Truth is per encounter leaves emptiness because every fight feels same and is not anything special. I agree per rest did have way to many trash fights in POE 1 and rest system need work but it gives you rewards and makes you feel you achieved something special. Everything is compromise problem is compromise normally to majorities advantage and also to those most able to argue there points. Lastly those who can shout loudest. Yes I understand that having mutiple ideas and systems with in game will make lot harder work but thats for companies sort out. Honestly does company want just make money which case might well go route of micro transactions and building games for majority, but those companies games will never be remembered and nor will company when they gone. If company really wants stand out then got try new ways please more people and try make legendery games. If I take resident evil games I always remember res 1-4 beyond those four will be forgotten. (not tried 7 so can't comment on that one yet) Why will those be forgotten cause there nothing really stands out. Moved away from what made resident evil ah resident evil. Tke kotor games 1st was great game and then second was something different as in made you question meaning of good and bad and the force, that was new but it did keep what made kotor special to. Kotor 3 which became MMO tried be MMO with to many compromises and to many new directions and really should been left same as kotor 1 and 2 If they wanted MMO they really should started new star wars saga. Compromise doesn't have to mean going one way or another can include both but ultimately good franchise must keep what makes it shine and stand out. Non my comments are disrespecting said game companies both sets games I love. I just stating where both went wrong in my opinion.
  8. I agree that resource management and rest management are important for me to as I like to make things interesting and challenging to level I am comfortable and happy with. But I do see some people point that resource and rest management is boring and not what everyone wants, therefore why argue if simple tick box system lets people choose what they prefer and everyone wins. People that like and argue for resource and rest management are minority most want fast game and not keep going back and forth, therefore people want resource and rest management keep arguing they mostly lose and hence most games don't have lots resource management. Both systems need reworking as both got there issues to.
  9. It's only my opinion. You think seem like I have more opportunities to change something? It's not like that at all. P.S: This mod written specially for those of you who find POE2 too easy. In general, I would assume that those who are vocal have a higher probability to influence (whatever they want to influence) than those who are not. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion and of course, others have the same opportunity to be vocal. I am just constantly baffled by opinions who express their will to impose on others. I do not understand why would anyone want to remove an optional feature. Since it does not compute to me, perhaps naively, I think that your suggestion comes from omission and/or flawed reasoning. I have used this parallel on this board before, but to me its like if there was a hill to climb, there was a medal for reaching the top, and there also was a cable-car leading to the top. Then someone, who like to get to the top on foot, would suggest .. remove the cable-car. It just makes no sense to me. If I want to get to the top on foot, the fact that cable-car exists is irrelevant to me so is whether others use the cable-car or helicopter to get to the top. To ask for cable-car removal is nothing else but imposing on others for no rational reason. If someone explains it to me, why to impose on others without rational reason, perhaps I will stop asking about it. Personally I prefer the per rest system from POE 1 But for me I argue that POE 3 would be best if caters to both groups by using simple tick box let people choose. Like you never really understood this need to tell each other what's best and try remove things. To me more you can add that gives choice more you can please. It also gives greater replay ability as you have more options you can try more settings and have slightly different game each time. There the bonus to been able make game as difficult as you want with more options. Answering your question I think some people can only see the value in there own arguments and therefore can't see value in others. Some simply selfishness and they simply want world revolve around themselves. Some people lack empathy and therefore closed to how others feel. Some simply allow there emotions to cloud there minds and argue with to much passion, blinding themselves to what others say and think. Probably few more answers I not thought of here but would if spent time on it. Anyone reading my personal thoughts only on question someone asked and reflects no judgements towards any persons.
  10. To make a game like POE 1 and 2 really work they need change things lot. Having it made so a person can do a single player character run through bad idea as either becomes impossible to do single player run or it just not challenging enough for group. Just choose or if got have both have check box for person doing single player character run, that tweaks difficulty for said run. Empower just crazy way it is, as just can rest any time without any issues. Empower scales 10x up what ever used and can be used every fight. Resting also increases states from food to and food not challenge get. There not real financial challenge so you can afford every bit equipment. Level progression should be gradual curve and enemies should scale to that curve. Boss fights dragons etc should be few levels higher then rest. You should always feel challenged but not frustrated. Need keep some attrition like per rest from POE 1 so person can scale difficult for themselves to point. POE 2 has not real attrition system player can use to scale difficulty as per encounter system doesn't play well for it. Can't try lowering little of this make that higher while the progression curve is off, as you need sort that curve out first. playing with this and that will make start game more frustrating while not fixing the cake walk that happens after leaving city in POE 2. Fights in area really need good planning and placement stop having trash fights. Example if we build pirate stronghold then first think what sort bad guys can we use what fits said theme firstly pirates what else undead pirates etc. Then need define where put fights and each choice need think why here, what advantage would they have been this placement? What difficulty are we catering for how do we want difficult scale as player run through dungeon. AI needs serious help as it trips over itself, always goes for easy target and can easily be pulled through chock point. Teach AI gang up fast attack on one of a party doesn't need be weakest. Teach it not be stupid chase through choke point. Magic has to be scaled, yes nice have powerful spells but they should be very special not useable every fight. Per encounter and open world just way to many variables to make every fight really fit right level. Open world never know when person going go a to b or from a to z. Equipment yes we love finding new equipment but legendary equipment should be very limited. People always want everything but ask really rich person done everything gets bit boring cause there nothing special left for them as got everything. So in games people want lots but don't give all easy or let them use special things all the time as stop things been special, make people work hard get special things or be able use special things. If want build game that's per encounter and open world say it from first game and stick to it, don't change it so much system becomes something totally new. Can't please everyone design it for one set of people and stick to that. Changing systems pushing people out pull in few new, few new might not touch it based on some scared start franchise mid way through. If your going do attrition system then needs to make people pay price for using example per rest needs have chance of been attacked when rest out in wilds. Per rest needs make people pay price for going back to town half way through dungeon each hour away from dungeon it refills said dungeon with bad guys, therefore after number hours said dungeons back to fall up. Honestly what ever system you have try have things that can be turned on to make it more difficult. I played tyranny and POE 1 so many times would be nice I can turn things up make it more challenge at times. It's really nice be able tweak game to fit your personal level at various times. Personally if I was obsidian I make POE 3 and use POE 3 set how you really want build it per encounter or per rest. Used it to really find way balance scaling and gradual curve of levelling up. I would make POE 3 end watcher story. From that I start again with new story and character set in past or in future and build that franchise using what you learned from this set stories. I very want see how story gets completed. I be here for POE 3. I also want meet kyros in tyranny see how that works out for my fatebinder. I like see you build new story and for you really make it truly legendary set games that really push story companions and exploration. Honestly want an open world game need do away with levels as we know it and have one fixed level define whole your character at start game, but if do that need reward player in different way and you need make sure story lines and companions are great and amazing. Or Have semi open world where to progress from an area need to complete set objective to progress, that way easier manage level progression and level scaling. I don't dislike POE 1 or 2 or tyranny and not complaining as want you follow my way or nothing. I write in forum because want you build best games possible and I want play them in 20 years time want still remember them because they where special.
  11. Sidekicks don't say anything I can remember after getting them. I remember mirke chatted up till getting her but after nothing. Personally prefer having 6-7 companions and having them well done, cover multiclassing I either give player free choice what they make each companion or give bigger list choices at point they join. Some the sidekicks seem interesting but as they are currently don't really add much at all.
  12. Yeah strange early game meet 3 constructs which take lot hits bring down. By lot mean lot, shortly after leaving city start getting to point where few spells and empower destroy anything fast. Something like rogue doing 200 damage on average while magic users doing 350 plus damage. I had enjoyable fights with constructs and frampyrs and dragon/bosses just cake walks. One the issues is either don't use empower for spells which makes fights longer and run out things throw or you use empower and fights over so fast. Throw in priest, wizard and druid use empower on there best spells think you could kill eothas very fast.
  13. As gone quiet Thanks to those made some lighthearted jokes appreciate the laughs As for me yeah I like see some good relationships, think mirke relationship could be made very interesting one and few laughs to. Would be nice if we had few companion quest had bit more length and depth to them. I think multiclass made obsidian make to many companions and sidekicks which cut back on there stories and quest to much. I rather have few companions with depth and length, then having lots with not much story or quest.
  14. If anything like Mirke from my last play through she probably has 2 blunderbuss under her pillow. And on the following day she would ask how was your night. The only option would be "Say nothing [stoic]". If Numnuts doesn't burn ship down first, really does have thing for your ship sinking. Has few size issues to.
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