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  1. and yet that's no different than dodging all the time in 3rd person... Blocking with a shield is efficient in Skyrim too. Especially in first person as it's easier to block incoming projectiles, including dragon fire, under that perspective.
  2. It was super easy to hit enemies and not get hit while in 1st melee in Skyrim, the enemies were too slow to manage you running backward/forward while in combat. And unless you were rushing past enemies or alerting everyone in a camp after entering it, it's wasn't hard to keep enemies at the front. It's not like the corridors in structures were large enough to allow flanking anyhow and most camp force enemies to go through a specific entrance which makes them easy to funnel too. Now hitting allies, that one I understand. Most are idiots that love to stand in-between the enemies and you.
  3. The intro to that job request "experience creating ranged combat for first-person games". I wouldn't be getting my hope up if I were you. The 3rd person is most probably for enemies as "exceptional skills animating humanoids and creatures" is a requirement and the responsibilities are for creating combat animations for characters and creatures.
  4. The official website had Xbox 1 on it (I personally saw it), but all the other official Microsoft announcements regarding the game didn't have it. They removed it from the website a few hours later.
  5. I know one of them who is in total love with it (that person totally hated POE1 because it wasn't D&D enough). For some of the others, time constraint/kingdom management is a negative aspect. It will be interesting to see how Wrath of the Righteous do actually.
  6. I know a few POE1 backers who didn't want to use Fig and after the game released they were all "I'll wait until the game is finished (aka all the DLCs and patching is done)". As of this moment, they still haven't bought the game, they probably forgot about it. I also know people who didn't like POE1 because they wanted a reskin of BG2 and/or the dour setting and just skipped POE2. They are still complaining that nobody makes "isometric party rpgs" anymore might I add.
  7. AC Odyssey and soon AC Valhalla are RPGs as much as The Witcher 3 is a RPG. Odyssey just doesn't have the writing quality of The Witcher 3. Surprisingly, Jedi Fallen Order has a few dialogue choices (binary) to express how you feel about certain events in the game, but it's more of a Tomb Raider clone.
  8. They aren't favoring anything. There was always 1st person RPGs releasing. The real trend is that a few JRPGs, indies, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Biomutants aren't on gamers's radars, but these games are despite being 1st person and from "niche origins" (Bloodlines 1/VTM and Cyberpunk 2020. I doubt 1% of the people hyping Cyberpunk 2077 up even know about the pnp, which is a problem because the setting is not for everyone...and going by the trailers, they really nailed it).
  9. It is found everywhere around Eora, it's just more abundant in the Eastern Reach/Deadfire, but that might be because people there are actively looking/digging for it. While Aedyr wouldn't touch it because of the Church of Woedica. And we saw no "dig out" Adra in that trailer, it's all covered by moss/rocks except for the little spot beside "Galawain".
  10. Oh I agree. In fact, reading the migration path of both races, the Aedyr continent is huge. 3500 miles for the wood elf, we are talking going from Northern Canada to Central Mexico/Central America. That continent isn't a single biome... On another subject of the "forest shot". I'm pretty sure that's a wet meadow beyond the forest. Also, I'm wondering if the right side Adra formation, I don't think it's normal rock, is Ine Sycthrua. That is the place where the fercönyings and mecwyns (first kings/illustrious queens of Aedyr) go to die. It's described as a circle of huge Adra stones discove
  11. Does it? When I saw the trailer, I thought of tropical/equatorial Asian country mountain landscape. Like Vietnam or Malaysia. The mountains with "Galawain" reminds me of the Ninh Binh area in Vietnam actually.
  12. Unreal engine support Linux, but I don't see Microsoft ever releasing a game on Linux.
  13. The suggestion works on PC, when it comes to console ports the developers leave the narrow console FoV in the PC version. I have to change it for every 1st person game I play. As well as disabling motion blur and other blur effects like depth of field and turn off headbobs otherwise I turn green and gets crazy headaches. I was quite surprised that We Happy Few had a motion sickness effect toggle, which disable most blur effects. Some developers are more aware than others it seems.
  14. With the amount of lore/content design they did for both PoE games, they already had a solid base for Avowed. It's not like creating a whole new IP. In fact, they might have a few "we can't put everything in" issues considering the amount of species/sub-species, weapons, powers/spells, etc that already exist. This should have speed-up the pitch/pre-production design process. And the biggest question wasn't answered yet : classes/sub-classes, the TTRPG classless version or something new?
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