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[392] Guildmaster staff bug



Description: Guildmaster staff causes character to continue to get multiple instances of "minor endurance restore" spell. Unsure how these instances are reproduced but it has slowly been increasing.


To reproduce:

1- Give guildmaster staff to priest.

2- As you rest or change items, do not unequip the guildmaster staff. Over time the instances of MER spell will increase.


image of game below. savegame can be uploaded upon request.



My blog is where I'm keeping a record of all of my suggestions and bug mentions.

http://hormalakh.blogspot.com/  UPDATED 9/26/2014

My DXdiag:


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Hello Hormalakh,


Thank you for the post and screenshot. This is an issue that we are aware of and our programmers are working on a solution at this time. This should occur with nearly all items that grant abilities on the action bar. For now, I would avoid wearing these items and save/loading with them on if possible. I will update the known issues list with this post and link it for others to see as well.


Thank you for your support!  :thumbsup:

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