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  1. No, it won't equip. It likely has something to do with the fact that loading a game completely breaks everything.
  2. The menu screen music does pick up in intensity, but you have to listen to it for a little while. The very beginning of the song starts out slow which is off-putting. The music is really nice it just doesn't take into consideration that people spend about 5 seconds on that screen, usually. The track should be skipped ahead and start at a more intense section of the song maybe.
  3. All technical aspects of the beta are basically horrible. The only thing worth noting is the dialogue.
  4. Better to talk about it that to let it boil under the skin. Meanie-face.
  5. IWD2/IWD/PoE:BB---------------------------------BG---------BG2-------------------------PS:T IWD2/IWD/PoE:BB: Non-existent PC/companion story and relationships. BG/BG2: PC/companion relationships and stories throughout. PS:T: Heavy PC/companion relationships and story. As far as I can tell at this point in the beta, PoE is most closely resembling IWD2 and IWD. Most people seem to want it to be more like BG/BG2. The major thing lacking in PoE:BB that would push it towards the BG games is a main character and companions with an actual story behind them. Even if they aren't i
  6. I'll be honest. The character models are fugly. Yes, FUGLY. Humans look weak and small. Hair is awful. Faces are awful. Body shape is awful. I want my Barb to look like Conan and Valeria not Jim and Susan from down the block. All races lack chiseled features. The Orlans are probably the worst. Their portraits are great, but the model looks nothing like them. Dwarves look like fat-bellied little knee-highs. The NWN2 models were better ffs. Doesn't make sense. The shapes just seem all wrong. It feels too comical. Kills my immersion. Is it really that expensive to m
  7. My soul didn't infuse. I tried equipping each character with the spear and vessel, but nothing worked. The runes on the floor light up, but that's all.
  8. So, no one else has been able to complete this?
  9. I've killed the boss and got the spear and soul vessel. I have two dudes standing on the correct runes. I send my player up the dais but nothing happens. What is going on?
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