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[301] Dead(er than dead) companions no longer leave party




Dead companions remain in the party, dead, which prevents zoning and replacement.


Kill a party member.

[Expected Behavior]

Dead companions should disappear from the party

Guessing this has to do with the new "leave body to loot after death" mechanics. Sadly this really screws you over since you can no longer zone out (since you cannot gather your party).


Quick fix for those interested:

  • open up the console (see your binding options for that)
  • press enter and type in: manageparty, then enter again
  • in the new UI, remove party members ONE by ONE, always starting by the last entry AND validating after each. The companion management UI is REALLY ****ed up (just unfinished really) and most of the time, it'll screw you over, but heh, it's either that, or never zone out anymore...



On another note:

  • Where the hell is "dismiss" companion button? Are we supposed to keep them with us no matter what unless we actively kill them? That's...bloody :)
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