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  1. We have a fix for this internally, it should be ready in the next patch. Apologies for the delay on this one.
  2. This is a known bug and should be fixed in our next patch. Thanks!
  3. There is indeed an issue here with stacked damage multipliers adjusting values multiple times. We are working to fix this in our next hotfix patch. Thank you again for the continued support!
  4. Thank you for the post, Boeroer. This was on our radar and I believe we've now got a fix in for this. We should have this updated in a future build. Thanks again!
  5. We should have this fixed for the next update. Thank you for the continued support.
  6. When investigating this, I'm seeing that all of the Imbue spells are each benefiting from Power Level scaling in some way. If you have an example you could share, then I could dig further and see if perhaps there is a hidden issue here. I will note that I plan to change the default scaling for Imbue: Missiles so that it adds additional missiles for higher power levels. This type of scaling seems to better fit with what is expected and this should be updated in a future build. I'll list here each imbue spell and what you should be seeing from scaling (in case that helps to see the results) - You can test each of these by either comparing a low level ranger to a higher level one using the ability, or by Empowering these abilities and comparing results in the combat log. Imbue: Missiles - Projectile Count / Damage / Penetration Imbue: Web - Accuracy / Duration Imbue: Fireball - Accuracy / Damage / Penetration Imbue: Eora - Accuracy / Duration Imbue: Death - Accuracy / Damage / Penetration As always, thank you for the continued support, please let us know how things go as you continue to try out the new content. -Nick
  7. Hello Boeroer, Thank you for the continued support! I've just tested both Fire in the Hole and a Rod (with modal active), while possessing the Driving Flight passive and I'm seeing imbue trigger on the bounced attacks every time. I've tried each of the imbue abilities and they all seem to work correctly in this regard. As far as the logic is concerned, there's nothing that I could see that would prohibit these weapons in any way. Still, I'll ask QA to keep an eye out for this and try to reproduce it. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you for the bug report. This is indeed more scaling than was intended. Summoned weapon scaling is intended to stand in place of quality scaling and so is Transcendent Suffering/Monastic Unarmed Training. This should be addressed in a future build. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the bug report, Boeroer. We should have the AOE issue resolved in the next update, however at this time we are thinking of preserving the existing behavior with Driving Flight. Please continue to let us know how this feels and if you see any other issues. Thanks!!
  10. Thank you for the bug report, Takkik. Were you perhaps starting a new character and testing just after the prologue? We have a known issue where just after a character is created Brilliant Tactician will track flanking status on some character objects that have been destroyed and it will prevent you from gaining the effect. This corrects itself after a save/load and we hope to have this fixed soon. Thanks again!
  11. 1. Did you make changes to your character via debug commands, per chance? We cache health values and only update maximum health when it is changed formally. So if you made changes via debug you probably just need to take some damage for it to correct itself. 2. I'll dig further into this, I'm not sure what the exact issue may be, but it's possible there are outside influences, such as the cipher passive "The Empty Soul" which provides an accuracy bonus to Will targeting cipher spells (which would only affect Telekinetic Burst). 3. We are looking into this, the values are variable based on character level. We want to be sure not to make the stat block unreadable or difficult to parse by adding too much bloat. That being said, it may be possible we can trim this down. Thanks for the bug report! 4. This should be fixed in our next update. 5. The intent is for Psion to generate focus less quickly compared to other cipher subclasses (or lack thereof). However, Psion is unique in that it can consistently generate Focus when other ciphers normally could not, such as when playing attack animations, casting spells, moving, etc... Psion is specifically intended to fill a gap where cipher previously conflicted with builds not focused directly on damage, or for those that wanted a cipher multiclassed with a wizard, priest, chanter, druid, etc.. who normally would not receive any focus, unless forgoing spellcasting to auto-attack. The current values may appear low, but please give them a try and let us know how they feel. Thank you all for the bug reports!
  12. Thank you for the bug report. This should be fixed in our next update.
  13. Thanks for the bug report. This should be fixed in the next update.
  14. Thank you, Boeroer. This is indeed an error. I've corrected this for a future patch.
  15. Hey folks, Essence Interrupter is intended to work on Hauani, but it should still be triggering the divide effect when it does. This should be resolved in our next hotfix patch.
  16. Thank you everyone, the added information is very helpful. I'll make sure we get some eyes on this right away.
  17. Thank you for posting. Is this happening for you with a specific item? If I can get an example case for this issue that would be very helpful! Thanks!
  18. It looks like Berath's Blessing is now giving skill bonuses to both Sleight of Hand *and* Insight for Rogues. It should give bonuses to Sleight of Hand only. Nice catch! I'll make sure this is resolved. Thank you.
  19. Dichotomous Soul should be fixed in this patch as well. I think it was missed in the patch notes, apologies! As for Penetrating Strike, I don't believe it was ever at 100% (at least not intentionally), it was lowered from 25% to 20% back in v1.3, but that should have been the only time it was modified. If you are seeing otherwise (without mods), please let us know.
  20. Thank you for catching these! I'll make sure they get addressed.
  21. We did discover an issue with the Animancer Bow where during the destruction of the target creature if the that creature happened to have a lot of abilities (often kith) then it would be possible that creature would be destroyed and their status effects cleared before they all triggered. This would cause an exception and prevent the new creature from being summoned. The issue has been fixed internally and should be resolved in the next patch. Thanks for helping us track down this issue.
  22. It's also worth mentioning that the newly summoned creature will *not* drop loot, only the first (original) character should be capable dropping loot when killed. I'll have QA look into this just in case. Thank you everyone for the additional information.
  23. Hello Theosupus, Could you provide us with an example of a creature that is no longer capable of dropping loot after being stuck with Essence Interrupter, that way we could attempt to reproduce the issue on our end? Essence Interrupter, in fact, doesn't actually "change" the affected character in any way. When that creature is killed, they die normally, and should drop loot normally. The effect of the bow is only to summon a new creature where the previous one was killed. So if you are experiencing a loss of guaranteed loot, it's possible there are other factors involved that might help us to determine the issue. (Please also note, that most normal creatures roll for loot on random loot tables and will frequently not drop any loot, depending on the results.) -N
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