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[v278] Rogue's active abilities become permanently activated.



[Description of the issue]

Deep wounds, hobble, etc., ended up being set permanently "active", like the modal abilities. Can't be activated or clicked inactive.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

Honestly, I've no idea. In the attached save, it happened to deep wounds in the Skaen follower's lair. Then some time later to the other abilities.


I think maybe it happens after reload only.


[Expected behaviour]


[Other remarks / Comments]

Best guess - order of modal/selected abilities change during load, before being sorted, and the ability is set from row-order?


...You guys really love scripts and direct references, don't you?







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I've had this happen too. My theory is that it happens when an ability use is interrupted for whatever reason. E.g. you activate Crippling Strike, click on a target, and the target or rogue go down before the attack is made. Perhaps a plain ol' combat interrupt will even do this.


In any case I have seen this on multiple occasions, also in the earlier build.

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