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  1. Still waiting for fixes for the new subclasses too.
  2. Thank you for releasing a hotfix. However, either I misunderstand the skill or this is not entirely fixed : Not only do your own global damage multipliers still apply to the curse (which again makes no sense to me), but this is also still the case for the stacking +25% increase exclusive to the Forbidden Fist. If I refer to the tooltip, this should only increase the Forbidden Fist's damage, not the curse. If I refer to my common sense, i'm better off rerolling if this is intended, as there is no way I would play using this skill with such a drawback.
  3. Bumping this. The subclass itself is not playable atm, my run is on hold because of it.
  4. Hello, Playing a shadowdancer using the new monk subclass. The raw dmg DoT of the forbidden curse is out of control right now. Every damage increase on your character is applied to it for every curse stack, including the stacking +25% dmg on your Forbidden Fist attacks. Although the fist does quite some damage, you basically kill yourself if you use it twice or more. I'm only lvl 4 with 12 Might. See for yourself : Clarity of Agony can reduce the duration a lot, however it costs Wounds. Forbidden Fist's wounds cost increases with each use, so realistically you would
  5. Yet this still has to be defined somewhere, it doesn't come out of nowhere. Deflection and armor rating maluses from Exposing vulnerabilities are not set to scale/receive bonus from any stat, because those status effect types are not defined as such.
  6. Is it possible to remove stats scaling on a status effect? I wanted to remove the way Deleterious Alacrity's DoT's dmg and duration respectively scale on might and intelligence, however I saw nothing about that in the status effect objects, so I infered that what stats affect which value is directly linked to the StatusEffectType property. There is a list of those types at the end of the statuseffects bundle, each with a datatype property, but I haven't found anything beyond this to help me. Thanks.
  7. Rofl this thread. Especially the "omg 400 hours and could never finish the game once". Overdramatic much?
  8. Hello, The Radiant Spore's tentacles things' attacks roll on the fortitude stat, whick makes no sense considering this stat is about internal physical attacks such as poison when those things send rocks in your face. This makes the whole fight overly difficult and annoying (no real mean to boost that defense stat through buffs) with the tentacles killing your characters one by one. On a side note, I managed to get through it "easily" thanks to the Cape of the Master Mystic being bugged. It seems the invisiblity sometimes bugs out and never fades, even when attacking.
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