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[v278 details] The silly case of the crazy magical Water Wheel



[v278 details] The silly case of the crazy magical Water Wheel


Alright, time to lighten up the mood and report something that's not really important and yet has been bugging me non stop every-time I have my party go back into town...


Evidence one:



Notice that the water wheel movement hints for a left to right water flow.



Evidence two:



Here we can see the implied water flow from the water wheel movements



Evidence three:



Zooming out to the region map in game however, the implied water flow would indicate that the water go against all logic, travelling up-slope toward what should be the source (and overall more hilly/mountainous area), instead of down-slope toward the overall lower sea region, lake and marshes.


Evidence four:


Zooming out further, we can clearly see that the source should indeed be NE of Dyrford, with the flow going west toward Dyrford, then the lake and Twin elms, then toward the lower region of the Bael Marsh.




There is something magical and corrupted happening in that blasted village! Obviously the waterwheel does NOT respect the logical water flow of that river and is used for other nefarious purposes...or something!



Now, back to more serious reporting :)

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