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Known Issues List [Updated 3-12-2015]



Hey everyone. Here is a list of issues we are currently aware of and will be fixing. We will be adding and removing things from this list as needed.

  • Pathfinding - We are in the middle of revising the pathfinding system. In the Backer Beta at launch, you may see issues with characters jittering, getting stuck, getting "bottlenecked" between other characters, and overlapping their selection circles with other characters in combat.
  • Sliding - You may notice characters sliding in various situations, where their movement does not match their animation. This is a known issue.
  • AI - Some characters (including party members) may not respond to a command. Alternately, they may become stuck in an attack or reload loop. We've also found that our initial batch of instruction sets for enemy AIs need additional functionality and parameters that we decided to continue implementing during beta.
  • Selection Feedback - We are also working on the feedback you receive when selecting characters and actions for them to perform. It's important to us that the feedback is clear and immediate.
  • Stat Blocks - Many spells, abilities, and items are not yet programmatically displaying all relevant information about them. We are in the process of adding that information to all appropriate interfaces.
  • Attribute Balance - Testers have reported that Perception and Resolve are less compelling for their character builds than Might, Constitution, Dexterity, and Intellect. We are discussing different solutions for this.
  • Stamina and Health are Unintuitive - We have consistently found with players and testers that the stamina and health system are unintuitive as presented in game. However, we have also consistently found that, once explained and understood, the system was well-received by the people who used it. We are working on solutions to this disconnect.
  • Rangers are Buggy - The unique shared stamina/health of rangers and their animal companions has been a tricky system to implement and we are aware that their mechanics have a bunch of issues.
  • Chanters are Overpowered - Yes, they are. They'll be dialed back a bit, but in the meantime, enjoy playing a game where the bard-type class is king.
  • UI - Our UI is still being polished and fully implemented. Things like our death screen, stealth UI, and the engagement UI, are all being implemented or tweaked.
  • Abilities and Spells are Buggy - We are working through all of our abilities, but you may find certain spells and abilities that are not working as they are described.
  • Some Missing Assets - There are some pieces of the game that are still being implemented - like VFX, Audio, and Icons. You may notice that some assets are either missing or are temporary.
  • Fog of War Working Incorrectly - The Fog of War is not currently blocking line of sight.
  • Optimizations - We have not fully optimized the game yet. You may notice that load times and performance still need to be improved.
  • Save and Load - We are still working through many save and load issues. Passive and modal abilities can sometimes double on a character after they are loaded. Also, the Continue option is still being worked on. It is best to use the Load Game feature instead of the Continue feature.
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Here is a list of some of the most reported issues thus far. If you are experiencing one of the bugs below please do not begin a new thread, instead search for your issue and add your information to the thread that has already been created. (This will help everyone as your issue might already have a known workaround)


I will be working, in time, to both organize and create links from the issues below to their appropriate threads (with the most activity/posts) in an effort to simplify traffic on the forums.


We will try to keep this list up to date with the most common bugs, but please be aware that if your bug is not on this list it may still have a thread already associated with it.



Additional issues



  • Save/Load causes character shadows to disappear on the East and West sides of Dyrford Village - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Talents that modify abilities do not activate until after Save/Load
  • [Fixed in v480] Items that grant abilities duplicate the ability on the action bar and become permanent after Save/Load - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Memory usage increases after loading the game (closing the client and opening it resets this) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Memory usage increases after transitions (closing the client and opening it resets this) - Thread Link

Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v435] Saving a paused game, closing and reopening the client, then loading that game via the Continue causes the game to load in paused - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Enchanted Mods disappear after loading the game - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Save Files can become unreadable if PC loses power supply while the game is running
  • [Fixed in v435] Memory usage increases by 300-800MB after 1-2 Save/Loads or Transitions, this does not appear to worsen further
  • [Fixed in v392] After loading a game all party members revert to their first weapon set - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Save/Load before transitioning to Dyrford Village causes 0 seconds travel time and a black screen (Workaround in Thread) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Save/Load causes the inventory paperdoll not to show weapons and shields until another character is selected - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Fog of War does not persist on Save/Load and transitions - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Uninstalling the game does not remove all files that the game created - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] BB Fighter sometimes becomes invisible after Save/Load - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] BB Wizard's Cape is rendered white, this is caused or fixed by Save/Load depending on the situation - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Loading saved games while in combat or with factions turned aggressive can persist into the loaded game - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Some Game Options are not persisting throughout gameplay and closing and opening the client
  • [Fixed in v333] Save/Load in Lle a Rhemen 02 (the lower area) will cause you to no longer be able to access certain areas - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Save/Load causes enemies in the scene to be reduced to 0 DT 
  • [Fixed in v301] Weapons + Shields are sometimes appearing at the feet of characters after transitions and Save/Load - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Saving and Loading in Lle a Rhemen causes enemies to begin engaging eachother off screen
  • [Fixed in v301] Paladin's Inspiring Triumph effect is stacking and persisting indefinitely after Save/Load
  • [Fixed in v301] Items that grant spells, such as Spellbind Enchanted items, are duplicating their granted spells on Save/Load
  • [Fixed in v278] Items are disappearing on save/load and transitions - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Quests/Tasks are lost when loading while in a game - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Dead party members will rejoin the party after transitions and save/load - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Saving games causes the zoom in/out feature to function improperly - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Currency, Quest items, Crafting items, and Camping Supplies are placed in the inventory after loading a game - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Status icons revert to temp icons and text after loading a game


Area Design

  • The Ogre Cave can be difficult to enter - Thread Link
  • Critters in the wilderness do not always react to the party - Thread Link
  • The Temple Skaen entrance is visible on the area map without first moving the statue - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Stormwall Gorge Feral Druids aren't dropping all of their inventory
  • [Fixed in v480] Spider Queen doesn't always follow nearby spiders into combat

Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v435] Boar companion is left behind when Medreth leaves - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Dengler's Store cannot be accessed after returning to the Dracogen Inn
  • [Fixed in v392] Korgrak's attacks are not causing recovery - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Force Attacking Medreth, just after attaining the quest, A Cat and Mouse, causes you to be unable to complete the quest - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Can't pick the Pilgrim's Crown plant in the southern central area of Dyrford Village - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] The Water Wheel in Dyrford Village seems to be rotating in the wrong direction - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Hendyna wanders off to the forest at times and is not at her shop - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Backer NPCs all have Missing Strings for their Soul Memory descriptions - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Examinable objects are losing and/or duplicating their icons - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Examinable inside Dyrford Mill doesn't show a description - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Several enemies in Temple Skaen have *Missing String* names



  • Some spells and abilities (Jolting Touch, Knockdown, etc...) always display a movement spell icon - Thread Link
  • Wizards in character creation are not holding Grimoires - Thread Link
  • Some new class abilities have been added for the druid, fighter, paladin, and wizard. These abilities have missing strings and temp icons
  • Periodic framerate stutter
  • Talents that modify abilities override the original ability stats
  • Character running animations are not staggered and appear to be in perfect sync - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Wizard Essential Phantom doesn't attack
  • [Fixed in v480] Priest Class specific talents are not mentioning accuracy bonuses to weapons
  • [Fixed in v480] Enemies affected by Charm Beast do not change team when they are charmed
  • [Fixed in v480] Queueing abilities with Shift+Click sets the shortcut hotkey for the ability to Shift
  • [Fixed in v480] Low Health/Endurance Auto-Pause can become disruptive due to its frequency - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Many spells and abilities that apply a hostile effect for a duration do not scale on Grazes or Critical Hits - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] AoE Spells/Abilities still resolve even if the caster becomes Paralyzed or Knocked Prone
  • [Fixed in v480] No Cultures give Constitution or Perception as a bonus
  • [Fixed in v480] Dexterity increases animation speed but makes recovery take longer - Thread Link

Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v435] Discovering a trap on a container causes you to be unable to open the container - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Medreth's Boar Companion is following the party from scene to scene and causing combat issues - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] The Bloody Slaughter talent has a blank description - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit Ranges are off by 1 value - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Hiring a 7th party member and removing a BB companion causes you to be unable to transition or save - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Barbarians with the Blooded ability show the Blooded VFX always - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Knock Down does not cause the Prone affliction to friendly NPCs when it is used to initiate combat - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Knock Down's range seems to large for a melee only ability - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] If you hire an Adventurer when you have a full party, the Adventurer will be made with no items
  • [Fixed in v435] If the Ranger or their Companion are knocked out near an enemy while the other is far away, they will repeatedly fall unconscious
  • [Fixed in v435] Knock Down becomes stuck in an "Already activated" state if the target is gibbed before Knock Down resolves - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Trap Triggered and other similar bark texts persist for too long - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Best of Weapons are not showing the proper damage type in the combat log - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] On death load doesn't function if an entire party is knocked out while one party member is dominated
  • [Fixed in v435] Changing difficulty level in-game doesn't scale the number of opponents correctly
  • [Fixed in v435] Dexterity is currently not properly affecting action speed (animation times and recovery times) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] AI does not consider Range bonus from Perception when moving into range to cast a spell - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Mods affecting attacks are applied multiple times if a character is knocked prone/petrified etc... before the hit frame of an attack - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Hired adventurers spawn inside the player character - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Exiting Scouting Mode causes a loss of FPS that persists until Load or Transitions - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Chanters cannot use the Cautious Attack modal while chanting - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Chanter's talent Ancient Memory causes the party to twitch consistently - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly
  • [Fixed in v392] The Goldpact Paladin talent Enduring Flames is causing Flames of Devotion to apply a permanent DoT effect - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Hazard spells (Slicken, Web, Chill Fog, etc...) are attaching themselves to affected targets - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Creatures are periodically not playing death animations and not dropping loot (workaround in thread) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Fighter Passive Armored Grace needs its description updated to reflect its recovery modification - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Paladin Auras, Zealous Focus, Zealous Charge, and Zealous Endurance deactivate immediately when clicked - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Fan of Flames level 1 Wizard spell, often plays a VFX with improper textures/renders - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Charmed/Dominated creatures will attack themselves - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Crystal Eater Spiders, Crystal Eater Spiderlings, and Widowmaker Spiders are bypassing 10 DT
  • [Fixed in v364] Missed attacks in combat are still causing hit reactions and hit SFX - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Dead party members are not being removed from the party (Workaround in Thread) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Perception does not currently affect the range of attacks and spells
  • [Fixed in v333] Placed Traps do not work as intended
  • [Fixed in v333] Characters with reach weapons are moving into normal melee range when commanded to attack from a distance - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Druid Spirit Shift forms are not attacking properly - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Stone Beetles will sometimes stay underground when in combat (appearing invisible) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Spells already in BB Wizard's or a looted Grimoire can be inscribed a second time into the Grimoire without error - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Large parties, especially with Ranger pets or summons, have difficulty using some transitions - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Loading games clears the resting bonus gained from an Inn
  • [Fixed in v333] Spiders will sometimes "Teleport" jumping past your front line or moving towards a character they could not have reached - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] The Wizard Spell "Essential Phantom" pushes the Wizard out of the party - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] The Deep Wounds effect is ticking too quickly or multiple times per tick - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Scouting Circles are drawn over some UI and are temp in appearance - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Pets and summoned creatures will try to loot for the party causing items to be lost when looted - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Being interrupted or downed while in the process of using an activated ability causes the ability to lock permanently - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Defensive statistic values (Defl, Fort, Refl, Will) are not being calculated correctly - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Blights summoned by the Pwgra are joining the player's party - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Chanter and Druid Summons should be combat only
  • [Fixed in v301] Being interrupted while casting the Rogue Escape ability causes several issues
  • [Fixed in v301] Characters will get stuck in attack, reload, or casting animation loops
  • [Fixed in v278] Adventurer's are always hired at level 1 - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Health values are the same for all classes - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] The Game Over screen is sometimes shown when the player character is knocked out 
  • [Fixed in v278] Wizard, Cipher, and Chanter do not receive talents at level 3 and 6 - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Deep Wounds effect is dealing far too much damage
  • [Fixed in v278] Paladin's Zealous Charge is slowing/rooting characters after saving



  • Improper textures for male characters
  • [Fixed in v480] Firebrand sword loses fire effect quickly
  • [Fixed in v480] Lights in character creation and inventory screens cause bloom and unnatural glare on paperdolls
  • [Fixed in v480] Many summoned creatures do not display VFX when they despawn
  • [Fixed in v480] Distortion VFX disable parts of the selection circles

Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v435] Models for Doors, Weapons, Shields, etc... change texture quality/mip at improper zoom ranges - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Items held by NPCs can be seen through the Fog of War - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] VFX art shown during Scouting Mode does not align well with selection circles - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Male Moon Godlike head 4 is missing a model - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] The Cladhaliath Spear is not visible in game, only in the paperdoll - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] The Wizard's Grimoire is held in the offhand even when a weapon or shield are equip in that hand - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] The Health bar indicators feel somewhat unpolished and appear to overlap the portrait - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] Scouting Mode causes targeting recticles to appear at character's feet when activated/deactivated - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Hendyna's home has a visual shaking effect when entered and zoomed in - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Morning Stars (of the non-Fine Quality) are transparent in game and character creation - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Rocks near the east side of Dyrford Crossing need the nav mesh adjusted to prevent clipping - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Nav Mesh near the ruins in the southwest of Dyrford Crossing needs to be tightened - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Scouting Circles have temporary art and positioning - Thread Link



  • Potion of Mirrored Image does not function properly
  • [Fixed in v480] Pistols and implements can be dual-wielded - Thread Link

Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v435] Cape/Cloak items do not align with character's shoulders and clip through character models - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v392] The Sabre will sometimes strike for 0.0 damage negating the attack entirely - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Pollaxes are being treated as Slashing weapons instead of Best of Slash/Crush
  • [Fixed in v333] The BB Wizard's Cloak item is floating significantly out of position
  • [Fixed in v333] Minor Stamina potion is valued higher than Major Stamina potion
  • [Fixed in v301] Dengler does not replenish his Camping Supplies over time as he should - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] The old version of the Rope and Grappling Hook item is still in some loot containers - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Weapons + Shields are appearing on the ground in the center of maps/scenes - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Shops have incorrect pricing - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Items and loot bags appear on the ground randomly
  • [Fixed in v278] Dropped loot reappears after being looted
  • [Fixed in v278] The Skull Key cannot be used to open the entrance to Temple Skaen


User Interface

  • Crafting UI displays 1/2 the amount you are actually creating
  • Missing strings in game options (Thread Link contains what the strings say) - Thread Link
  • When wielding a single weapon in your offhand and nothing in the main hand the UI indicates that you are dual wielding - Thread Link
  • The Area Map in Stormwall Gorge often displays lines through the Fog of War on the outer edges of the map - Thread Link
  • Feedback is not clear that clicking portraits in shop allows you to compare examined items - Thread Link
  • Combat HUD and "Injured, Near Death" indicators do not correctly match character Endurance values - Thread Link
  • Combat HUD occasionally displays a "stuck pip" on the right side of the HUD even though the character is injured - Thread Link
  • Culture bonuses are always factored in character creation, even when the user hasn't reached that step in the process yet - Thread Link
  • Double-Clicking on a character while the game is paused, causes the party's shadows to jitter slightly - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Enabling Fast Mode should disable Slow Mode (if active) and vise versa
  • [Fixed in v480] Two handed style description reads +1.1 Damage and is misleading
  • [Fixed in v480] It is difficult to resize the combat log diagonally from the corner
  • [Fixed in v480] It is impossible to replace items on the Quick Items tab in inventory
  • [Fixed in v480] No feedback from enchanting items
  • [Fixed in v480] White damage values in the combat log only display whole numbers and not decimal values (Makes DoT effects misleading)
  • [Fixed in v480] Sixth party member's portrait overlaps with the HUD at 1920x1200 resolution - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Wizard's Grimoire UI does not allow inspection of greyed out spells - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Game options displays the difficulty of the file you first load into even after changing character files - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Resizing the Combat Log after hiding/expanding the Central HUD allows you to overlap UI elements - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Assigned Action Bar Hotkeys are duplicating ability UI and not unassigning previously assigned keys - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] UI screen borders are shifted offscreen in higher resolutions causing quest updates etc to become clipped - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] The level up button in the character sheet appears available even if you cannot level up - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Paladin's description is missing the word "Health" after the health multiplier - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Character Creation attribute allocation arrows continue to make SFX sounds if clicked after they have disappeared - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] UI elements and selection circles can be partially or completely obscured by spell VFX and distortion effects - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v480] Traps and Hidden Secrets change the mouse cursor when hovered over (before they are discovered) - Thread Link

Past Fixed Bugs:


  • [Fixed in v435] HUD effects and glowing elements (such as Level up and glowing active ability) show when inventory etc are open - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Saved games are not ordering properly and are sometimes resetting their play time
  • [Fixed in v435] The "Next Tab" keybinding in the Controls menu does not change when bound to another key - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] "Click" Sound is played twice when using buttons in character creation and dialogue interactions - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Spell and ability tooltips in character creation display "Right-Click for details" when this function has no effect - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Time stamp font is small in when viewing saved games - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Descriptions for spells and abilities presented in character creation and level up screens cannot be scrolled - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Item tooltips often appear behind the inventory and loot UI
  • [Waived, will not be supporting for Pillars of Eternity] You can freely wield a single weapon in either hand, yet you are unable to wield a shield in any slot but the off hand - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v435] Stash access in the Shop UI needs to be switched to page format
  • [Fixed in v392] Accuracy shown in the Inventory and Character sheet do not reflect the bonus for single 1 Handed weapons and Enchant/Mod accuracy effects
  • [Fixed in v392] "Best of" weapons do not display their change in damage type in the combat log when the alternate type is used - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Opening and closing the Area Map shifts 2D UI elements (Including character circles) - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Temp Status icons are sometimes appearing during combat (White Squares with Green Circles)
  • [Fixed in v364] Targeting recticles persist after death if the creature is killed while moused over - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Winfrith and Tenfrith's shops do not have name and values listed for items in the shop UI - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Savage Endurance tooltip is showing too many decimals - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v364] Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked
  • [Fixed in v333] Abilities shown in character creation do not update immediately as different classes are selected - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Holding the Tab Key while transitioning places Backer Icons on the screen permanently
  • [Fixed in v333] Unable to split stacks of Potions, Scrolls, Traps, and other Quick Items - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v333] Steps can be skipped in Character Creation
  • [Fixed in v333] Paperdoll models are disappearing from the Level Up and Inventory UI
  • [Fixed in v301] Text in Scripted Interactions (The Storyboards) is being cut off on the right side - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Cannot cancel Character Creation, Level Up, or Adventurer Creation - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Combat UI elements appear over the main HUD including the combat log
  • [Fixed in v278] Main menu options text is disappearing - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Loss of control when closing the stash while holding a stashed item - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] The Continue button loads the oldest save instead of the most recent - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Inventory is acting as though it is full when it is not - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Right clicking portraits moves the selected character
  • [Fixed in v278] Turning the HUD off and invoking a menu locks the HUD as invisible
  • [Fixed in v278] Opening and closing the map quickly allows you to see the entire area without fog




Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v435] Combat Music is no longer playing
  • [Fixed in v435] Music and SFX can periodically cut out
  • [Fixed in v392] Dyrford Ruins hallway plays the SFX of footsteps splashing through puddles, even though there is no water - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] SFX are looping in slow motion, while pausing, or when knockdown is played




Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v333] Changing keybindings in the control options will not unbind the key you assign from its previous assignment
  • [Fixed in v333] The Cyclopedia Bestiary values are not completely accurate - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v301] Maimed and Fatigue status effects are cleared when engaging in dialogue with Korgrak - Thread Link
  • [Fixed in v278] Formations are not spaced properly/evenly
  • [Fixed in v278] Water becomes black between 5 and 7 am.
  • [Fixed in v278] Pace in the back of Dyrford Tavern is translucent




Past Fixed Bugs:

  • [Fixed in v392]  Launching the client through steam while running OSX Yosemite causes the client to crash (workaround in thread) - Thread Link




Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and continued support!  :lol:

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