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  1. You shouldn't tell people to "do whatever" with something if you don't want them to do whatever with it. 90% of thread is about how Infinitron is a shill. You seemed to indicate in your posts in the thread you weren't looking for some kind of showing of moral support, were you expecting it anyways? I think any back-slappery you were seeing was just from drama seekers of which the codex has a lot of. As for "permission", I mean it's a jerk move to leak something when you were asked not to, but it doesn't seem like a bannable offense. I'm sure DU if he did anything just felt like "whatever, feel free to be a jerk if you want".
  2. They don't auto-level once you get them, only beforehand. I'm asking for consistency. If they're not going to level themselves after I get them, they shouldn't before either.
  3. Strange, I never said I didn't enjoy their stories. You know what I also enjoy? Picking new abilities and leveling up characters. There is no good reason why I can't have both. I have given two examples of how I would be happy.
  4. First of all, leveling up is fun and I'm deprived of this. Second of all, it makes it harder to figure out new classes. I think I read a Josh Sawyer post during beta that this was done so players wouldn't be overwhelmed with choices. Well instead I'm left with the feeling of being given 5 chapters of a book out of order and asked to figure out. I feel like I'm being punished for doing side content early (or the wrong side content), and I should have blitzed around until I found all the companions doing as few quests as possible. Ideally, I'd like all companions to join at level 1 with XP dumped on them as they join, but I'm willing to concede some ground to verisimilitude and have them be a set level with set abilities when they join. What I got is the absolute worst possible choice for my own enjoyment. I just recruited Pallegina at level 5 and I think I still have 2 left to find and I'm thinking, am I gonna be able to level them up at all? (ps I'm really enjoying the game which makes something like this sting all the worse)
  5. Aloth has more endurance than health: If I click on the weapon selector to cycle through weapon sets characters without the 3rd slot talent switch to it anyways and "equip" fists.
  6. In addition to what PIP-Clownboy said, IE games didn't have different sized AoEs based on attributes. They fundamentally changed how AoEs work and hiding it is just unpleasant. Even more unpleasant than the already unpleasant hidden AoEs in IE. I find it interesting no has disagreed with the premise, they just feel that expert mode should be unfair it seems.
  7. You don't worry about whether your attacks will hit the enemy? There are also a lot more cone shaped aoes compared to IE games and those are harder to aim. I don't get this. Even if I had played the game through 2 times over, I'd still like to see the AoE circles. There's nothing really "expert" about being able figure out distances since they're in the descriptions anyways. I'm dealing with it, and I'll get through the game, but it's just something I don't like and I'm giving feedback. I'm not forcing the devs to change the game or something. IE games did things a lot differently with regards to spell range, fog of war, and AoE sizes and shapes that make it unpleasant to not see the outlines. Not that it was ever pleasant in IE games.
  8. Hmm? I think expert mode is about recreating the IE experience more than anything. Hiding a lot of the stuff Obsidian wanted to show by default. I'm saying that the changes to how AoE work means you can't just slap on something that looks like IE and expect it to work. Hiding AoEs didn't even really work in IE games, but since it was so consistent you could get a feel for it.
  9. My immense ego and pride will not let me turn expert mode off, but it seems unfair that this particular option is in there. Since attributes affect AoE just about every character has different sizes. And since the spell effects are so much more annoying fancy, it's hard to tell even after casting exactly what the AoE was. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I don't understand why Obsidian would do this. Externalizing them has no effect on people who don't use mods and gives modders a huge helping hand. I mean honestly, us KS backers should have demanded open source, but taking this away feels like a kick in the crotch.
  11. I didn't know I had to level up, Haven't played in a few patches and never had to level up first before.
  12. Went to go hire an adventurer basically first thing (talked to Meredith and the farmer with the Ogre quest). But the screen tells me there are none available.
  13. The current system is that starting equipment is tied to culture. It's just one set though and the player doesn't have any choice.
  14. I don't mean to be rude, but what does any of this have to do with the two suggestions I made? The first doesn't increase DPS at all, it just frees them up to move around some more. The second would increase DPS some, but only compared to other heavily armored characters. They'd still be slower than lightly armored characters. As for the rest of it, I already said I haven't played 4E, so telling me "use some 4E ideas" is kind of useless.
  15. It would be good to link your posts as I'm come into the end of this thread. Long post where I muse about things, with suggestion at the end: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68384-josh-says-poes-fighters-and-rogues-arent-boring/?view=findpost&p=1507205 Suggestion #2: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68384-josh-says-poes-fighters-and-rogues-arent-boring/?view=findpost&p=1507551
  16. There was a post somewhere where Josh said they added offensive abilities to Paladins because their previous version didn't feel IE-y enough. I made two suggestions for powers fighters could have that I think would help in this thread. What do you think of them?
  17. Most people on this forum over the last 2 years saw fighters in the previous IE games as just plain bad. The usual, You're trying to defend 2nd ed rules? LMAO. And we're still seeing that from some people. So you're about 18 months too late and arguing from the minority. The majority of posters on this forum will disagree with you. I'm not defending 2nd ed rules as there are problems with it just like any system. I have yet to see the perfect system. I'm just one of those people in the minority that liked how it was in the IE games. I liked the single class or dual-classing or multi-classing. I think you misunderstand. PoE fighters do not feel like 2E or 3E D&D fighters. Josh has said many times that a player should be able to build a class so that it "feels" the same as the IE games. I'm trying to come up with suggestions to make them feel similar within the framework of PoE rules.
  18. Ok, another idea I had. To keep the spirit of IE games where fighters attacked fast and hard while wearing armor, maybe a class talent they can take that lets them ignore some amount of armor slowdown?
  19. I think starting at level 5 in the backer beta makes the starting gear a lot more meaningful than starting at level 1 will be. Still, back in my day, we started with nothing and had to hit the shop up before adventuring. One game that did a cool thing was Arcanum, where there was a shop screen right after character creation.
  20. There were no 4E IE games, and I've never played it. I'm comparing fighters to how they worked in the IE games which this game is a spirtual successor to.
  21. Random thoughts on fighters, rogues and D&D. I think POE fighters feel less versatile than IE fighters in large part because of the engagement system. When you're free to disengage and go after other targets, even if you only option is hit with stick, it feels better. With the engagement system if teels like once you've engaged you just sit there until either you or the target is down. Also, D&D fighters are really good at both attacking and taking hits. POE almost feels like fighters and rogues half-classes split from fighters. It makes me wish it was one class and I could pick either defensive or offensive capabilties, or even just pick a subclass at some point. My fighter is boring because I just plop him in front of enemies and let him absorb damage while my ranged characters do cool things. My rogue is boring because at level 5, I'm doing at most 4 things in one encounter, and the stun attack is so situational I rarely use it. So the rogue just becomes an archer. If you change either too much though, they no longer feel like fighters and rogues. Also, if you make them too micro-intensive, it could make the game feel worse overall even if it improves them specifically. There is a theory that IE games were only managable because 2-3 of the 6 where super low maintenance. Just point at enemy and click attack. More of an incentive to have rogues mix it up in melee would help. For fighters maybe an ability (either activated or modal) that lets them take reduced damage from AoOs so they can get back some of the mobility they had in IE?
  22. When I unlock the door, the games switches over to a non-interactive mode, but usually one or more of my characters gets stuck going through the doorway. Also, mouse control is not actually taken away, which is probably a good thing because I can manually move the stuck character(s) to get the rest of the scene to trigger.
  23. I run 1920x1200, so maybe the 16:10 ratio is throwing it off, but the right most words are not visible.
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