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[v278] Teleporting Spiders

Hiro Protagonist II


[Description of the issue]
Enemies that shouldn't be teleporting are teleporting to get around barriers including your front line characters.
[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]


I numbered what happened in this encounter.


I had three front line characters block the enemy in preparation between the two rocks.


1. Enemy Spider sitting.

2. Wizard fired a spell at the Spider.

3. Spider rushed in and trying to attack my Wizard and ignoring the three characters blocking it.

4. Moved my Wizard back out of danger.

5. Spider teleported to my Wizard because it couldn't get around my three front line characters. LOL. :lol:


Not sure if Widowmaker spiders can teleport but it was funny seeing a spider struggling to get over my three characters and then just appeared at my Wizard.




[Expected behaviour]
Enemies who can't teleport shouldn't be able to teleport to get to a character who hit them, despite other characters blocking their path.

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Now with video:

I believe this happens when you aggro creatures and the pathfinding code can't find a route to your character due to other characters blocking their path (for some reason instead of a check being made to determine the shortest path before they run into obstructed terrain, it appears that units run into obstructed terrain and then either teleport to their target or play ring around the rosey).

Maybe I should make some videos of other games and demonstrate what should happen.
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LOL I even didn't reckon this as a bug. Thought it's their natural ability (they just dig tunnels that fast and attack).

I would have thought so two except there is no animation.  Seem like more like a pathing bug/glitch.   One teleport incident was my mage got the aggro of a big spider, my melee were bottle necking the group of spiders, and next I know the spider "ported" next to my mage. 

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