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  1. The main character I created is still becoming invincible with getting defensive values of up to 10300s Used continue at the main screen Loaded a few times Equipped the banded mail from the equipment drops off the group waiting by the river that I fought after letting the orlan at the inn go Character is a Death godlike paladin with the very large humaniod model (forget the name) which also seemed to be stuck in a fast walk and would run ever.
  2. I would have thought so two except there is no animation. Seem like more like a pathing bug/glitch. One teleport incident was my mage got the aggro of a big spider, my melee were bottle necking the group of spiders, and next I know the spider "ported" next to my mage.
  3. Are you talking bout the collapsed archway? There is another archway in a hallway further on, just follow the spiders.
  4. First impression is so far loving it. Not going into the gripes I have since many are already doing it. Story of the main quest in backer beta was great and had a major twist at the end. The story was intriguing and mature and not all luvy dovy kidoish. Feel that more conservations options are needed that have more impact on the game. Like the end of the Blood Legacy with the girl, felt more options should have been available. Certainly brings that IWD/BG feel of gaming, still a lot of work left to do and we only got a very small glimps of what the fnisihed game will be like, but it feels right on track and is exactly what I wanted in the game.
  5. You just need to press the key again to deactivate that speed mode. Ohhhhh... well that saves the hassle of reloading to earlier settings lol
  6. However, the bug is that you cannot revert to normal speed. Normal is unmapped by default, at least for me, and when mapped the mapped key does nothing.
  7. So am at a dead end in the beta. Gonna list all of it and see if I missed anything Blood Legacy - Ended, is there any way to save the girl? A Farmer's Plight - due the inventory bug I cannot turn in the quest so don't know if this leads to any other quests Nest Egg - unable to turn in a whole egg, assuming its the inventory bug, but was able to turn in the broken egg side of the quest Cat and Mouse - completed Don't have any quests available inside town after the conclusion of Blood Legacy nor do I get any quests that lead me to the forest west of town where its the ruins, the lions, n druids. Can't complete the ceremony-whatever. Is this all that's available? Would like to know OE's plan with the Backer Beta, will we get updates/hotfixes relatively quickly, added content, timetable for these?
  8. I can't even equip the vessel. You can equip it?
  9. So, how did you get the grappling hook/key to work? I have both in my inventory, but can't use either. I also can't open the door leading back to the workshop in the ruined tower: it seems like my rogue never tries to pick the lock. You need to raise your mechanics to lvl 7, either yourself, the BB rogues when she levels, or you *SPOILER* loot a web corpse in the spider cave that the ogre is at, it's one near where the queen/black widow looking spider is at, which increases your mechanics by 2. There is an alternative entrance to cultist place but due to inventory bug its doesn't allow you the option use the inventory item at the alternative entrance.
  10. I've played on hard, finished the Legacy of Blood quest line and found the game incredibly easy, have your tanks charge in first, cleric heal as needed. rogue flank = winwin. And I'm not even swapping weapons take advantage of the weak defense not am I really casting spells since the UI is way off with what I aim and what actually gets hit.
  11. Well I would sure Well I sure as hell hope so, some paid $25 and if not then many will feel cheated. Hopefully they have stuff early level, mid level, near cap/end level for people to play around with classes wise. Would like to actually play the beginning of the storyline, enough to get a feel of the story of the game. But speaking of storyline, is there a thread that goes into it at least what role does the protagonist plays or the overall story driving the game?
  12. When I swap weapon in combat it occurs. Reloading game it occurs. I went to the store to buy a shield to see if the morning star is two hander or not since its so frigging big visually. When I moved the bought shield from my created main char's inventory to the beta priest's inventory it disappeared. Like Marceror said, hopefully this is a top priority since this is pretty much a game breaker and I cannot really play the game with this kind of bug.
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